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Thalia - formally owned by Geoffrey Hyde-Fynn  When we bought "Thalia" she was called "Jezomar" which was a conglomeration of the builder's two daughters and girlfriend.  We had to change it!  Bearing in mind the name for the Senior and the fact that we were in Greece on a boat called "Thalia" we asked a local what was the Greek for 'bigger'.  When we were told 'Megaloss' we decided that had other implications and chose "Thalia"...  Now she is called "Cadenza".  What's in a name?


Galley Cooker

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Chart Table










Galley Cooker Covered






Cockpit Fwd





Door Fore cabin










Fore cabin



November 2011 she was for sale at Torpoint, and maybe now sold and we await a new member joining us!,


Here is Sid Taylor our Riptide rep.  His boat is due to be launched on 6th July at Maldon.  Well she got to the Rivers edge, but could not be launched!  Sid has to wait another week or so to get her wet!  At least all the last minute jobs can get finished! For more pictures of Sid's Riptide in the build, go to the Builders page.

May 10th 2004  'Ramillies' is unveiled!

Onboard painting of HMS. Ramillies.  Sid's uncle served on her, so the family connection.

A proud Sid showing visitors around!

Barry on deck, now where is the steering wheel Sid?  Still on the living room wall!

The emergency Tiller.

A view along the side deck, possible now the building shed has gone.

The Perkins inboard, lots of horses!  Hopefully Sid will fit a bit of soundproofing later...

The cushions in the forepeak, very practical vinyl.

The Saloon Berths, lots of lockers and plenty of ventilation with those opening ports.

Another view of the main saloon area, bookshelves and lockers all round.

'Ramillies II'   A good day was had, lots of friends and family visited, we hope to see Sid and Ramillies afloat in Maldon shortly.  Sid is our riptide Rep, having built her he can answer most queries on the design.  We look forward to seeing the mast stepped!

'Ramillies'   Patiently waiting to be launched. Picture taken on 6th July 2004.

'Ramillies'  Close up of the name.  We shall be seeing more of her we are sure!

'Ramillies' takes to the air - on her way to the sea.




 Sid and Crew on the Wharf at Maldon, fine tuning the rig prior to launch about the 16th?

'Ramillies'  Afloat at last, on her berth at Maldon.




 July 2011 she was up for sale in Cumbria..... she has sold and the new owner has joined us and is delighted with her, more pics shortly! 

'Ramilles'   Sailing with her new owner,  Keith McDevittin Scotland.  Keith tells us he is delighted with her and  has her moored on the Firth of Forth.  More pics below.

Sid would be delighted she is sailing!





'Mystique'  This is a  pic of Bob Marshall's  Junk Rigged Riptide  We hope to have some better ones in the near future.  Bob decided to swallow the anchor, and sold her in 2007. She is currently ashore in south Essex.  The new owner has joined us and we hope to meet up afloat in 2008 for a photo shoot!


 This picture of 'Mystique' under sail shows better the way Bob has used elements of the WW design in his build.  The stern cabin etc.

Eddie the new owner has just, September 2008, re launched 'Mystique'.  Here she is at Dauntless's yard, Canvey Island.  You cannot quite see it but her EOG burgee was flying!

Eddie said it was worth launching just to get this photo!



Berthed now at Gallions Point Marina on the Thames, we hope to see more of her next season.


Riptide 31 yacht project boat / Live-aboard  'MYSTIQUE’

July 2012, rebuilt by new owners Joe and Abby she is now back up for sale, see for Sale page. There have been a few changes since Bob built her!  Sadly 2013 we learn she is up for sale again. And sold to new member Michael.


















Michael has sent in these pictures of Mystique as she is now, winter 2017/18.  Certainly has an interesting interior.  Outwards she looks to be a powerful motor boat and with the Junk rig back on her a powerful and comfortable Motor-sailer...





'Third Witch'  A beautiful Riptide, built by Jimmy Stanton in Canada.  He also built two Waterwitch's, one for himself, 'Curlew' and another  to sell.  He then went off and cruised thousands of miles in her!      She has just sold again on the other side of the Atlantic, in the USA, what a nice craft. 

 'Third Witch'

Just found the photo of 'Third Witch' on your website.  Just great to see her looking well and still sailing. 

Jim Stanton built her for me (first owner) but only built the one at that time.  He had earlier built two Waterwitches, side by side in his shop, one for himself and one for another owner who helped with the construction. It was with 'Curlew' , his Waterwitch, that he did all the cruising.  In fact it was as a result of seeing his boat while he was doing some repairs on my little Sea Fury (Dutch built 22 ft twin keeler), see pic on the left...  that I decided if I could ever afford it I would have him build me a boat.  He had told me that his boat was almost nine years old at the time I first saw her and had done two trips from his home port on Lake Ontario, down the Intercostals Waterway (on the US east coast) and across to the Bahamas and return.  He related one scary moment when he was hugging the side of a channel as he entered from the Atlantic so as to allow a cruise ship lots of room.  The wake from the ship lifted 'Curlew' several time and dropped her very hard onto the bottom and he was sure that there would be extensive damage. They sailed safely into the port with no leaks being observed and he went over the side to look for damage and there was absolutely none.  A great credit to both the design and to the builder I think.

She was in beautiful condition but I thought that was to be expected of a boat builder.  But then he told me that she had never been repainted in all that time.  (So much for the problems of maintaining wooden boats!)  I was convinced.

Eventually I was able to commission him to build 'Third Witch'.  (The name came from the fact that my first two boats were both named Witchcraft and that my daughter had bought the second one so the name was still in the family.)  We went with the best equipment that I (and the bank manager) could afford and the quality of the build was second to none.  With his background as a fine furniture maker the construction and interior furnishing was absolutely excellent.  I didn't see him roll the hull over but he did it by himself inside the shop.  He had a bit of excitement when he was casting the keel when the mould burned through and spread the lead all over the yard.  Then he had to collect it, cut it up and start all over again,  some of the pieces being several hundred pounds apiece.

It turned out to be a protracted build because Jim was working completely alone and unfortunately had some serious health problems part way through.  Incidentally she has the extension that was shown in the M.G. plans for the steel hulled version.  She was launched at Port Stanley, on Lake Erie, 2 July 1991 with the usual small problems attendant upon the launch of a new boat.  Because of the lateness of the season we only did a few day sails that year.

The most exciting occurrence was at the end of the first season when I took her down river from the yacht club to have the holding tank pumped out before winter storage.  Just as I turned into the marina I put the engine in reverse, heard a loud clunk and had no power. although the engine was still running.  The thing that made it exciting was that about fifty yards downstream from  the marina was a lift bridge that wasn't lifted!  I was without power and the river current would have taken me into the bridge before I could have got to the anchor to drop it.   Fortunately we had enough way on to just make it into the marina out of the current where the operator could catch a line from me. It turned out that the prop had come off. A diver friend eventually found it (for $100.00 fee) and saved me about $750.00 for a replacement.

We managed a few cruises on Lake Erie and I did a couple of overnights of 100 miles or so single-handed (don't turn your noses up at our lake sailing, this isn't Lake Windermere we're talking about!) but  "The best laid plans o' mice and men........" etc.  My trans-Atlantic dreams came to a halt when my wife developed rheumatoid arthritis and couldn't hold on, pull lines or even move around on the boat in safety. So reluctantly we sold her. 

If you could pass these tid-bits on to the present owner they might find it interesting.

Fair winds,  Graeme George   geetwo at

Great to hear from you Graeme!


Up to date pics from the new owner 2013.

A couple of photos of the Riptide 31 Third Witch on Lake Champlain. I hope to have more and better later in the season.

 Jim Boutin

 Vermont, U.S.A.



A very purposeful looking boat Jim...




'Harryson'  A very smart Riptide 31 built and sailed by Andy Nelson.  Like so many of us Andy has had other pressing reasons why he has not been able to be afloat as much as he would like, but next year!!!!! 

      More of 'Harryson'  we look forward to seeing her under sail soon.




This is 'Noontide'  the first Noontide 32 built, that I saw at the East Coast Boat Show at Ipswich, and wrote a report on for the old magazine.  Maurice read my report and wrote to me asking if we would like the prototype drawings for the Steel version?

They were originally drawn for ply and 31ft with transom rudder, as the Riptide.  They were converted to steel by Bay Yachts.. Below are the rest of the pages from the leaflet they produced.

As far as I know only one was made and one of the directors bought it.  I wonder where she is now?




  'Millstream' we believe.  August 08, yes it is and she is now on our pages to, go to the For Sale page.  She is listed as 32ft, so being steel and 32ft should be called a Noontide we suspect.  But as only one was ever built professionally, the design is better known as the Riptide.

This one is for sale in Skegness, Lincolnshire. April 2008.



These pictures show how solid and sturdy this craft is.
      We like the wheelhouse, with weather as we have had on 2008, a worthy addition

In a word Strong.  She may lack finesse, but that can be added.


This is Rachael's Riptide For a long time she was our steel advisor, but we lost touch with her, only to suddenly find the boat for sale September 2011 on the net.




We have no idea why she is for sale, but we bet she was well built and looks a picture.

Hope to hear from you Rachael....  Heard recently poor Rachael was involved in a serious road accident and has had to give up....  Someone is going to get a nicely built Riptide.



This steel Riptide stretched to 33ft, a noontide and a bit then, Sept 2012 Matt has her up for sale, see the for sale pages.  Matt and his father built her, Matt is a fabricator.

    no she has not got wheels!  At present in a timber yard in Lincolnshire.   Asking price around £3,000.

  Noontide 'Artisan', sporting a very natty wheelhouse cum pilot house.   Owner Gilbert has joined us in April 2023.  He has plans to sail her long distance and to Norway and Greenland at that.  That wheelhouse will come in very handy!  She is unusually rigged as a gaffer.  Suspect she looks good under sail.. Photo looks like she is in Heybridge basin..  I thought I spotted her on the Blackwater last year.