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This page is devoted to all the Tidewater and Bluewater boats that we have knowledge of.

We hope to include photos of them as they come forward!


We now have a CD of drawings of the Tidewater and the Bluewater, not every drawing we suspect, but most!  Available at cost £5.00 in UK £6.50 overseas, inc P&P.






(This picture I found in my archive, as a 'Tidewater'???. Where  is she,  what is her name  and who owns her are a mystery that you may be able to solve? )  Update May 2007.  Phillippa has mailed to say this is Blue Teal! Thanks Phillippa!
The photo of Blue teal must have been taken after we sold it on it looks like all the hardware...and paint  had been removed ready for the major re-build which we believe was done at Porth Penrhyn Nr Bangor in North Wales.... there is a specialist wooden boat restorer there.
The last we heard of Blue Teal was in a sales advert on the net with Network yacht brokers. Not quite sure where she is now!
If you search  ( Google) for TIDEWATER 30 there was a link to the advert with some great exterior / interior photos.
John Mckewan did a really fantastic job of restoring her.
P and P Garrett


'Tidewater'.  Here is not a pic, but a sketch lifted from M.G. book  'The Arrow Book of Sailing'




'Blue Teal of Exeter'  Thanks to Phillippa and Paul Garrett for these pictures taken of their last boat, they have sold her now to owners who berth here in Conwy.  She is  a M.G. Tidewater, 30ft, looking in fine fettle.  She was built in Exeter. 


'Blue Teal of Exeter'  With new owners now, berthed in Conwy Marina at present.  Is the new owner out there I wonder?  Yes!!  John Mc Ewan has contacted us, after a long refit, 'Blue Teal' is back in the water, see below.

'Blue Teal'  John Mc Ewan  re-launches a fully refurbished boat at Conwy.

Here 'Blue Teal' is captured whilst on her first cruise after refit.  We look forward to reading the log in the newsletter soon.



'Tidewitch'  Tidewater seen in the Walton Backwaters by Ian Clark, photographed from the deck of his smart motor cruiser, 'Straight Across' see her on the 'Friends page!

A Beautiful example of a Tidewater, these pics of 'Tidewitch' were sent in, found on the internet by Ian Clarke, friend of the EOG. Ian has a 22ft Anderson moored in Bradwell now.




Will the new owner please step forward and take a bow.  Or the former owner who looked after her so well!

We have heard from Ivan Frost who was owner for years between 1994 and 2007. He has sent in some history and photos. Built by Norman Goodwin and his son Timothy between 1980 and '86 at Walton on Naze, Essex.  Iroko  built in his garden! differed from the original with a conventional cabin top.  Had a Yanmar 18hp twin.

The cabin top etc was removed before the boat was transported to Bedwells yard to be refitted, reason, to get it through the gap between the houses canted over! Even the drain pipes had to be removed from the houses!


We hear she is now owned by Fran a cabinet maker from the West Indies, which is why she looks so good today probably!  She remains in Walton on Naze where she has spent most of her life.

Info from Ivan Frost.



'The Cause'  A Tidewater once owned by Neal Beaumont, and sailed on the South coast, however she has just sold to a new owner, who has of course joined us.  2006.




'Brego'  This series of small photos has been sent in by Paul Calvert, the owner of this well travelled 'Tidewater'.  She seems to have sailed a lot of the East Coast, North West, Scottish and now Irish waters.  Sadly I do not know where the pics were taken, but there are some great backdrops here!






Paul Calvert sent in these excellent pictures of 'Brego' now.  I was especially pleased to see the little Puffin dinghy alongside, looking in as good order as 'Brego'!  I built one of these when I was about 21, for fun and though a squeeze it was a great little boat, the topsides are fabric and collapse for stowage.  Paul helped his father with this one when he was about 8 years old!

Paul would love to know how many Tidewaters have been built? (60, 120? more?)  Where they all are now?  And what sort of cruises have they undertaken, especially longer cruises and especially recently. and how come we never hear of them!?!

Hoping some of you can shed light on this.  where are all these Tidewaters?

February 2013, Paul has sent in a couple more brilliant pics!

'Five Farthings' This Tidewater has been owned by Tristan since 2002, but is now, August 2008,  up for sale at £19,500, see our 'For Sale' pages.



Tidewater 'Alchemy', owned for last 10 years by member Dave Johnson,  kept at Wareham, his local cruising area being Poole Harbour/Solent. 

She was built not far from here at Priors boatyard, Burnham on Crouch.  David tells us that with a previous owner, she has only had 3, she was featured in the 'Boatman' magazine Nov/Dec 1995.




  What a lovely craft.!



'Tidewater'  First of her class, built 1959 by Seacraft in Essex. Mentioned in MG’s book “Little Ships and Shoal Waters”. Beautiful condition inside and out with good standing headroom and comfortable accommodation. Extensively re-fitted in 2008. pictures on flickr which can be found at:

For sale 2012. May now be sold where is she???



On holiday in June 2016 in my favourite Islands, the Scillies I was checking out mooring places for my impending trip there when I spotted Mike Booth with 'Fidelio'

Mike sails from Cornwall and he now has our details ( I left him details!) so hope to hear from him when he gets home from his summer cruise!  A really well looked after, real ocean cruiser. Hope Mike is going to tell the sea stories!



  'Bluewater', the Ferro version



Simon Bishop has sent these ones in. He owns her.  It is 35ft long, or is it,?? if it were 38ft, could it be a Barrier Reef, it is Ferro and looks very much like one I have seen...  This one  is named 'Westwater' and  built by Harvey's of Walton on Naze? 

Any one throw any light on it. Another view of Simon's new acquisition.  She is on her way from Walton to Brightlingsea. You can phone Simon on  07880817279.  She has lost her wheel, don't suppose there is a chance......



No mistaking this plate, but which MG design is she?  I have my money on the Ferro 'Barrier Reef' Class...... Nope, Simon has been back on again with the latest measurements, just about 31ft.  Beam bit less than 10ft?  I think it is a Ferro version of the 'Tidewater' design, that Maurice called the 'Blue Water',  the draft is also about right at 4' 9".

Here is 'Westwater' being shifted from Walton to Brightlingsea.



Anyone want to hire a boat transporter? Simon recommends them, Debbage Boat movers.

That you up there Simon?  No! says Simon, he is slightly 'more mature' in years!

Simon has sent in more pics, so we have started a page in the restorers section for 'Westwater', click here to go there.  Sold yet again, the new owner is keeping up the restoration and the page on the site. well done!


May 2007, she is afloat again!  See her page..  click here to go there.



'Domingo' was built by Seacraft in 1961 to a design closely derived from the Maurice Griffiths' Tidewater class. She is an auxiliary Bermudan cutter rigged sailing cruiser. 

November 2016 she is for sale on our For Sale page.