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We now have  all the Storm drawings  scanned and on CD

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    Many thanks to Alan Stacey for all the pictures below. She really is a beauty. The pictures are only roughly in order. I will make her a 'featured boat' in due course. It is fitting that she is the 100th different boat to appear on this site.

Oh! and her name?  Stella Marie.

  Remove 30 years paint and do a lot of sanding. Stella Marie weighs 5 ton and was very well built by Alan Platt at Thundersley, Essex.U.K.
  To renew a plank. First find some well seasoned 35mm Iroko
  All lowered and stowed for our passage from the Baltic Sea through the Lubeck / Elbe canal. Here we are at the Drage YC moorings on the Elbe.
    All smart and bright after her first major refit. Stella Marie was 30years old
  A lunch of very large ,very cheap  prawns .Alongside in Lerwik Norway. It's on almost the same latitude as Lerwick Scotland and not very far from each other . Those Vikings have a lot to answer for  !
  Three days out, Force 3 over the Dogger Bank and they is a need to improve conditions ; "all hands to bathe"
  Haugesund fjord Norway. Virtually no wind and our trusty Lister sr2 air-cooled engine is providing the power for ourselves and  to supply a tow for "Moby".
  Akra fjord  Norway. If you wish to moor, just fender up and lay alongside a cliff  !  It's several 100 meters deep we just didn't have enough chain to anchor ! 
  Any passage through the canals is fairly easy. We draw just 1 meter.  Our permanently rigged derrick between the tabernacle and forestay  provides great support when working on the foredeck at sea and allows us to lower and stow everything in about an hour or so .
  ."Ample" wind ,about 20 miles of the Jade Estuary Germany
  ."Sufficient" sea at the same location
  During all the "Ample" and "Sufficient" weather Jack decided to trail some mackerel lines to take our mind off things. It worked !
  After a bumpy wet ride from Heligoland the peace and calm of Borkum harbour provided ideal drying conditions.
  .Two wooden masts on two wooden boats, among all the grp and aluminium in Heligoland.
  Stavanger fjord Norway. At that speed and that size ,she definitely has right of way!
  Light winds and full sail. The mast lowering derrick can be seen in this shot. It is very useful on the foredeck when doing a sail change in bad weather.
  A clear cockpit with good shelter in a head sea. Father and daughter in Scheveningen Holland . .Father having been seasick all the way across the North Sea from Lowestoft.
  Jack fishes anywhere
  A good shot of the M.G. designed, Yachting Monthly Storm 26.
  The tapered solid Sitca Spruce boom is easy to roll reef .Here we have a few rolls on, the genoa is stowed and the jib set.
  We are behind that wave.
  This  pic of 'Stella Marie' was sent in recently by Ian Clark.  Here she is on here mooring at Surfleet.  The smile on Alan's face says it all!
    Various views inside Stella Marie, what a well fitted out and kept boat she is!

Strangely I have adopted this layout almost exactly for my Eventide, works well for me too. John


  'Thunder'  or is it Thunderer'?  These two pics sent in by Ian clarke, who saw her on a mooring near Woodbridge.  She is a Storm, one of the two built to the plan before taken over as a Y.M. design
  Stern view showing her lines nicely, who owns her now?

    Anyone know where 'Jemima' is? She was on the Essex rivers about 5 years ago and I believe she was also a Storm...  or was she?

  'Seabird'  An MG in Tasmania!  Was owned by David Heard who emigrated to Tasmania from Tollesbury. At one time, (1970's)  David had a fishing boat on the mooring in Woodrolfe Creek, next to 'Bluenose' the Eventide 24 owned at the time by John the EOG website Coordinator.  David has contacted us because he is also one of John's Seagull customers.  John recalls talking to him when they were neighbours in Tollesbury Creek!

Storm Class designed by Maurice Griffith, UK.

Seabird’s builder, Bert Morris, is well known for building wooden Cray vessels. In 1972 he built Seabird for his own use. She is strongly constructed and has been well maintained, all spars and rigging overhauled 2004. Generally in very good and original condition including engine and cotton sails.


King Billy Pine carvel Hull on Hardwood doubled frames, built Bert Morris at Kettering 1972.

LOD 7.9M 26’  LOA 8.8M 30’   Beam 2.4M 7’11"  Draft 1.0M 3’3"

Three single berths,  Toilet,  Metho stove 2 burners,  Stainless Steel water tank, Full standing headroom. Dixon wood heater in saloon.

Main Tan Dacron + original white cotton in good condition.   Staysail Tan Dacron on reel furler, White Dacon, + original white cotton in excellent condition,  jib Tan Dacron on reel furler

Mast, gaff, boom and bowsprit Danish oils Origan Pine

Engine  Yanmar Diesel, 2 cyl 14/18 hp.

  The handsome chap in green is David, a few years back!