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On this page we show some of the boats belonging to our 'Friends'.  These are people who support the ideals of the EOG, but for one reason or another no longer sail our boats.  We welcome them as our friends.  We have a section on this page just for the 'Searover' design!  Looked so much like an MG design we thought for a while it must have been one that had slipped through the net, we now know it was designed by Kenneth Evans, but we are pleased to welcome all the 'Searover' owners as Friends.

Other Designs

Junior Eventide Wild Duck Goosander Waterwitch Mouette 3 Tonner M.G. Designs Senior


David Cooper's  'Mallard II' David is no longer physically able to sail a boat like his Eventide, but gets afloat in his motor boat on the upper Thames and with sailability the organisation that converts sail boats to allow for disabled. .  He is  very active with boating for the disabled.  David owned an Eventide, 'Evenstar' for many years. You can see what he gets up to helping the disabled here   or click  here.

 'Mallard II'  Here in Boulters Lock, with a Gondala!

'Moonbeam' January 2007 and David has another boat to add to his fleet.  This Seamaster centreboarder is now awaiting David restoring it and making it suitable for his sort of sailing!  For the disabled!  More power to your elbow David!

David seen here getting ready to reinstall is motor, he has now sold 'Mallard', so will be sailing 'Moonbeam' in 2008!

David sails the Upper reaches of the Thames and his boat is adapted to be able to easily lower the rig. Pics 2010.

Seen here with sails up she must look strange in amongst the trees up river. Keep sailing Dave!

Dave is also a keen member of his owners group, see here.  Seamaster Owners



2012, David has parted company with her...


  'Mobri II' At first glance you would say 'what is an Eventide doing on the friends page'.  But if you look real close you will see it is in fact a Catalac 9metre!  She has the same break in the sheer and from a distance could be mistaken....

This is Brian and Mo West's boat.  For years they sailed 'Mobri' an Eventide 24 that appears on these pages as 'Kazoo' now.  Brian was Treasurer for many years for the eoa, and latterly auditor. Having left the eoa, Brian has now agreed to be our 'Fund Manager'.  thank you Brian.  Brian is also a Justice of the Peace.  Brian sails the River Blackwater, when he finds time!


At the 2003 agm he was staunch supporter of the proposition from the owners, to have associate membership for non owners.  It was as a result of the way this was defeated, that we formed.  The rest is history of course.

June 2019  Mobri II has just been sold, for a generous donation to the RNLI, Brian has swallowed the anchor!



'Silent Annie' seen here motoring out of West Mersea to join the assembled fleet as we sailed to the Pyefleet.

 Tony and Meg the dog in his dinghy, I am waiting on a pic of 'Silent Annie' Tony and Sally's Spray 36.

Tony with the paint brush in hand as ever!  she is kept immaculate.!

Here she is under full sail, a very powerful and smart craft!

2017 Tony and Sally have swallowed the anchor and sold her. She may still be seen around the Blackwater though as she is still at West Mersea.



This is 'Sanderling'!  She is the floating home of one of our Senior reps, David Showell.  We crossed wakes with her on our way up to St. Katherine's in 2004!  David and Catherine's Senior can be seen on the Advisors page and the Senior page of the photo gallery!


This is  'Friend' Duncan Mcgregor's new boat.  Here she is being hauled out of a barn in Northumberland where she has been in store for decades.  He has joined us, even though it is an American design, as he likes the site and what we stand for.  Maybe we might get an update on his progress with a hint or tip that might help other self builders?


'Grayling'  Graeme and Linda Leaper's last boat, a Pioneer. 

They used to own the Eventide 'Mistress II'.  Resigned from the eoa and joined us as friends.  October 2006 they have sold it..    Sept 07, think Graeme has actually given up sailing, as I have just cleared his garage for him!



'Straight Across'  Ian Clark's very smart motor cruiser.  Ian has photographed several of our boats for the website!

'Storm', yes M.G.'s original 'Storm', April 2015, now owned by 'Friend' Ian Clarke, who is already a Friend with his motor cruiser 'Straight Across' a classic.  Ian is committed to restoring Storm and we hope to see more pictures as the work progresses.

Seen here alongside on the Crouch before being transported to Titchmarsh Marina where she will be restored.


'Blackbird'  A fishing smack registered to Fambridge, owned and sailed by Brian Croucher and his good lady, they hailed us October 2006 in Brightlingsea, Brian was the owner of the Eventide 'Piglet', he has stayed on as a friend!  Have to say she sails well, she overtook us sailing from the Colne to the Blackwater!


'Sea Harmony'  Thad's Albert Strange yawl.  Thad is a professional boat builder from Marblehead USA, and it shows.  See his site for more beauties. 

Redd's Pond Boatworks
Building and restoring classic wooden sail, row and power boats in
Marblehead, Massachusetts with the
finest boat building materials and craftsmanship.

"A sailing ship is a bundle of compromises and the cleverest constructor is he
who out of a mass of hostile parts succeeds in creating the most harmonious whole"

-- attributed to Lord Dunraven




  'Porch'   This is Henry Duvernoy's Sharpie that he sails in Alaska, you have got to like that backdrop!   And the name!  Henry has joined as a friend and is looking for a Junk rigged Riptide or similar.


'Fiddler's Green'?  another one!  this is Paul Moktar's new boat, he has just sold his Senior's!  (plural)! Staying with us as a friend.


'Diaol Armor',  a Galapagos 43 owned and sailed by Alec Clarkson, his parents sailed their WW 'Pile Cap' round the world years ago...  Welcome Alex, I remember your parents giving a talk at the old C.A.  H.Q. at the Ivory House, many moons ago...



  pp6a1b1710_1b.jpg Stuart M Roy, BSc(Hons), MSc, PGDTech, CEng, FRINA
Son of the designer of the Macwester and a 'Friend' of the EOG.

Yacht Designer and Surveyor

Yacht & Powercraft Design Services Ltd
Tel. 44 (0) 1489-583346 Fax. 44 (0) 1489-583346 Mobile 07803-724317
Located at Warsash by the River Hamble, 4 miles from J8 or J9 of the M27



Meet Sailor!  New member John Leaf is looking at buying an MG and here is his crew.  I think MG would have approved!


 This is 'Freihem'  Owned by Captain Tom Woodson in the USA.  she is a 19ft  'Shell Boat'.

Tom has joined as a 'Friend'  Tom sails his boat on   Lake Pocotopaug in Connecticut,
  See  the link  for an insight into the area.  As I guessed it has a Native American name and there is also a wonderful legend to go with it!



The Yacht 'Norma', seen here alongside the quay at Mistley.  Owned by member,  Peter McKue, and kept at North Fambridge, so we hope to catch her out sailing!.  She was given a chapter in MG's 'Little Ships and Shoal Waters', as one of the solid centreboard designs he approved of.  Welcome Peter!


This Sad Ballerina II is owned by Dave in Australia, he is contemplating building an Eventide and recycling some of the parts, good idea.


Lady Bella, Chris Keenan's boat till November 2010, he now has a larger 52 ft version.  Chris has worked on many MG designs when working at Leigh on Sea and is a contributor to this site, See the 'Tinka' description.  He has a smashing website  Click here to go there.


Take it easy.
Come for a relaxing sailing holiday on a beautiful boat with big decks for sunbathing in the tropical sun. Spend your days anchored in jade-coloured waters, in the natural swimming pools of tropical islands. Just enjoy yourself in lovely surroundings. Enjoy some light sailing to the next bay or island. Have the last swim of the day, then sit on deck with a sundowner and watch the sunset, hoping to see the Ďgreen flashí as the sun dips below the horizon. Then take the dinghy ashore and have a meal out.
If thatís the kind of holiday you want, totally relaxed and unwinding, then please read on because thatís a big part of what we do.






'Emma' This is Vic Maynard's classic boat,  a 25 ft Essex Bawley.  She is well over 100 years old and sails past like a steam train at full throttle!  Vic has been a Friend ever since he sold his Eventide , Buccaneer years ago.  A regular at all the Old Gaffers races and seen often in the Medway and Blackwater.

Vic has kindly sent in the 'full' history, an extract from a local club magazine.  She dates from the 1840's!




Pelagos.  Owned by John Hopthrow and will be based in Essex.  John and his son had 'Crystal Voyager, a Maurice Griffiths Barrier Reef 38. John has opted to stay with us as a 'Friend' with his Sabre 27. Fine looking craft John!




 'Nimrod' a Falmouth Gypsy owned and sailed by 'Friend' Bede'  Bede used to have an Eventide, 'Lady Gertrude'




The Warrior 40 'Emma-Fay'

Friends Kathy and Roger,  you may recall they sailed the GH 34 'Jua', all over the med, crossed the Atlantic as well!  They had a spell with another GH after they found the need to sit half way up a mountain in Spain for a bit, they then sailed the GH back to the UK decided on a larger boat and Emma-Fay is the result.   They have totally changed the rig to the junk  they like and perfected on 'Jua',  suspect they will be sailing south till the butter melts



Or maybe with this stove it will be north?  No suspect this is just for the UK winter, as they are wintering here.

Very cosy!  Maybe we will cross wakes next season, they sailed from Newhaven to West Mersea last August, yes in that awful weather.  Hope the sun shines for them and the winds are all free.


May 2019, she has been sold and once again Kathy and Roger have taken on the challenge of a hill farm in Spain, Olives Walnuts and the like soon!



    'Lily',  was homebuilt by Ryan Towner. It's a John Welsford designed Tender.  Seen here sailing on a lake in southern Michigan.   2015, Ryan has just joined us and sent a donation for a set of Senior drawings. Bet he makes a good job of it!


 'Moonlight of Tarleton' is owned by Gillian Hill  and berthed in the Netherlands. Sailed with Chris and Anneke, Chris is our GRP advisor and sailed a GRP Senior for many years till it was stolen.... So he has decided to move up to this very able cruiser and she will be moored near their home in the Netherlands.  Still an advisor but now classified as 'Friend', and he is! Happy retirement Chris.


Dieter has joined us to build a Senior, here is an example of his earlier handiwork!




'Eastwind', owned by ex Senior, Eventide and Barbican owners Nigel and Heidi, we have watched their progress through the fleet over the last 15 years with interest, they do it right!  Now taking retirement this blue water cruiser should open their horizons even more than the Barbican did!



More pics in...
  Have to say she is a lovely looking boat!

 24th June 2019.  Nigel and Heidi are selling, may have done so by today, and have bought this 37ft Tartan design, a powerful US built cruiser.  She will be based in Suffolk so we may cross wakes!


Had this in from Peter Fox, a 'Friend ' interested in the Senior. 

A photo of my current boat.

An Australian design in Glass.

30ft by 4 ton.

I think Maurice would approve.

Cheers pf



 Sinna Tara.  This MG look-alike is owned by new member Jim Gray of Stirling.  She is so like the Tamaris Class of boats Jim wondered...  Seems D. Webb of Dan Webb and Feezy's Maylandsea yard is listed as the designer, but as we know that yard built so many of MG's designs.  As Sinna Tara was built in Ceylon pre WWII, one has to wonder of D. Webb used one of MG's designs he had just built as a basis for her.  Lloyds have D. Webb as the designer, but you have to wonder?? May 2018. Wonder if anyone has any info to sort this one out...?  She sails the Clyde area..

Have to say to most she would be a classic MG design.  One of the few with a canoe stern....






The Kenneth Evans designed 'Sea Rover'.




We have now a section in this Friends pages devoted  just to this design. 

We are indebted to William Cox of Texas USA for scanning and sending copies of the original brochure!


Thank you William!

We would encourage Searover owners to get together via a page on the Forum, just needs one of you to start a thread up!

These are some of the boats known, info from David Bowen. November 2014.

 'Solus'              Owner Murdo Grant, Inverness.

 'Searover'       John Outhwaite, Plymouth.

 'Parahandy'      David Bowen, Formerly 'Vandal of Whitby'. See pictures below.

 'Good Tidings' Waiting information. Gillingham, Kent. 

 'Roviana'          William Cox, Texas.  see pics below.

  'Louisa'           Waiting Information. Hayling Island.  see picture below.

 'Rigel'               Waiting Information. Joe from Scotland. Formerly  'Taylor Maid' see pics below.

 'Aube'              Waiting information.  See letter and pics from Bluey!





'Roviana'  Owned by William Cox in Texas USA, who we have to thank for the brochure above.!


'Vandal of Whitby'  A long way from home in Bangor!  Found on the web she is a Sea Rover, a round bilge GRP design. there must be quite a few about!  Not fast but safe comfortable family cruisers, 28ft long and this one built by Kenneth Evans boat builders, as were many more.  Anyone know how many were built? 

For a long time we suspected these boats were designed by MG, thus their inclusion, but November 2008 I can verify that they were designed by Kenneth Evans and partners!

The 'and partners'bit is important as we know that MG did partner many designers.  Some later hulls were believed to have been moulded by Colvic craft in Witham, Essex and the same company that built the Snapdragons, that became Thames Marine.   They are not MG designs, in their own right,  but so similar one wonders if there was collusion or assistance given.   What we are missing is the name or names of Mr. Evans 'Partners'..  MG did do this with other designers, Harbottle and Buchanan, Spears-Hundy to mention a just a few.  The name and dimensions of the other Evans design lend even more suspicion to an MG connection.

We know Kenneth's family watch these pages as we have had a thankyou from them, wonder if they know??

Now renamed 'Parahandy' and owned by David Bowen



'Parahandy' as she is now, November 2014, owned by David Bowen.

 October 2017 now sporting a purpose made Ali wheelhouse!  Also dinghy in davits upgraded steering, life raft, electric anchor windlass  and all halyards brought back to wheel. .

Now berthed in the Crinan Canal.


Another Searover this time on the net at Apollo sales.


And like buses, a string of them come along!  Yet another Sea rover.  Can the owners please let us have names and more info?  We now know these not to be MG designs, but Kenneth Evans, so the owners that are members are now 'Friends'.






Bonjour John,

Bluey here again. Thanks for getting back to me with info about Eventiders and the excellent website you have put together. I see that Colin Jarman gave Eventiders a write up in Sailing magazine. I donít know him personally but I have spoken to him on the phone as he for many years been the membership secretary of the Ocean Cruising Club of which I have been a member since I made an Atlantic crossing in1976.

I have attached (or sent separately) a couple of photos of Sea rovers that you might like to add to your files. About a year ago I was in e-mail contact wit a fellow Sea rover owner, an ex London firefighter who lives down on Hayling Island. We traded photos and ideas about Sea rovers in a couple of e-mails and the strikingly colourful Louisa is his boat which he generally singlehands around that area. Unfortunately I had a major computer melt down some months ago and I lost  all my e-mails, names and addresses, fortunately I had downloaded the photo of Louise to disc but so far I just canít remember the owners name but it may yet come back to me.

The other photos are of my 'Aube' (French for the Dawn pronounced obe as in robe). The first scanned from a colour print shows her on the Canal du Midi when I first got her and the second, taken with a digital camera, as she now resides, in my garden undergoing an extensive and fairly radical rebuild inside and out and the third of the new stern I have added..

Externally there are two major things I am trying to achieve. When on the heaving foredeck of a yacht in a blow trying to hand a flogging headsail I like to be able to brace my feet against a decent bulwark. The existing moulded  toe- rail is a bit low for my liking so I am working on adding an extra inch or two in an a slow steady increase to the sheerline from nothing aft and increasing forward. I set up a waxed hardboard former and glassed inside it to get the basic shape and am now working on further strengthening and refining the structure. I believe it will also give her a more pleasing sheer line.

Never having found much aesthetically pleasing about transom sterns my other modification was to continue her natural lines aft to arrive at a rather fetching (I think) canoe  stern. I again made a disposable former with waxed hardboard sheets tightly fitted to the curve of each side and extending aft from the transom. The sheets aft of the transom were cut into 3 inch wide "fingers" and alternate pairs from each side were bent in until they met at a natural midpoint like the effect of placing your hands in front of you, palms facing each other about 3 inches apart, then bringing in to contact first your little fingers then ring then middle and finally pointers.

Once I was happy with the general shape a couple of layers of glass were gently added and when that had set and stiffened up the whole structure more glass was added then filling sanding etc. Bolted and glassed to the existing transom it adds 2 feet to her length and will be a good store for fenders and light gear whilst the old transom will remain in tact as a collision bulkhead. Strangely enough the shape arrived at turns out to look very much like the stern of the Tamarisk and Veterata designs and before I even knew of the existence of those designs I had also arrived at the idea of adding a small mizzen to make her a yawl with a short bowsprit to balance the sail plan foríard. Still a lot more sanding and fairing to get a perfect finish but I think she will be quite eye catching when all painted up. The extra length gives a bit more elegance to what otherwise is a rather chunky high sided hull.

I am also toying with some other alterations, one to get the rudder further aft and another to add a lead shoe or plate to the bottom of the keel for the dual purpose of protecting the GRP in a grounding and also adding a bit of extra ballast where it will do most good. Aubeís keel  was originally filled with Ballast-Pac iron punchings which was mixed with resin and poured into the voids of the keel and bilge keels  With some external lead in place I can perhaps remove some of the encapsulated ballast and create a bilge "sump" under the floors. As she is she has no bilge to speak of and if anything more than a couple of gallons made its way below the floor boards would be awash.

Inside I stripped everything out except the bulkheads and started again. My object is to make her a cruising home for a couple with a comfortable full length sea berth on each side of the saloon. That way, on either tack, the watch below can take the safer lee berth. If visitors insist on coming for holidays they can sleep on sailbags up in the focísle or on deck!

Over the winter the interior has been coming along and with the return of a bit of sun external fibreglassing is once again on the cards.  As I am also building a retirement home for my parents on the property and finishing our own home too, time is limited, but the general regime is Monday to Friday on the houses and Weekends on Aube! This year I am pleased to note that we are finally getting all projects to the point that a cruise may really be a reality before much longer!  I have promised myself a long solo passage one day and I am fitting out Aube with that partly in mind.

Well so much for talk and daydreams, must get back to work!

Best regards, Bluey.






'Louise' another Sea Rover!  See note about her from Bluey above.




'Rigel'  Another Kenneth Evans built Sea rover.  This one based North of the border.  Joe the owner would like to know more about her and the class.  she was called 'Taylor Maid', presumably completed by the previous owner, Mr. Taylor!

On the left with her original name.  the interior looks cosy!  Welcome Joe and thanks for the pictures.  Anyone any history on the class we can add?

We have now firmly established that these boats were actually designed by Kenneth Evans, who's yard built many, some being moulded at Colvics, Witham as well.  We will leave them here and, as they are so similar to the MG designed, 25ft Medusa, their owners may like to stay as 'Friends'. November 2008.

We would dearly like to establish the connection between Evans and M.G. but thus far this evidence has not been forthcoming and as the years pass, less likely to.


We will list all Sea Rovers on this the  Friends page from now on.


We believe this is a Sea Rover 30.  Found on the internet in South Africa.  Know nothing more except she was for sale.



As you can clearly see the lines are a direct copy of an Eventide and they have even picked out the 'Eventide' gunwhale line with a stripe.  We really need to find the connection.  We thought it may have been mentioned in the brochure, but no, maybe in write ups in sailing magazines of the day?  Anyone got one.  the 1968 PBO one gives no extra info.

We can now confirm this is a Sea rover, our thanks to Richard Burmeister in S.A. for updating us on this.

As you can see, even the underwater shape is Eventide!  for sale February 2015:- 



 Searover Auberge, spotted on the Blackwater 2015. she berths at the B.S.C.



The Kenneth Evans designed 'Springtide'.


    We were informed of another Kenneth Evans design recently and could not help but see the similarities.  First off the name!  Then the overall dimensions and sail area?  Surely  too much of a coincidence?  Identical to our Eventide 26...   We have decided to include the Springtide on the Eventide Owners Group Gallery in the 'Friends' section. We are now pretty sure there was a partnership between Kenneth and Maurice in the design.

We just need a letter or partnership detail to be revealed to clinch it. 2019, we think we have the link, one of the directors of the original firm was a founder of the old association and a great friend of MG, seems little doubt now that MG had a big hand in this and possibly the Sea Rover designs!



Colvic Springtide Click pictures for full size version (opens in a new tab)

We are indebted to Elle Kimberly for the copy of the brochure.





Now what we need are pictures of Springtides and someone to confirm the M.G. partnership!


  January 2018.  Another Springtide comes to light!

This is 'EOS'.  Found on the EBay site and described as a Springtide by the Kenneth Gidds partnership.


We believe it should read Kenneth Evans partnership and one look should reveal who that partner was...  MG, it has to be!

  The raised topsides are unmistakable!
  Sadly the person selling is maybe not the person who was sailing it and who may know more of her history, but I am willing to bet the conclusions we came to over the SeaRover's origins and design team  are echoed well by this design!



  La Viga  Springtide 26 belonging to Barrie Slipper.  February 2018.  Berthed in the Southampton area and sailing the Solent.  She was built in 1967 so I am going to search out my earliest copies of PBO to see if I can find a write up that may mention who Kenneth Evans partner was, in designing this one!