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We now have the  Mouette drawings scanned onto CD  and

can pass them on to others, 5.00 UK, 6.50 overseas, inc P&P

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  This is the only known picture of a Mouette (unless you know different!)
    This is the boat that featured in the study plan that Y.M. wrote and the eoa used to sell. I believe she was launched on the Humber.  Got to be 30 years ago at least.... She was called 'Tara Blue'  Where is she now?
    In Spring of 2004 we heard of another of these boats in the USA.  We hope the owner will get back in touch with more information. 

It has to be said that these are not the most popular of designs, mainly because of the minimal,  sitting headroom in a boat length of 27ft.



'Talulah'  a 33ft Steel, stretched Mouette based design!   Frank bought a set of drawings from John in the early 1980's..  Sailing in the Thames tideway not too far from her Greenwich base, her Schooner junk rig is distinctive.  we will look out for her in the future.  The black hull is painted with Tar Epoxy.  Main spar by Needlespar.  The foremast a flag pole!  Draft is 5' 3"!

We are pleased to have heard from Frank, the builder and owner of this vessel.  She was one of two built some years ago from the Mouette plans, but with twin Keels and enlarged, by building in 10 x 5 steel sheet, instead of the planked timber or ply construction.  The 1" thick keels are bolted on with 'Dowty' washers to keep leaks out and have old CO2 cylinders welded on, to contain the 750kg of lead ballast.  The first one he built had a fin keel with a cut open oxygen cylinder to contain the ballast.  That one was also steel but with less freeboard, built from 4 x 8 sheets.  The rudder on this one  is inboard, and 10" less draft than the keels, and well faired into the hull.

Here the boat is being moved from Walton on Thames to Greenwich.  The twin keels can be clearly seen.  Frank tells us she is dry inside.  A 30hp Perkins Perama motor drives a 2 blade folding prop.  The first one he helped build was last heard of in the Bristol area, and was conventionally rigged as a gaff cutter.

Frank was found by John Stevens who searched and traced her to Greenwich Y.C.  A letter from me to him C/O the club did the rest!


    In October 2015 a member,   Pieter Hamersma, noticed a page on the Junk Rig Associations website about the Mouette and Mr. Ridler's 'Erik the Red'. the Mouette was the the design Erik was based on. Donald changed the rig to junk, thus the connection.

Our friends at the J.R.A. have given us permission to publish the article and here seems a good place for it. Click here on 'Erik the Red'.


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