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January 2019 we have most, if not all the drawings for the GH 31 in timber, available now , including  a drawing for an  optional wheelhouse, if anyone needs that. Also info from Mark re bilge keel fitting...

 Available  to members, at cost, including post. See Home Page of site.

Would like drawings of the others, 26, 28 and we know of at least one 32!

We would like to scan these drawings and pass them on,

 so others can restore these fine craft. 

We now have most of the  drawings of the 31's


Other Designs

Junior  Senior   Eventide  Wild Duck  Goosander  Waterwitch  Mouette   Unidentified

3 Tonner  Storm 26  M.G. Designs    Riptide 31   Lone Gull II's  Barbican and Atlantic Clipper 

Friends   Kylix  Tidewater


Below, the pic and advert  was the old G.H. Marine. Mark Urry's firm.  They are no more,

see advert for Newsons  Boatbuilders beneath!



Last GH builders!

Newson Boatbuilders sadly are no more, we are trying to find out what happened to the moulds....  Jan 2012 Seems they were destroyed!!!

The Evolution of the G.H.

The Golden Hind started as a 28ft 6inch, single chine cruiser.  The builder was Hartwells, The furniture company that turned their hands, very successfully, to boatbuilding, they had been building Eventide 24's and 26's for  a few years. 

It was natural that they would want a larger boat on similar well proven lines and turned to Maurice for a 28 ft version, the new GH 28.  This was about 1963/4.  She was single chine, Marine Ply and most were sheathed with Cascover.  Many are around today in great condition, a few sadly are not, as with any wooden boat, if freshwater is allowed to penetrate into the structure, they will soon suffer.


We are indebted to Norman Henwood, owner of 'Cirra' for many a year, for saving these pages,

and to Mike Hoban, the last  owner, for scanning and sending them in! Sadly Cirra was scrapped as beyond repair...


These pages from Y.M. were also saved by Norman.  Priceless!


The above pages were sent to us by Brian Cook of GH 31 Tusk.

They are  pages from the defunct magazine, 'The Boatman' September 1996.




Here she is GH1!

March 201 and we are indebted to Paul Doyle for sending in pics of his boat 'Goose Girl', the first Golden Hind 28!


Hello from North-West Ireland!
I have been the owner of the first Golden Hind which I bought in 1999 from Clive Woodman in Cardiff. She now lies at Buncrana pier in Donegal (ROI) some 14 miles from Londonderry. Extensive work has been carried out to her over the years but she now needs some TLC to get her back in shape. With her 50th anniversary coming up in April 2015 I want to have her in tip-top shape. I have retained all the original features (with the exception of an engine refit in 2005) and would like, if you wish, to post photographs of progress on the work I need to do over the next year or so. Love your website!
Best wishes,
Paul Doyle

We look forward to seeing her restoration!


Of course it was not long before an even larger version was offered , the G.H. 31.  The first ones of this mark were also single chine.


The Golden Hind 31,  as produced by Terry Erskine, who of course started working at Hartwells!



Detail of previous page.


Anyone got any more of these for the other GH's?


Above are scans of the GH31 leaflet produced by Terry Erskine.  Our thanks to Warren Stevenson for these!  The boat featured in the leaflet is 'Cricket' and  belongs to Brian in Malta!

The Ketch on the last page of the brochure is James May's 'Le Corbeau' of course! the other two Ketches known are Warrens 'Safrel' and 'Charisma', registered in the USA, seen in the UK in 1997, but though to be now in the Netherlands.



We are indebted to Robin for this scan of a page from a magazine of the day, with a description and sketch of the 31.   From a 1980's advert.


These two old adverts were scanned from 1970's Y.M.s



  Got any other leaflets we can add?  Send a scanned image please, not the original unless you wish us to scan it for you....



 Mark Urry has been in touch to say this drawing below is his later version with the slightly modified rig etc., to obtain the 'Ocean' certification.  Thanks Mark. 


The GH "MK2" was coined by me, long after Terry stopped in 1982.  I re-designed the rig plan and ballast to get rid of the weather helm often present and to get the design through the RCD with a cat 'A' rating (as I did, drastically for the GH26 to get cat B).   The 26 was very badly out but the redesigned one I sold and subsequently sailed in a gale on Southampton water went like a dream with just a single finger holding the tiller.  Mark Urry   (Must have read my articles on Weatherhelm! John)

Skentleberry  built only  one  GH31 hull (no deck) with engine fitted, for Alan Solly to fit out.      He completed it to the re-designed  drawings done by Alan Pape for Skentleberry, and it became 'Fallow' on your site.  The re-design included leaving out the centreline cabin-top kingplank, many less, and slimmer beams, which, personally, I never thought looked right.

After that, Colin Skinner had the moulds and had a hull, 251, in a friends garden for many years.  I don't know if it was ever completed.  I bought the moulds and did GH 252, 'Moonlight' for me (subsequently sold and re-named 'Bella Sophia', then re-sold and reverted to 'Moonlight').  I then built 253, 'Katie Louise' for Barry Marshall to complete, 254 'Kepple', for Richard Hare, 255 'Running Mate', complete with wooden mast and "one woman" quick mast lowering system, for Henk & Ineke Sweers in Holland  (they have lots of bridges to negotiate).  The last was 256,  mine, (un named at present), which is here in France.  I then sold everything to Newsons.

Nice to see the GH still going strong.  I'll try to remember to send a photo when (probably) the latest GH 256 eventually touches the water instead of sitting in my garden here in France.  Mark


This picture came in February 2012, from Ken who happened across this boat in a front garden in a village in France, it's Mark!

And the boat is his GH 256  under construction.

We are indebted to Owen O'Reilly owner of the GH 'Dulcibella' for the following scanned letter from Terry and the Y.M article.




We had seen these before but they were such poor copies we could not scan and print them. Very pleased to be able to publish these now. December 2021.


So how many were built?

James May writes and tells us that, in the old Golden Hind Journal for  July 1995, Terry Erskine states the numbers built as:-

GH28'6 = 15  We have now had it confirmed that there were indeed 15 built by Hartwells.

GH31's = 235 (inc Colin Skinner of Armada yachts, Golden Hind No. 251).  We also know of one GH 32, 'Right E. Oh' built in timber. The number of Ketch rigged boats is now in doubt, Terry said 3, but we might have 4?  Not sure how many were single chine either... 

Mark Urry, one-time professional builder of the GH, built 5 and still has Sail number 256 awaiting launch from his garden in France!

GH26's = 14.   Last one is Kinvara and can be seen on this page.   'Athaena', Number '0' also classed for a time as a GH 26 because   at one time thought to be the plug for the mould, she was timber and also appears on our pages.  We now know she was built as an 'Athaena' design, the copy of the Eventide.  Add the extra chine and you have the GH26.  There was a lot of correspondence between the builder, Mr Solly, and Terry, as he developed the GH26, thus the connection.

GH34, at least 1, 'Jua' in steel.

GH39's = 6. now we have heard of No 7 still unfinished and offered for sale at a Hayling Island boatyard Nov. 2011.


YM write up of GH 39.

Gulf Stream 42's = 6.

Levanter?  We had one member with one, any more about....?


Also after this date Terry may have produced more GH39s in Malta....  Terry was seen in the French canals by the crew of the WW 'Dougaljo', he was on his way to the UK, many years ago. He was on his way home to hang up his chisels!

Help us fill in the gaps. Thanks to Mark for filling in loads!

The GH 26.





Above are 4 scanned pages of the GH 26 brochure produced by Terry Erskine.  These were kindly scanned and sent in by Liz and Martin Tate owners of 'Lady of Lockerley'.  She was later extensively repaired by Mark Urry.

I met Terry when he introduced the GH 26, he told me that he had approached Maurice for a drawing for a smaller GH as prospective owners were asking for a smaller version of the GH31 he was building.  He gave me a leaflet, which I still have and will reproduce here.  (see below)  It shows a single chine 26ft boat with a stepped cabin top, 1660lb keel and looked every bit like an Eventide.  She was in fact the 'Athaena' design, which was produced for 'Bruce Roberts designs' about this time.  She was a disguised Eventide, simply by altering the cabin top profile.  Something that more than one Eventide later had, an altered cabin top!  Roberts simply wanted to fill a gap in their portfolio of the day I expect. 

We thought  that Terry produced one boat to this design, to make the GH26 mould, but, contrary to common held belief, this was not the case and the Athaena was not made into a GH but was simply given the sail number   GH 26 Number '0'.  'Athaena' was built,  not by Terry, but by Mr Solly.  There was a lot of liaison betwixt the builder and Terry, and thus the use of the GH sail number  I suspect. The real builder, or rather his son, Jason, has been in touch.  Incidentally Jason has sent pics of another boat his father owned, the GH31 'Fallow' He built this from the   hull made by Skentleberry. We will now reclassify her as a MG design in her own right, though you can  still see her on this page and she is featured in Newsletter 9.  I will add details to an entry for 'Athaena' on the 'MG Other designs' page.



To the left are the scans of the first brochure that I have, depicting the single chine GH 26 as I described.  Of course the extra chine was added to the mould and to all GH26's built.

I got this from Terry at the London boat show. One of only a few that went out before they were amended!

You can see the measurements are identical to the Eventide 26 and Athaena!

This leaflet dates from 1978, the prices on the right from 1981


  Interestingly, if you read the price list, Terry was also offering Steel GH26's, in 1981, just at the same time as  I had been instrumental in having the Eventide 26 also converted to steel.  There are lots of steel Eventides about, but has anyone seen a steel GH26?  According to the records there was never one built in steel....?

Also I have a later GH26 leaflet that I unearthed in my collection.  This one has more of the story.  When Terry launched the first GH26 he was alarmed at it's lack of sailing stability.  He had to reef in a force 4.!   If you look at the photo on the coloured GH26 leaflet above you will see it was reefed when the photo was taken.

Terry told me he took her back to the yard and filled the hollow keel trough with ballast!  He then weighed that out and that became the final ballast weight, 2352lb, as can be seen on the covering spec sticker on the later GH26 leaflet.

Just as in the Eventide before, the boats were perhaps slightly overbuilt and under ballasted.  Maurice would have been the first to admit he never got it right all the time.  My Eventide has  extra ballast too! (now 2240lb)

Above is the modified sheet I have, showing the increased ballast.  If you look though, the keel weight is still shown as 1660lb in the text! (Same as an Eventide 26!)


The GH 26 write up from Y.M.


  Below are pages sent in by Gert Heijnis  from the Netherlands.    We are indebted to him for taking the trouble to share these documents.

The first  six here are price lists and specification for different options, including Timber or GRP.


The next pages are from Terry's information sheets and give details such as the number of Tran's Atlantic crossings, with a few words from the crew sometimes too!


Great to have all this information to hand again!  Thanks Gert.





'Charisma' the other Ketch rigged GH31.  Seen here in Plymouth back in 1997.

See more of her in our newsletter No 9. 





Golden Hind 'Bella Sophia'  caught on camera at Walton Backwaters, The owner has now joined us!

 'Bella Sophia'  (full size pic.)  now renamed back to her original name 'Moonlight', once owned and built by Mark Urry of course.  She is now moored on the Blackwater.




GH 26 'Proteus' off Maldon Prom.

 'Proteus' under sail 2013 sold and new owner has joined us, based in Wivenhoe.

June 2016 and 'Proteus' is out and about with her new owner, who has spent a lot of time, effort and pennies bringing her up to standard again, here snapped berthing in Bradwell.


Brian and Mavis's Golden Hind 32, 'Right-E-Oh' seen here at the 2003 Walton BBQ, having just arrived back from the Baltic!  Yes it is 32 ft, Timber built, Brian believes it is possibly the only one!

Mavis on left, on board 'Right E Oh' with friend Jo.

Mavis's very swish Plastimo 3000 cooker.  Wider and with flame failure devices, oven regulator and ignition device.  All gimballed of course.  There are pan clamps too.

Brian's chart table, with Mavis's GPS on it!  'Right E Oh' is equipped and crewed to go anywhere.

Brian and Mavis have a very efficient diesel heater on board too, very cosy.  Hope we do not need it till the autumn!

'Right E Oh'  Here she is sailing well in the middle of the Channel, bound for Ostende, though we did not know we could get that far at the time!

'Right E Oh'  In Goes for the meet.

'Right E Oh'  Sailing in the calm waters of the Verse Mere.

September 2012.  update. Brian and Mavis have decided to swallow the anchor and sell up, after Brian's stroke last year he has not recovered sufficiently to enable him to safely get afloat again, advert on the For Sale page shortly.  Sold.... 2013.


Right Eh Oh May 2016 photo courtesy of Lucy Hawkins.  The present owners have sadly not yet joined us.  They are fitting her out in Essex and we hope to see them afloat.


U/K Golden Hind  26, for sale in Barry, South Wales.



1974 GOLDEN HIND 31’ CUTTER (pictured in Florida USA)  We know this boat now no longer  belongs to Mr Nulty, who also once owned the Eventide Kittiwake.  We understand she is now based in the UK or on the continent, but not sure how she crossed the Atlantic.  One day perhaps the new owner will be in touch.  He sailed in company with the Barbican 'Red Dawn' sometimes.....



'Black Sheep' John and Sally Murrison's G.H. 26 on it's mooring at Walton Essex.  We hope to get some better pictures soon.  I did not ask John about the name?

Seen here on the Medway at Chatham during the 2006 meet.

Another shot at Chatham both courtesy of the crew for the trip, John Stevens.

Sadly since these pics were taken John the owner had decided to swallow the anchor for health reasons, the boat was sold Autumn 2007 and the new owners have signed up!




34ft Maurice Griffiths/Bruce Roberts Golden Hind in steel. 6 years old in good condition. Junk Rig Schooner, fully equipped for long distance cruising.



Jua was for sale till recently, but Kathy and Roger have written to tell us they are finding time to sail her and so we are hoping for some nice fresh pictures to add to the pages!  They are now living halfway up a mountain in Spain, but not far from the sea!  sadly for them, they have now sold her.


Latest Pictures from Kathy and Roger! 'Jua'.

This and the pic below are scanned from copies on paper, sorry about the quality, best I could get them, Kathy might try and find some better ones for me to scan when she sees this!

 A slightly better pic of Jua...        

This is the brochure view of the 34!


'Jua' again, now you can easily see why we called her the 'Big Yellow Butterfly'! 

From Kathy and Roger May 05.. 

'The name 'Jua', comes from Tanzania!  It is Swahili for ´sunshine´ and  as our intention was to bring her to sunnier climes, we so named her'.


'Jua' was sold and is back in the UK, we are waiting for the new owner to be in touch.  October 2007, welcome to Owain!  Jua is now berthed  in Brighton.  February 2010 update, Owain now has here moored in north Wales. Hope to see her out and about in 2010.



'Francis Fletcher'

She now has her own page - click here to go there  We understand she may be up for sale shortly, July 2006.... Yes sold!  will the new owner come forward and show off their lovely craft! October 2008 Richard, the new owner,  has joined us.


And here are a couple of pictures from Richard, of her sailing off Brighton 2010 and 11!

Sailing Sat May 12th 2012.

       before and after.   woodwork now looking good.

Not sure where summer is but at least it allows me to update you.  So yes still in Brighton, have now been living on FF for five years.
FF now has single line reefing, still mean's a trip to the mast.
Photo  left was 2011 summer party.
Now have remote for Auto helm.
Hope to make coach roof yellow/golden this year or next, FF is a Golden Hind after all.



Spotted by John's daughter Jenny in Brighton February 2016, with a for sale sign,  just shy of £25k.

Not advertised on our pages, yet.... but thanks to Lucy....



Lady Louise 28'

Lady Louise

Lady Louise

Lady Louise

Lady Louise Coilin Trayte's GH. Colin has just joined us and keeps his boat in Treguier.


 Golden Hind

Got a name anyone?  She was recently sold we believe.  Yes she was!

Thanks to Dave Mann, he believes this is 'Downalong' an early 31ft version.  (corrected by Sharon, a former owner! previously called 'Pengallon'. I think sail number 71 or 72??.)

 Reported to be in 'good nick' sadly Dave did not get in quickly enough to buy her, we hope the new owner comes forward.  Was owned by 'Fishtank'  ( see Forum) and moored in Bristol.



'Golden Mongoose'  Sail No10 and built at Plymouth by Terry Erskine in 1981.  Picture by Maurice Chapman of his son Robert's purposeful GH. 

I spoke to them in spring 2004 as they waited in the Roach for the Havengore, see the newsletter article about the London river Cruise!  Note Radar and self steering vane!  We want to read the logs Robert!  Send them in.....  was for sale....


October 2013, Robert has decided to keep her and the advert has been removed.

May 2019, update, for sale on EBay buy it now £3k!!!  Has not been used or maintained for some time but I bet a pressure washer would have her looking clean and tidy...



Found on my friend Phil's site, boats and outboards for sale, this GH is American and has circumnavigated the world and has spent the last five years in the pacific.  Timber, Epoxy sheathed, she was up for sale on


'Zingara'  This GH is in Hawaii and was for sale, more details shortly.... David the owner has contacted us to say he is prepared to give this boat away for a song, just enough for him to buy a small cruiser, $2,500.  We have a new owner, one of our members fancied  a  trip to Hawaii and last heard was out there  fitting her out for ocean cruising again.
    A selection of pics lifted from the Net. 
  Wonder how the boat is now, where is it now???
  Looks as if it needs a little TLC. so long as it is not more than that.
  Well it may work!  Is it a Sabb or a Bukh?


'Chimaera',   A G.H. 31.  Seen for sale on E-Bay!  We think it was sold, wonder if the new owner is out there somewhere!


'Cirra' John Steven's found this  GH 28.  Looks just like a big Eventide, and that is because it is exactly what it is! Single chine, just 2 ft longer than a standard 26, a little deeper in the main hull and an inch or two wider.  We tried to tow it 'home' to Essex on a trailer for my 27 ft Eventide, but alas the ballast keel is over 9 inches wide, at it's widest, too wide for the centre section, and the bilge keels about 6 cm wider than the trailer!  There was a suggestion that it weighed nearly 6 ton, emptied out of everything except the motor really...  can't see it.  Anyone got a displacement figure for a 28? I think it is 3 ton.  (Thanks to an ex owner and visitor to the site,  we found it displaces 4 ton laden, so less than 3 ton stripped, went on a modified trailer and towed well all the way to Chesham!)

By the way, we love the built in anchor light!


'Cirra' being snugged down while an alternative transport is found....  Yes that's me, John W, up there, with my brother in law and crew Keith, he had the Landrover to tow her home, had she fitted the trailer.....

 'Cirra'  Well here is the reason John found she was for sale for a song...  The work needed meant she was not able to be sold in the brokerage, and had someone not stepped forward, the chainsaw was being fired up.

When the fittings are stripped, the cabin top and deck stripped off to reveal good timber, John will know more how much he has to do..    I see several years hard work, but as all the fittings, nearly, mast sails, rig, motor and all are there, just need refurbishing,  it will take several thousand pounds to restore what will be worth over 10k at the end...  Just a hell of a lot of time and work! Every weekend and some!  Well worth it in the end!


'Cirra'  John W. trying to make sense of the rigging.  The mast has masthead sloop rigging, with two lowers beneath the spreaders.  One should go forward of the mast by 18" to 24",  and one aft by the same amount, but there is no chain plate forward?? and two aft???  What's more there is not a chain plate in line with the mast for the topmast shrouds??? A most unfair load on the spreaders.... My suggestion, take the old one chain plates off and refit after cleaning up, in the right place for the rig!  Either that or change to cutter rig and set the chain plates up for that, ( or both so you have the choice!)  Either way the present chain plate positions do not make sense, .....  unless....   Yes I think I've got it,  someone has moved the tabernacle forward!!!...  It is a fancy Ali affair, not the normal galvanised one that would have been fitted I'm sure...  Another little job that can be easily sorted, given time! It really is worth doing it right!

A footnote now, the boat was just a bit too much for John to take on, nowhere to put it and all the rest, but another of our group, Mike has stepped in and taken over. all credit to John for saving her in the first place and having the sense to pass the painter to Mike!  She now has a page on the Restorers section.

The last pic on the left was of Cirra in the 1970's from a former owner.

Sadly in 2013 the boat was found to have terminal rot in planking and frames and was scrapped.






'Safrel'  One of the few Ketch rigged GH's.  she is a 31, owned by Warren of Redruth.  She has had major refurbishment and alterations in the last 5 years, to good effect.

 'Safrel' Looks a real picture!

 'Safrel' was built 1976 by Terry Erskine at Stonehouse; I understand that only three ketches were ever built - of the other two, 'Le Corbeau' is based at Glasson Dock, and I understand that 'Iris', (maybe now 'Charisma', is in Holland, but could be back in the USA.)  

 We bought 'Safrel' in 1999; there followed a two-year re-build, during which we did very substantial structural woodwork (see the 'Nadir' picture), and also re-sheathed the deck and coach roof, built a navigation space, fitted a new engine (Beta 38 bhp), cooker (Taylor's paraffin), upholstery, instruments, a navigation space, and a huge list of other stuff.  We re-launched in May 2001. I intended 'Safrel' to be our ultimate cruiser, and she is; she never puts a foot wrong, and gives a great feeling of security. 

The rig can be handled from the cockpit, (we have added stac-pacs and lazy jacks since the pictures were taken), the engine is smooth, powerful and very economical for its size, and the accommodation is extremely comfortable and easy to live in.  She is also by no means slow;  she has a 36-foot mainmast, and carries 563 sq. ft. of working sail (with the option of a mizzen staysail if we feel inclined), so is adequately canvassed for most conditions.


All the best, thanks for a very interesting site,

Warren Stevenson.




        Before and after, looks really professional!  These pics were sent to me first without the extra text!  Warren sent these as the boat builder who did do such a professional job  could use them for his business by the looks of it!  Apparently he does not have to advertise as his work is well known, not surprised!   Certainly a great looking, workmanlike, navigation  station!

And she sails!!  A great action shot of  'Safrel' really sailing well!


'Sari Rose'  Pete Rogers GH 31 no 17.  What a perfect picture of what our boats are about! Anchored off Lundy Island 2005.  Interestingly I note that she is single chine as is 'Cirra' the 28ft version?  So when did the extra chine get added?  Potted history of GH's someone?

November 2008, Peter has been in touch with more pics and info. She is a Hartwells, 1965 built version.  You can clearly see the single chine in these pics.

The 31 is so much larger than my little Eventide 26, (OK 27' 3" if I admit it!)  But she looks very similar generally.  She was Cascovered from new.

Like this pic.  Look at the ship in the distance, it is the 'Mathew'!




'Fallow' a GH 31 for sale, we are trying to contact the owner to get his details and those of the boat, onto the 'For Sale page. She is up Hull way....

This superb shot of 'Fallow' has been sent in by Jason, the son of the first owner.  His father is now looking for something smaller and similar.....  Jason also has a GH on his short list!



Mystery boat, ( I strongly suspect GH.) 4 berth Marine Ply with ‘Cascover’ sheathing bilge keel cruiser Length on Deck 28.5ft. Beam 8’ 5" Draft 3’. 

Engine: Perkins 4108 (New) diesel inboard

Sails: Main & Jib

Equipment: Storage Cover, Compass, Sounder, Lifejackets, Plough Anchor & all items currently onboard.

This boat was offered as an unfinished project. ( the boat seems to be   double chine, as per the Golden Hind, could she have been copied from that stable? Or is she a bare hulled GH  supplied to be fitted out at home.  That seems more likely as the length is shown as 28.5ft.  not 30 ft.

Her previous owner who started the project in 1975 carried out the majority of the work, to date she has never been on water! The work is of a good standard and much thought has gone into it. She was kept undercover until her current owner purchased her in 2002, he had hoped to complete the work. This is an ideal boat for someone who loves boats with character and will appeal in particular to those who appreciate the qualities of a wooden boat. 

Priced up at £10,000.

She was for sale at Preston Marina, they may be able to direct you to the owner....





 'Brimwilm' This GH 31' 6" built in 1967 in timber, ply, was found by Richard Sawyer in Cyprus and saved!  The following pics are a before and after , so far...  we look forward to seeing her finished and back afloat!

The Fore cabin, as found and being cleared!

Cleaning and painting!

The main saloon, more like a garage sale to start with!

The cockpit!

Before and after in the galley.  What a difference a bit of elbow grease and paint makes!

We look forward to some more pics, we might move all of these onto a page of her own if we are promised some words and more of these excellent pics!





'Imshallah'   Hello John!  It seems such a long time ago that I sent you an e-mail about buying 'Imshallah', the fact is that she is now ours!!

She was built in 1968 by Hartwells of Plymouth, as a sloop with a Sabb inboard diesel. Somewhere along her life she acquired a cutter rig and a 30 hp Yanmar!

Here she is on her new mooring is in Ilfracombe.  , Devon.


Here are three of us in a partnership with equal shares in 'Imshallah' and it seems to work well as this is our second yacht together. She is presently moored in Ilfracombe, where she is already drawing approving looks and this is before we start to renovate and restore her to our standard.  I will keep you updated from time to time,  


The two pics alongside were taken in Tenby

The four guys on deck are from l to r, Chris Clement, myself, (Peter Small) , Eddie Griffiths ( the previous owner) and Martyn Hocking.

May 2016. She is up for sale on our For Sale page!




GH 'Gunyah'  ashore and for sale in North Island  N.Z. pic from Paul Vecovsky.  She is a 31 built by Hartwells in 1968.   Could she be changing hands.....  Yes!

February 2010, just heard from Bruce in Wellington  N.Z.  Says she has been 'brought down' from the North Island, signs himself as 'crew', and that that his friend has bought her and spruced her up.  Sailing limited to local so far, hope more pics and another enrolment to follow!  Look forward to the photos!


 Here she is as hauled out.  Now there follows a sequence of pics culminating in a smart GH back in the water, well done to all concerned!




    GH 31 'Spoondrift'  Wim's smart looking boat from the Netherlands, though UK sailors might recognise at least one of the pics as in Britain!

 'Golden Morn' taken in IJmuiden, Holland, on her way to Denmark, by the owner of 'Spoondrift' above.  you can just make her out in the background!

'Golden Morn', GH 31 113  she has just sold and the new owners have sent this picture of her in. At the moment undergoing restoration and repair at Frank Hall's and son yard in Walton on Naze. Some pictures to follow.  Sold in 2013 and though she looked fine, see the Restorers page for repair work undertaken at Walton.


     GH26 'Lady', beautifully finished, pics found by J. Stevens, she was for sale on boats and outboards, Nov 06. 

We now know her as 'Lady of Lockerley' and the new owners have enrolled with us. Sadly july 2013 they have now parted with her, will the new owners please step forward?




    More pics from Liz and Martin the ex owners of this smart GH.  Now moored on the Hamble.

'We are very excited to have discovered your website as my husband and I have just become the very proud owners of a 1981 Golden Hind 26 called 'Lady of Lockerley'. She was the last of the 11 to be built and we understand that the guy who commissioned her had to go and collect her from Terry Erskine himself before the administrators arrived! We bought her from a couple who knew the original and subsequent owners and apparently she has been as far as Finland and Russia in the past.'

'I have  attached a couple of pictures taken shortly after her re-launch last week. We would love to find out more about the other 10 GH 26's and any other Golden Hinds out there and maybe even arrange to meet up in any are nearby....'

Thanks for all the good work!

Best wishes

Liz  and Martin


Sorry you have had to sell her Liz and Martin, good luck for the future.





GH 39 'Southern Chancer' found for sale at Ancaster Marine by John Stevens, see the for Sale page.


GH 31 'Archenjoy'  found for sale at Ancaster Marine by John Stevens, see the for Sale page.  She was sailed from Lagos Nigeria by the then owner Alister Smith, who brought her back to Falmouth and a mooring off Mylor.  Thanks to Warren of 'Safrel'for that last snippet of information.


 GH 31 'Cricket' Number 146, yes the boat on the cover of the GH brochure... from Brian in Malta. 

If you fancy a break in Malta sailing her, Brian is offering her to members...  terms to be arranged.  Contact Brian on:-

   barrakka2003 at

With cheaper flights to Malta now Ryan Air are going there, it could be a nice holiday....


Here Cricket is anchored in the clear warm waters of Malta, wish I was there.....

Feb 10 update..."Cricket" is getting a well deserved makeover.  I have installed a 38HP Lomatech engine which I bought from China. So if you know of someone who needs a two cylinder Lister 21HP complete with gearbox let me know.  I have added a bathing platform, she is getting a new livery.  I have discarded the old paraffin stove and replaced it with a modern one with four burners and an oven.  I have replaced the old manual anchor winch with a friendlier electric winch. She has been completely rewired and all interior lighting upgraded.  Installed an inverter (300 watts) and a portable 2KVA generator.  I have also put in a battery isolating diode so that both batteries can be charged from the alternator.  The final stage is to get the interior sanded down and re-varnished.




GH 31 No 133  'St Noeud' picture taken  in 2005,  leaving Gaspe, going to Sept Iles.  Pic From Gilles, sorry Gilles could not reply to your mail, try again please.  Look forward to your registration too!

Within minutes Gilles has registered and we are able to give this GH a name 'St Noeud'!

Thanks Gilles.  Her home port is in  Quebec, Canada.



'Canopus' This  1969 31 ft GH sold on E-Bay for less than $3,000!!  In America......

There were a lot of good pics on the auction site in addition to these, they will be there for a bit.

sold on E-Bay we believe?

March 2009 and a young man has contacted us to say he has taken her on.  She was not sold on EBay the buyer decided there was too much to do.  enter Chandler.  At 14 years of age he has picked up the challenge.  Not your normal teenager here, good to have you aboard Chandler!

Hello my name is Chandler and I have recently found your website. Boy do I have a great story for you!!!

I am a 14 year old guy (give me this one ok) who has be learning to sail for the past 4 years and even going away to sailing camp. This past weekend I was at the marina with my dad, when I over heard the dock master talking about an old sailboat that was abandoned by the owner and he was looking for someone to just take it off his hands. I asked my dad to look into it for me I didn’t care what it looked like I just wanted a sailboat to call my own. Well as the story goes my dad went later that week and talked to the dock master. The dock master told my dad that he had promised it to someone else.

My dad can be very persuasive at time and explained that his son me is cut from a different cloth although I am only 14 I would rather be on the ocean and sailing, then playing video games or hanging out at the mall. I have even spent the last two summers washing boats at the marina just so I can be close to the water, and put my hands on boats. The dock master knows me and knows my love of the water and boats and my dad reminded him of this. The dock master thought for awhile and said all he could do is call the person and explain the situation and see if he will let us take it. And….. He said we could yeaaaaaaaaaa. Well my dad showed me the boat and I love it!!!!!  Dad said that he will help me fix it up and he is now setting up to put in dry place so we can work on it. Well after looking through the boat it needs a lot of work and I would love any information and help from you and others from you website in restoring it properly the boat is a Golden Hind 31ft-6in built by Hartwell builders. I went to your website and found my boat the actual one with pics. The story doesn’t end here, it is called the Canopus.  The person that bought it on e-bay showed up to get it, saw that it need work more than the pictures showed and said to the dock master keep it!!!!!!! Well this is my story and it is only the start. As we fix it up I will send you pictures. Dad said I should get a captains log and write in it as we fix it up. I would love as much advice as I could get.

Chandler A.

Wilmington NC



  Good luck Chandler, I am sure we are going to hear from you often with progress reports.    Chandler tells me he has seen the other MG boat berthed in the marina at Wilmington, the Red Eventide featured on the Eventide Gallery.  In good company there!
    This mail came in March 2010...   I went back to your page after not having looking in a long while and saw the part on the 'Canopus'. My family bought the boat from the original e-bay add that had been listed on your site and we had owned and loved the boat for a year. The previous owner had done things such as pull the hardware up and not reseal it so most of the points around the deck were rotten but my father and I had planed to fix the boat. Unfortunately we decided the boat was too cramped for a family of four and I being a go fast sailor (I race 505's) wanted something a bit sportier. I loved the 'Canopus' though and she was an excellent sailing vessel. When we sold the boat on e-bay my father went down to meet the buyer and found that the bilge pump had failed and someone had apparently gone into the boat and flooded the engine. We kindly cut the man a deal and thought she would be going to a good home. It broke my heart to see her a few months later on the end of the transient docks sitting low when we passed by. After reading about her I'm glad to hear she's gone to a good home after all.

Hope the good home she went to was Chandler here, hopefully he will be back in touch with some updated pic....






'Tiger Lily'  Hywel and Jenny's Golden Hind 31.  She is at Parkstone in Poole.  Will shortly be up for sale or a share of her will, be advertised on the for sale pages.....


'Longevity'  GH 31

The owner's son is sailing it as his Father is ill, he has just joined us, welcome Merijn.


This unusual picture from above!

He was delighted to come across our website about the Golden Hind 31.

Here are a few pictures of my fathers 'Longevity', as his eldest son I have sailed her all along the Dutch, German and Danish coast.

'My father is  ill and I feel it is my duty to keep the GH31 in the family', nice thought!

Merijn Tinga





These pictures are a long time getting to the site, sorry Merijn, sort of snowed under,  but well worth the wait.  John




'Swatchways Rambler'  seen here at Pin mill on her mooring.




'Pitterpat'  seen here in Plymouth in 1979, just prior to sailing the Atlantic.  Read more about her in the Newsletter No 9.

'Pitterpat', this 31 footer has sailed the Atlantic!  I have just had a series of pictures and an account sent in to me by the daughter, who as a teenager had  some fantastic adventures on the high seas!  See the next Newsletter, Late 2007!


'Le Corbeau'  GH31, seen here taking part in the 'Classic Malts Cruise 2006'

James May, the owner, sent in these pics, they were taken by Christine Spreiter  spreiter at

They are reproduced by kind permission.,



 Having just returned from the Outer Hebrides myself, I can vouch for the scenery.  Grand cruising area and almost no boats!  Got to watch the weather though!!

 I think James and his crew enjoyed themselves...  I wonder if they wrote up a log??  With all those distilleries to visit, I wonder!   Find out more at for info about joining the
 2008 Classic Malts Cruise.


'Moonlight'   Pictured her sailing in the Blackwater October 2007.  She was beating down river against the tide and making progress.  GH 31 no 252. one of the last built, by Mark Urry.

She has the tall rig of course, which would explain her sailing ability,  the  double spreader tall rig is designed for light airs.  She is moored at the Stone.  Hopefully the owner will come forward soon.  Yes he has, welcome Doug!

On a very stormy day in August 2013, I was gently sailing down past the moorings off Steeple when I noticed Doug had come out to play, so I rolled the genoa up and waited.

As you can see the heavens opened and the oilies were tested well. My crew, young Brandon, was still in his pyjamas at this stage, he is not daft!

 Moonlight passed us and I crept up astern under motor to get a shot or two of her from behind.

We pulled into Bradwell, Doug sailed on into the murk!


More pictures of Moonlight, she is for sale October 2013. see our 'For sale' page. 



'Charisma' pictured in Plymouth in 1997, where is she now?  She was in company with 'Pitterpat', who's crew passed on the picture.  She must be the third Ketch and may have been named 'Iris' once...
    April 2017 Charisma has been saved!  She was in Belgium and before that the Netherlands, Mike bought her and took her to Scotland, then repaired the underwater area, new bilge keels etc, sadly had to sell and Dr. Pedley has bought her and is transporting her again, south to Argyle where he is to restore her.




As she looked April 2017 when sold.



Here she is early May 2017 on her way south in Scotland to her new base, see how easy it is to transport a bilge keeler on an artic!

David has started the clear up, removing damaged Treadmaster with a view to restoring decks and cabin top with epoxy and Kiwi grip..

He is in the market for a boom, a main sail, some means of sheeting the main in the front end of the cockpit and a thousand and one other things!  Will keep him busy for a while!





'Mollymawk'  GH 31 owned by Vince Powell. hope to see more pics and read her log next year!

'Mollymawk' under sail, sadly Vince has decided to part with her.

Now under the ownership of Jonah Weston, here she is back on her berth on the Hamble after a months summer cruise, so where is the log Jonah?

This is what it is all about isn't it! Sadly the cruising bug has hit Jonah and his family hard and they have reluctantly decided to sell up and buy an even larger craft to sail off into the blue yonder.  So if you fancy a well found GH31 have a look at the For Sale page, Sept 2010. Sold now and the new owners Chris and Fiona have joined.

February 2016, Chris and Fiona with 'Mollymawk' in the Beaulieu river. She is to be relocated on the Blackwater this spring, so we may see more of her soon. See Chris's web sites.




'Athaena' This is John Snodgrass's wonderfully rebuilt boat, now known to be an Athaena.  She is sail number '0'.  She was thought to be built as the  plug for the mould to make the GH 26's in GRP.  However we now know this not to be the case, the builder was a Mr. Solly, a cabinet maker!   We had thought that Terry Erskine made the plug  as a real hull, so he could fit her out as a GH as well. Not so.  However there was a lot of liaison between Terry and Mr Solly, thus perhaps the use of the GH0 number...   She has been stripped and totally rebuilt in 2007 in Nottingham.  Last I heard she was at Hull and John was wondering which way to turn at the mouth of the river!  Hope you have sorted the rig now, want to see pics of her sailing!  she will have her own page in the Newsletter, 9th edition.


'Hindsight' GH 31 allegedly, though she looks to be single chine and thus I wonder if she is a 28.5 ft version. A member is having her surveyed, Jan 08, so we will soon know!




'Wine Knot'  Robin Lewin's nicely sorted out  GH 31.  He took the name with him when he sold his Eventide 26 years ago

She is moored in Portsmouth and sails the Solent and the Channel.

Robin has said that if a member fancies a sail, to contact him on this mail address.

 robwyn at


Robin has just mailed me this pic of his scale model of 'Wine Knot'.  He says he had fun getting the sails to set to a curve, eventually wetted them, laid the boat over so they draped to the right shape and let them dry!  Clever.  He has even made a scale anchor!


'GoldBeater' GH 31 snapped by Warren in Fowey, July 2005.   Note the slightly unusual upper rigging, any others got these extra diamond spreaders, and why?  We have now, December 08, heard from Mark Urry. He was responsible for the diamond spreader addition to take out the excessive forward mast bend.

 "I knew the original owner and I converted her to a full cutter rig with the aim of her going trans-Atlantic.  The original MG "cutter" rig had just single crosstrees and single "sloop" lower shrouds.  The mast will bend forwards at the attachment of the inner (staysail) forestay so, strictly speaking, should be restrained at that point from aft.  It was "got around" for simplicity by not putting the inner forestay too high up, having a relatively short mast and less powerful staysail and accepting that the mast stiffness was adequate.  Disadvantage? Apart from wondering how much your mast is bending in a blow, smaller less powerful staysail, a real disadvantage if you want to roll away the genoa in a blow. The Genny doesn't set well as a heavy weather sail so you can't beat so close to windward, is not snugly inboard thus reducing the yawing moments and helm loads and can't be self tacking."  "I have now converted several 31's to cutters and designed the rig for my GH26 customer, all with diamond jumpers  and have committed to them on my GH255.  For those not familiar, they stand out as a pair at 45% either side of the fore-aft line."

I think I prefer the slightly higher inner forestay, 3/4 up and the intermediate shrouds, better setting staysail and easier to roll genoa.. but it is another way....  John



'Golden Crest' GH31 again from the Camera of Warren of GH 'Safrel'. again in Fowey 2005  she is now, 2013 on the for Sale page.  GH 31 No 212.  2020  Now owned by member Graham Howitt.


'North Star'  GH 31.  She is for sale see the For Sale page.

Though built in 1981 she was totally rebuilt in later years to a very high standard by Mark Urry.



You can see the level of fitting out and the equipment on board in this unusual shot......


GH 31 'Libertine' Found for sale in the Channel Isles by the ever vigilant eye of our Database Manager John. The new owner Mike hopefully will be joining us shortly!




This sorry mess is what happens to a GH if you are unfortunate enough to be ashore next to a building that catches fire!  This is from David in Canada.


Hi john, I bought KLAHANIE II from the original owner in 2001 after she had been catastrophically fire-damaged while on the hard from a building that burnt to the ground 10 feet away.  It has been a huge project (much larger than I thought) and what was supposed to take 2 years is now 6, but I have replaced the entire starboard hull and (hopefully) it should be floating next year.  More pics to follow.

The pic on the left is what she looked like before the fire.! 

Best of luck with the restoration, it will be worth it!




This U/K GH was found on the net for sale in July 2008 by our ever vigilant Database Manager John.  Hope she goes to a good home, the previous owner seems to have lavished attention on her, sad he was unable to use her.  Hope to hear from the new owner soon.

February 2010.  addenda...  GH 185

CEILIDHE II’ reported in by Brian in Malta, he has found her to be lying in Rye, Sussex.  The asking price is £14,000, tax paid, and she is being sold through three different brokers.

September 2010. Sold and new owner John Walpole who has joined us!  He writes:-

Many thanks for your "welcome" message yesterday and I will search all the paperwork  I have on "Ceilidhe II" to see if I can find out the width between the bilge keels that you mentioned.

 As far as I know the name of my boat is simply the spelling of the Celtic word for dance, or fun evening in the pub, and maybe she was the second boat  with that name for the original owner.  I understand that this guy was the proprietor of a Pie & Eel Shop in London who sadly passed on before he could take delivery so "C II" and his widow was not a sailor.  "C II" therefore spent the first couple of years of her life sitting around until, I think, a son took her on.  The logs I have show that she spent several years in the med doing a circumnavigation, and up & down the French canals and the previous owner to me bought her in Spain and came back to UK via the canals.  This chap, Nick Butler, told me he bought her because he was long term cruising in the med in his GH26 which he lost in a storm off the Balearics - don't know the name of that boat & Nick has swallowed the anchor and is now living on a barge somewhere in France.

 I have posted a plea for advice on the Forum regarding the inner forestay on "C II" but no responses to that yet, so if there are any GH gurus there I would like to hear from them.

 You mentioned meets along the east coast.  Well I am treasurer and my wife is secretary of the Kentish Sailing Association who are primarily promoters/organisers of the annual Swale Smack & Barge Match held here each August. Next year will be the 39th, exact date yet to be agreed but usually early in the month.  Lots of traditional boats enter, apart from the old working barges & smacks, including quite a flotilla of small gaffers in various classes. Lots of boats come over from the Essex side and we always like to see new entrants & visitors, so maybe we could put something about that on the EOG website when details are finalised for 2011.  Joanna, my wife, is working on a KSA website which at present is located at until we get a dedicated domain name sorted out. Possibly a cruise of MG's boats down to The Swale to tie in with the 39th Swale Match? 

April 2014.  update.  we have just heard from member Sharon George, that she is the new owner and she will be bringing her to the Blackwater and Tollesbury in due course.  Lots to do apparently, not least un-seizing the Lister!


Footnote.  Sharon launched and sadly in a day or two the boat sank, a bilge keel ripped off??!!?  The boat was eventually recovered to the hard at Tollesbury where she sat forlorn for ages, until Nick came back on the scene, he could not bear to see her in such a state and though in his 70's set about restoring her. June 2020 she is finished but Nick has had to retire hurt, so she is back on the market, see the 'For Sale' pages. For ust £4k!





The GH 'Henry Rose'. owned by member Paul.  Smart looking ship Paul! Update September 2012, Paul is reluctantly putting her up for sale. Advert soon on our pageFor Sale.





 A plea for information..... I am sure we should know of this one.....

Hello,  My dad, Ned Morse, bought a GH 31' 6" in 1969 or 70. Builder was Hartwells from Southern England. She was called "Pelican" and delivered Baltimore. She was sailed on the Chesapeake Bay and sold in 74 or 75. At this time I do not have access to his papers for further info but, was wondering if anyone could help with her whereabouts? Please reply through this email. Thanks for your consideration.

Ed Morse

ehm2298 at


It took 48 hours for the database manager to figure out it had changed name a couple of times, now 'Grace', we have been able to put Ed in touch with Steve the present owner.  That is what this site is about!  She still sails, after restoration, in the States. We await new pics to add to this page!!



'Nancy Dawson' GH 31 owned by new member Michael Morgan of Florida. Below is a shot of Michael and of the deep bilge keel fitted to this design.  All GH's had these builders plates too.



'Gallinula'  GH 31 for sale on our pages November 2008. Based at the moment in Poole she is open to offers as there is work to be done on the hull.   Sold

Seen here sailing note fully battened main with lazyjacks.


'Running Mate' GH 31 255, one of the latest built.  Pics courtesy of Mark Urry.  Owners Henk & Ineke  in Holland.

Here she is under sail, note the timber mast, unusual for a modern boat, but certainly not out of place on a Golden Hind.

This one from Mark, he says it was taken on the sea trial and they were distracted from their course for just a little too long, still it does show how well she will dry out!   Couldn't resist this because it was the maiden trip with the customers in the Wareham river from the mooring I had for 30 years.  If you look closely you'll see how far away the stakes are.  No, I wasn't on the helm but I wasn't concentrating either. We had a chance to get to know each other fairly well!


Kinvara.   GH 26 Number 14  This we believe is the latest GH26 to be afloat.

Golden Hind 26 Mark II, sail number 14, 'Kinvara'.  Her  hull and superstructure were built by Mark Urry in 1999 and she was completed by my husband, to a very high standard, and launched in 2004.




We have sailed her from our base in the Solent to the Isles of Scilly,  Woodbridge on the River Deben and Northern France.

She attracts admiring comments wherever she goes. Last year we thought of selling her and getting something bigger but now we're sailing again we're glad we didn't.

Terri and Ray Cox

Certainly a good looker!

Another picture in of 'Kinvara' from Raymond Cox, they have just officially joined us, August 2013.


'Snowdrift'  GH 31 under restoration at Newson's,  we did have a link to loads more pictures at Newson's yard, but sadly their website has gone as the firm closed. Jan 2012

2014 we have Newson's pictures back, See the Restorers page!



'Katie Louise' GH 31  No 253.  another series of pics from Mark Urry.

Hull built by him.


Nicely finished as a home-build, by Barry Marshall.


Note the dolphins!

Very clean and airy interior.




'Grendel', GH31 No 130, all wood version, built by Terry Erskine in 1974 and owned in 2002 by Brigadier & Mrs John Goodson.

Mark Urry sent these in, he had a hand in repairing a dent to her transom.


'Wild Oats' a GH 31 based in Sardinia, the owner Gary was our 800th enrolment!  Welcome Gary, fine looking vessel you have there and what great cruising grounds.  Look forward to the sailing pics and logs!




This is 'Alma', a GH 31,  Number 192 owned by  Daniel from Brazil and sailing in the West Indies at the moment.  He has his own website with her adventures and some great music! Projeto Amices 



'Winfarthing'  GH 31,  home mooring  Beaumaris,  North Wales, not sure where the magnificent back drop is, but hope Bob, the owner, will let us know soon when he fills in the enrolment form!  Welcome to Bob, the form is in...  he tells me the pic was taken off the east side of Anglesey, near Puffin sound.


'Winfarthing' Photo in March 2017 from new owner and member, Brendan in Preston.


'Adienne'  GH 31 Number 44, bought by Ken Marsden in the Channel Isles 4 years ago and sailed to Kent where he has lovingly restored her.  Seen here in 2009 in Heybridge Basin. Next year she could well be in Scottish waters, Ken is thinking of having her loaded on the back of a lorry for the trip north, then sailing her home.  Great idea!


Spotted in Brighton Marina February 2016 , by Lucy.

She looks in fine fettle still, like the smoke stack, does this mean someone is living aboard or were those Scottish waters that cold!  (Were when I was there!).


'Groais'  Golden Hind '31 built by Terry Erskine  owned by Gary Geddes.

She was sailed to  Canada by Chris and Annie Law. They named it after the first landfall in Newfoundland, which were the Grey Islands, but using an old French  (Norman?) name 'Groais'.

The name stuck, though hard to pronounced, unless you choose the simple, graceless version: Gross. 'Groais' sailed back to the Mediterranean, across to Panama, down to Galapagos, then  up to Victoria. I bought it in 1998, after a complete re-fit, and sailed up the coast of British Columbia.

The story of that journey is recorded in a book I subsequently wrote called ‘Sailing Home: A  Journey through Time, Place & Memory,’ (HarperCollins), which became a  coast-to-coast bestseller in Canada.

We have her on a convenient anchorage near our new home on Thetis Island.


Coordinators footnote, I have just found a copy of Gary's book on Amazon and it is winging it's way to me, I will scan the front cover and add it to the Books page.  John P.S. It's a good read!



GH spotted in Poole by John Hopthrow, have we an owner for this one?  January 2011, yes, Mark Ury recognises her as 'Sea Wyf' owned by David  and Lynden Fenwick of Parkstone.  Mark modified her about 8-9 years ago. She has a different light weather rig with wide walk on bowsprit with a roller on the tip to keep the anchor or mooring rope and buoy away from the hull!  Thanks Mark.


'Countess' a GH 28.5, built in 1965 by Hartwells .  Brian sails in the Solent area.

Here on her mooring, the transom hung rudder shape can be seen, so familiar to MG fans on many designs.  Also the depth of the main keel and bilge plates, a lot deeper than those early Eventides, which is why they sail well and what prompted us to alter the keel on our Eventides, with MG's approval....

Update July 2018, berthed a few pontoons away from the new owners who were revarnishing her, they had the wrong prop on her and could only do 4 knots! 

April 2019  she was seen for sale on EBay with a mooring on the Dart, will the new owners step forward.  (hope they have changed the prop by now!).



GH 31 No 87.   'Michael Stuart' Here she is off round the world!  Where is she now?


She was built in 1969 by Terry Erskine. We called her "Michael Stuart" and circumnavigated in her from 1979-1985. We sold her in Florida upon our return, to a couple who planned to keep her on Lake Ponchartrain near New Orleans. They planned to name her "Le Bob Papa". After that we lost touch, and we fear she could have been lost in Hurricane Katrina. If you hear any news of hull No. 87, please let us know! I'm attaching a couple of pictures - the first is the day of our departure in 1979, and the one with all the flags is the day of our return to the US in 1985.

 Liz and Jim McCane

Kirkwood, Missouri, USA










































We contracted Terry Erskine in 1978 to build our GH 31, #199, cutter rigged, to be named "HALE KAI" (Polynesian for "Home on the Sea").  I retired from the US Air Force in February 1979, and expected to come to England in March 1979.  Terry asked to show our boat at the London Boat Show in the interim, so it was shown at the 1979 show.

We had the sea trials in April 1979, and then spent the spring and summer sailing the British and French coastline with a very experienced sailing friend we met at the Royal Western Yacht Club, mentoring us, teaching the different sailing conditions and methods from that which we were familiar – living in Guam and sailing the Marianas and Caroline Islands. Having 30+ feet tidal range and the associated currents was certainly different from the Western Pacific.

We departed England in August 1979, passed the Scillies  heading for Cape Finisterre just in time to be caught in the Fastnet Storm.  Clearing the deck, and with just a storm staysail up, we successfully rode it out for the next 12 hours, being knocked down twice with the mast in the water.  Only one of us was in the cockpit with double safety lanyards from the safety harness to attachment rings in the cockpit.  We needed no more than that to make us realize that we had selected the right boat to take care of us during our planned 10-year ocean and coastal liveaboard cruising. 

In addition to crossing the Atlantic several times, we were able to cruise the canals of France by taking down the masts and laying them across the boom and foredeck cradles.  We spent a year circumnavigating the Mediterranean and then down the hump of Africa before returning to Portugal.

We left the Spanish Atlantic coast for Brazil when shortly after settling at sea, I received a ham radio call relayed by the Mobile Maritime Net that my mother was in the hospital and not doing well.  So we sailed back to Rota, Spain, left the boat and caught a flight to USA to be with my mother.  Since my mother was now somewhat invalid, and my wife’s folks were very old and now would need care from time to time, we decided to sell HALE KAI.  We had previously stopped at Rota, Spain where we met a US Navy Lt. Commander who was retiring from the Navy.  We took him and his wife for a couple day sails and when we left for the States, I gave him permission to day sail the boat with his wife in return for watching HALE KAI while we were gone.  He and his wife fell in love with the boat, so since we had to stop sailing and decided to sell, they bought her from us in late 1987.

After retiring, he and his wife headed north and the last we heard from them, they were working their way up around the Orkney and Shetland Islands, and intending to make it towards the Baltic.  We haven’t heard anything about them or HALE KAI since 1988.

We wonder if any of your members have seen or heard of GH 31 #199 HALE KAI lately.  We were so attached to her; she actually saved our lives by her sea worthiness and design; she was (and still is) part of our lives during our most memorable times; making new cruising friends and acquaintances from a number of different countries at anchorages about the world.  If there is any information available, please contact me at: jhaynes1 at .  We are at present in Richmond, Texas.

I will look in my log books to see if I have any which I can send as an email attachment.  I don’t quite know how to do this, but I will try to figure it out.

Thank you for posting the pictures of Michael Stuart, John. Yes, we had many adventures and we have logs and journals, none of which has been transcribed onto the computer. But we do have one story that should be of interest to GH 31 owners. We were beating to windward off Australia at night and noticed that the leeward shrouds seemed unusually slack. We chalked it up to the intensity of the wind that night. But in the early morning the mast snapped about 5-6 feet above the deck! We were able to cut the (reefed) mainsail free so that we could haul the mast alongside and secure it, and we had just enough fuel to motor back to Australia, some 200 miles. My description makes it sound much simpler than it was! We ordered a new mast extrusion (with a thicker wall than the original gold-anodized mast) and we were able to use the gear and measurements off the old mast to fit the new one. The reason for the failure, we discovered, was that there was no collar or reinforcement of the mast of any kind in the area where the spreaders attached. The spreaders compressed the mast at that point, slackened the rigging enough that the mast must have been flexing as we beat to windward, and it eventually failed. We hope this was a flaw found only in our mast, and not true of all the boats of this design. I'll attach a couple of pictures that show the mess. As dismastings go, we were very fortunate that the mast didn't punch a hole in the boat and sink us, though it chafed clear through the fibreglass. Have you ever heard of this happening to another GH 31?

Liz and Jim McCane

Kirkwood, Missouri, USA



During my trip round England and part of Scotland with 'Fiddler's Green' in 2013, 'Fiddling Around' I found this boat in the  Caledonian Canal just above Neptunes Staircase. She looked in full sailing commission and  ready to go, so someone is still loving her!



  June 2016

Pics in from Reg the owner.




    'Hale Kai' is up for sale, June 2016, see the For Sale page


Tarka. This Steel Version of a Golden Hind must be the only one ever built, for though Terry offered it as a material for building, he says he never built one.

OK, so how comes there is one?


The owner of this boat advertised for sale October 2011, claims he obtained a set of drawings for building in steel and had it made.   To my mind it looks just like an Eventide 26 and we have the steel drawings for these.  Would like to see the drawings she was built from....

If she is double chine and measures up it would be fair to say she may be based on a GH 26, but as it was not built by Terry or any or the owners of the GH name, does not have either a hull number or GH sail number, it is stretching it a little we think.  That apart she seems to sail OK!
    By chance I happened on the website and lo and behold some pictures of my steel, home built "after Maurice Griffiths" GH26. Someone was asking about her and the drawings used.
Long story short!!!
A friend of mine bought his GH26 "Lady of Lockerly" from Terry Erskine in Plymouth towards the end of the 1970s (at a guess). Just before Terry packed up shop. I wanted a hull and deck moulding to home finish but was too late, the moulds had been seized by the receivers (I think) but Terry was very helpful and gave me some basic plans for the 26 in GRP or ply construction. I also noticed he included a steel version on his price list, although he had never built one.
Left to my own devices therefore I decided to build a steel GH26. The decision was based on no GRP moulds being available and a ply one would take too long for the hull construction, fit out times much the same for all.
I am a marine engineer by profession so I teamed up with a Naval Architect colleague of mine who nodded sagely and said the exiting lines would not support the extra weight of the steel. He therefore re-drew the lines with 9" more beam and a lot more draught to cope with a displacement of around 5 tons. Still with a length on deck just over 26'
I set to with a truck load of steel plates, bars etc and finished the job in about 2 years from 1981 to 1984. I say "finished", does one ever finish a job like this. Anyway we sailed "Tarka" as she was known for 30 years and sold her in 2011 or so.
She was a great boat to sail, rock steady on a draught of 4'-6". I omitted the bilge keels as I had no use for them anyway, deep water sailing in the English Channel.
She has been through a couple of owners since I sold her and is now in Portishead Marina. The current owner has the original drawings.


We are indebted to Simon for coming forwards and explaining this GH.  She is then 'based on' a GH and not a GH proper.  Her lines have been altered in almost exactly the same way as the Steel Eventide 26 were altered,  additional beam etc. to make it work in steel.   John



Quicksilver a GH 39. She left England for Australia in 1991 and has been here ever since. My father in law bought it from the second owner in I think about 2001. Modifications have been made, some of which I would like to see reversed and this is the main motive for my research.

 I have attached a recent snap of her. A little weary but we hope soon to shine.


 Peter Leversedge.



GH 31 No 224 'Tusk'.  This is one of many the owners Brian and Joyce Cook circumnavigated the world in.  We are hoping to reproduce edited parts of their logs in the Newsletter , Winter 2011/12.    this photo was taken in Turkey in 1987.

Here she is hauled out in Tobago for a scrub off!  The Bilge keels save the need for a boat yard!

We will be adding dozens of similar pics when we publish the extracts from the log. This couple have really travelled!





Gordon and Miriam Zittel, and are the owners of GH 185 (Anwagomi), built by Terry Erskine in 1977.  We purchased her in 1979, in California. Following the disappearance of the Golden Hind Journal published by Mark Urry some years ago, we had lost track of other GH owners. We are now delighted to have found you on the Internet.

 We lived on 'Anwagomi' full time for thirteen years, during which time we cruised Mexico and islands of the central and south Pacific Ocean. For the last five years we once again have the boat in Mexico where we continue to cruise during the winters. We now reside on land in Joshua Tree, California.

 Cheers, Gordon & Miriam

Update September 2012!

We hesitate to send you the list of yacht modifications and added equipment, because living on a boat for 13 years brings about many changes. With the basic yacht, however, we have done little. We changed out the Lister engine for a Yanmar 3GM30 when we arrived in Australia. Prior to our departure from Mexico, out of ballast and performance considerations, we added a keel modification. This was a 13 ft., 1/8 inch steel plate under the base of the keel, which extended 2 and one-half inches beyond the edges of the keel on each side for the entire length. It was placed so lifting straps could still be placed under the keel. We feel when in large following seas in heavy weather, the boat now surfed and provided a more flowing, stable ride. Our boat is not fitted with bilge keels.  Now that we are back in Mexico and the plate was showing serious corrosion, we have removed it. We are currently, however, considering replacing it.

If any readers are contemplating long range cruising in a small yacht, and would be interested in specifics as to what we have added and what we have found most useful, we can be contacted via email at

anwagomi at

This is a wonderful website and we do appreciate your efforts in providing it.


Gordon and Miriam Zittel

Thanks for the pictures and the nice comments both, this site would not be possible without owners like yourselves!  Must say the keel modification sounds intriguing, we have seen boats with this bottom plate, it also assists windward work so they claim... pics?   Got  a log for publishing? John.





'Golden Dawn of Kent'  GH 31 based in Fowey Cornwall

Custom built November 1979 by Terry Erskine Yachts, Plymouth. In current ownership and much- loved for the last 14 years.

Equipped for extended cruising with freshwater capacity c270litres (60gallons), fuel capacity c160litres (35 gallons) and provision in gas locker for five 4.5 kg gas bottles.  Twin forestays for down-wind sailing and storm jib. Storm trysail track.

Lister STW2M engine.  Sheer legs for raising/lowering mast.

 Sold August  2013


Golden Hind 31  'Verulamia'  sail no 116

This 1971 Hartwell’s 4 berth is sheathed marine ply.  Part 1 Registered

Auxiliary power is from a Lister Blackstone 18hp diesel.

A good solid sea boat, sold due to family commitments.



Had B&G Harrier log, echo sounder with cockpit repeater, steering compass, Sestrel H/B compass, VHF radio,2 burner cooker, s/s sink with fresh domestic water, cold box.

6ft + headroom, separate heads .Plough anchor, chain, windlass, fenders warps etc

Ashore nr. Emsworth Hampshire

sold by Reg Stacey.  Where is she now?


Foot note, on my round UK sail in 2018 I happened across the early owner who used her as a sail training boat out of St. Albans, 'Verulamia in Latin!




GH 31 'Cararact' ? sail no 18.  2012 for sale in the Netherlands, Johan interested...  Does anyone know anything about her?

Strange name, belonged to an eye surgeon maybe? No, name of a river somewhere...

 February 2013 the new owner, Johan, informs us the name is actually 'Old Cataract'.

Welcome Johan and thanks for sorting out the name, hoping to see many more pictures of her as she is sailed and used.  Sadly 2014, she is being offered free to anyone who will restore her, see the for Sale pages.


Sadly This GH was well beyond redemption.  A sad series of pics, but it does show how every part of her fabric was so badly rotten there was no hope.



Golden Crest


Gabriel of Dart

GH 26 Kinvara (not for sale)

Golden Crest again.

Johan in the Netherlands sent these observations in,  a few links too.  September 2012.  If you find one no longer works please let us know.

Whilst browsing the internet I came across a few Golden Hinds that are up for sale, and a few others not on your list;

For Sale•        First of all, the Golden Hind 32, Indecision, build 1969. It’s not  up on the Eventide Website.

 Secondly, I found the Golden Hind 31, Golden Crest, 1980 to be for sale. She is up on the Eventide website, though not listed for sale there.  Oh yes she is now, Jan 2013!  go to see her selling for £7,500! Sold 2013.

The 1979 GH31 Audeer Couldn’t find her on the eventide website.

Gabriel of Dart, a GH31 dated 1979 on the Azores, up for sale.

I also came across a listing which included a GH26 and a Barbican33

A page from 2008 names a 31 KWA HERI up for  sale Sold and sold again I think. Interesting article though!

A 1980 GH31 in Fowey; Got to be Golden Crest!

Not for sale•        An article by Charles Doane on his GH31 named Sophie.  In the comments mentioned “Lammaroo” in Florida, sail number 161 from 1976.

An article mentions GH31 Hindsight Not sure if she’s afloat.

 Well done Johan, quite a bit of research there!



'Gabriel of Dart'.  Now as of September 2107 of the Azores!  Welcome to new member Bob.





GH 31 No 72. series of pictures lifted from the net, not sure from where, but could this be the boat that suffered a cracked hull plank next to the bilge keel?  We need to know more as we understand she was bought and repaired, rather well at that!





GH 31  No 35. 'Estere '.   message from the owner, Martin in new Zealand.

I am keeping a photo diary of Estere's refit and mods, will keep you updated as things develop.

This photo shows my two loves, and the ease which is inherent in all triple keelers- that of their ability to sit nicely - in this case on blocks-on the ground. I am living on board whilst working on the boat, hence the mass of tools etc., just visible at the bottom of the photo. Since this photo was taken I have primed the hulls and stern with underwater primer and sanded and Everdured the teak rubbing strips. Is that the most satisfying job on a boat? Transforming a sorry looking grey and bruised wood into a golden glowing  delight. You can just make out the wooden pad on the stern which I made up  to fit the rudder's new angle necessitated when I fitted the new stainless steel bottom support pivot, now 100mm further back to give room to add the balanced portion of the rudder. The top pintle only required the addition of an epoxy glue pad. You can see some cruising items fitted to Estere such as a solar panel. a wind generator and Fortress anchor. The tv aerials (one twelve volt and one 240 volt for use when in the marina) and vhf aerial are just out of picture. I have tried out an idea recommended by one of the cruising yachties who use this marina- he suggested I coat the prop with epoxy, then with epoxy microballoons, rub this coating smooth then coat with several layers of hard anti-fouling. This I then rubbed smooth with wet & dry paper down to 400 grit - it looks very professional time will tell how effective it is. We - the boat owners here at the Marina-have a barbeque every Sunday evening and it is wonderful to hear their sailing adventures from all over the world. This is a popular spot to work on the boats from the tropics in the hurricane season and at the moment we have boats from the UK, America, Canada, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and Tonga.

 Today's topic of conversation was the increase in the complexity involved in the paperwork needed to move around the world, every year more forms to fill and more invasive the customs and agriculture checks when entering new countries. The wild pig was delicious though - and the wine and beer flowed freely.







Tiger Lily Golden Hind 31 - Serial no. 167

Commissioned - 1982

LOA - 31ft. 6ins. LWL - 26ft. 9ins. Beam - 9ft. Draft - 3ft. 7ins. Displ. - 11,600lbs

Lister 15hp SW2M twin cylinder diesel.

Fitted out very professionally by an engineer from an Erskine GRP hull between 1976 and 1982, she was obviously intended to be self reliant and independent of the pampered South Coast marina lifestyle. The minimum of shiny bits, wood or metal, she has a tough, almost working boat feel to her. Cruised extensively in the Irish Sea and the Channel Islands.

Home port Poole.  Smart looking GH! Footnote, spotted her near Brownsea sland during our 2018 round UK sail, John



The Latest 2014, Golden Hind!  'Sea Fever'.  Built and by Mark Urry for himself and recently launched in France.

Sail number 256.  The last hull.


As you can see Mark has done an excellent job inside and out, now waiting for the photos of her under sail.

January 2019 and Mark has sent in a few of her under sail.  Taken by a passing friend they haad to be edited to get the horizon level, but the results look pretty good!

A powerful craft close up!

A fine example of the Class, owned by the GH builder!


GH 31 No 30. Sue of Solway.  sold on EBay for a little over £500!

Graeme the new owner has joined us and he even turned up to 'the Duck Inn' for one of our Essex shore side meetings, with his daughter Evelyn.  Think this boat is going to get restored and rebuilt in fine style, Graeme is a boat builder!  Look forward to the updated pics when all repairs done!



I see you have the GH31 'Hindsight' listed on your website.

I owned her between about 1987 and 1991. She has a single chine but is registered as a GH 31. She is now in a tidal boatyard on the River Itchen in Southampton, where she has been lying unused for many years. I forget the builder's name, but I don't think it was Erskine.  (Skentleberrys)

I gather that she has now been somewhat altered internally. She was not in good condition when I owned her - I replaced the transom and afterdeck, plus several feet of the stringers going forwards. She is sheathed ply (I think it's Cascover) and if that kind of structure is not well maintained it can trap moisture, as had happened. The original ply was also poor quality.

As of last week Hindsight was still afloat, but alas I think sometime soon she will fail to lift with the tide. I suspect she would be free to a good home if someone wants a major project. The decks should be OK as I replaced a lot of the deck ply and sheathed them with epoxy/glass. She has a Yanmar 3QM30 diesel which was in good condition when I owned her.

She has had very little use since then. If anyone's interested, I can put them in touch with the boatyard.

Martin Corrick    martin.corrick at

26  Jan 2013

Sadly a postscript, this boat was broken up by the boat yard after being sold and sold again, severe rot lead to her being abandoned.




Golden Hind 'Pengallon'  spotted at Tollesbury in June looking ready to go back in. 

You can see a lot of effort has been put into making her good....

Though we used to know the owners years ago, either the boat name has changed or they were never members of either the old assoc or us.  We cannot find them on either of our extensive databases.  Which is doubly a shame as we have information that in late July 2015 she was launched and taken to a mooring in Tollesbury near the 'Leavings' where overnight she sank!!!!  Desperately want to know what went wrong and what has happened to her now. I can only imagine the heartache when so much effort has gone into the restoration...  if the owners or anyone knowing the boat can let us have more info we would appreciate it.

We have had information June 2016, that this boat is now ashore at Tollesbury less a bilge keel and a substantial part of the ply hull, seems there was a weakness in her and the bilge keel wrung off her when she touched bottom on the mooring.  a sad end.  Is she salvageable. maybe.. we will watch to see.  See advert on 'For Sale page March 2017.


Footnote, with a different name there is already a bit about this boat, she has been salvaged and lovingly restored and is now in rye Sussex, but the owner/restorer, Nick, who is well into his 70's has had to retire hurt and is selling, see out for Sale pages July 2020.




GH 251 Serenity!  August 2015. I would just like to let you know that I bought hull (251) from Colin Skinner in 2011 and I have just completed building it and it is now in water at Preston Marina. I have attached a couple of photos from when she was lifted in for the first time , I will send more when I have them.
We have called her Serenity.

Steve and Janet Hanks

Note she must be one of the few in our fleet to sport a bow thruster, I can only ever recall a Barbican with one, to make marina berthing a doddle!


  The pictures to the left and below were taken by the owner of the GH  'Sue of Solway' being restored nearby.  As he said, a craft to aspire to!

Golden Hind 31  'Serenity'



    Sadly these last photos are added as a postscript as Steve has had to swallow the anchor a year after he got her finished.  She was up for sale on our For Sale pages, July 2016. SOLD.



  'Moondancer' GH 31  owned now by Eddie Wade Martins.  Was owned by long term members Kathy and Roger Thomas for a while, but they have gone on to buy another, larger boat, the walkabout bug got to them again.
  Eddie has a face book page where he is going to add info and photos as he makes a long ocean cruise in her!


  She is a comfortable and well equipped boat.
  Certainly has all the gear in the right places!
  well sorted galley

and one of those conservatries the boss wants me to fit on F.G.
    Moondancer, GH 31winner of the Seamanship trophy 2016 for their epic voyage to Africa.

See a clip of her under sail:- 

For those on Facebook.....



February 2018. Pic just in from Ed.  in an African creek on a sand bank, for a scrub off?
  Moondancer on a mooring in the Gambia.  Ed is there doing a little maintenance before sailing on!
March 2012.





Golden Hind 28, 'Pink Gin'. June 2016 she is up for sale as a project boat on our pages..  Sail number 7.


Sold and in the hands of new member Mark Foyle, hoping to hear she is ashore and being worked on shortly... August 2016.

    Quite a lot of work to do to restore her, but she should be salvageable...


GH 31'Marschallin'

Up for sale on our For Sale page July 2016.  Sold September 2016!




September 2017 and the new owner, Matt has joined us.  Based in Brighton. Welcome to the Eventiders Matt.

  A few more pics in November 2018. Thanks Matt.


'Iris of Glenarm' owner John sails out of Strangford Lough. Just joined, August 2016, hoping to see pics of this one under sail as I will need to keep an eye out for her when I sail that way in 2017.

September 2016, a month after buying her John sets off for the Isle of Man!  Read his log on the logs page!



  Spectacular sailing area!

  'Thane of Lochaber' owned now by Mike in Scotland, just joined us March 2021.




Here is another site you might like to look at.  Barry has been quietly beavering away for a couple of years now on a massive project to totally rebuild his GH.





GH 31 'Felicitas' pictured here in a very chilly Lowestoft marina in 2013 whilst John and Crew in Fiddler's  Green were on the first part of their 'Fiddling Around' the UK.  They said then they were heading south for the Med!  A day or two later we wished we were as we had 1/4 inch of ice on deck when we awoke, hail stones!

Roll the clock forward to 2017 and here is a picture of 'Felicitas' taken in the Med!  Simon has just joined us here in the Eventide Owners Group. He is based in Alicante in Spain, but is working on a plan to sail the Atlantic...  anyone else fancy cruising in company? Simon is now also on the Steering Group of the EOG..



  'Serenity' That's two we know with that name!  This one is owned by new member Andrew and is in Gibraltar. Sail number 190.


'Golden Morn'  seen  photographed by Lucy  in Eastbourne Sussex, late summer 2017.  We wondered where she was now..


The GH 31 Number 63,  renamed 'Catrin Glyndwr'  Formerly  'Blyth Andora '.

Tom the new owner is from Sheffield and is to keep her in north Wales.


She has a little work to be done but will be afloat for the 2018 season he hopes!





'Oenanthe' GH 31 newly acquired by Keith Pryke.  Keith has been a member for many years, used to sail a Senior.  Now back to boats and owns this lovely looking GH.  Welcome back Keith and what a nice looking ship.  Based in Kent hope to cross wakes with Keith some time!






  Mallibee GH 31  No 124, owned by  member Adrian. Was up for sale

 December 2018 but now Adrian has got the family interested so hopefully they will one day take her on.


  A 31ft ply built version, Terry Erskine built.  Sailing from East Devon.




Bukh 20 HP engine.  Cutter rig with bowsprit, furling head sail system and there is a full set of sails all in sail bags plus an extra almost new Main and furling head sail.

Hope she is seen sailing with Adrian and the family aboard for years to come!





   A Few GH's found in Sussex by Matt. Can you identify these?




  These pics also by Matt, are of Sula Sula.  Summer 2018.







'Buzzard' Another new member, Peter, also sailing from the Solent, do I hear a new sailing meet being organised? Great picture.  After we get a sailing meet going, maybe we will get some action pics too!


'Rosemarie'.  We have been approached by the owner on the continent, to place an advert for her on the site, awaiting more details.

  SOLD: Golden Hind 31 'Sea Fever'



Golden Hind 31, GH256 – Sea Fever

CE category A, Ocean.

A truly unique opportunity. Built by my Company, Golden Hind Marine, on the last Golden Hind hull, GH256, before the moulds finally disappeared. She was launched in July 2013 and has been rarely used since then. She has completed only a one week cruise in 2015, a three week cruise in 2016 and was laid up most of 2017 until late August 2018.  This year she has not ventured out of the Trieux river. Much of the equipment is unused or virtually as new and the Yanmar 3GM30F engine had done only 340  hours at mid August 2019. Unfortunately, advancing years with its associated problems, lack of use and scarcity of crew have forced me to accept the inevitable and offer her for sale.

She is truly individual craft, built to an exceptionally high specification, for my retirement and has many unique features:

  • Solid mahogany cabin sides which result in a stunning appearance, the subject of many complimentary comments such as (quote) "You have the most beautiful boat in the port, Monsieur".
  • The light airs cutter rig which gives a huge increase in performance over the standard rigs and is beautifully balanced on the helm
  • An extended length cabin giving extra internal accommodation. Encapsulated lead keel (One of only 3 that I am aware of, all produced by GHM), giving enhanced stability and the space for two custom potable grade, HDPE water tanks (186 ltr total capacity) beneath the cabin sole.
  • Hull laminated throughout with Isophthalic, instead of the normally used and cheaper orthophthalic polyester resin, in a temperature and humidity controlled clean room. Blakes SFE 200 osmosis protection and a sacrificial grounding strip to the bottom of the keel applied in the workshop prior to the boat leaving.
  • Double, above the waterline collision bulkheads in the bows.

The specification includes:

Saloon with two full length settee berths (one over 7 ft.) and lockers and bookcases behind. Forecabin with two full length berths, convertible to a very large double with matching infill and cushions. Swinging chain pipe clears berths if required. Hull sides panelled with light American ash.

Nine Gebo category A aluminium framed windows, all opening and with optional mosquito screens. Gebo rectangular opening deck hatch above saloon table. Teak, double coaming traditional "Maurice Griffiths" hatch to forecabin with canvas cover. Bronze portlights to forecabin berths with vanity shelves. 3xCowl vents on teak dorade boxes, with interior stainless steel butterfly shut-off vents.

Galley with two burner stainless steel gas cooker with oven (unused) and separate grill, on gimbals with crash bar and galley strap, twin bowl stainless steel sink with pressurised H&C water, plus separate manual drinking-water tap with carbon filter. Large, high spec, very well insulated and economic Waeco Coolmatic ice box capable of freezing a 2 litre bottle of water!

Heads with stainless steel basin, H&C pressurised water, shower (unused) with auto pump-out and Lavac toilet (new 2016). Holding tank (unused) with manual switch-over valves and manual overboard or shore side pump out.

Forward facing ½ Admiralty chart table with navigators seat, electrical panel, Garmin GPS map 540, Nasa AIS/Depth/Log/SSB/VHF/Wind/Navtex. Raymarine Autohelm 2000 GT+. Lifejacket/harness locker behind seat. Separate wet locker to port on entry.

Yanmar 3GM30F diesel, (340 hours use) with pressurised H&C water. Aquadrive. Sterling Marine alternator booster. Two 65 ltr stainless steel fuel tanks.

High spec bespoke spars by Sailspar. Single line, in-boom reefing with all sail handling from the cockpit. Sailspar Genoa roller gear. Folding stainless steel mast steps. Echomax radar reflector.

Mainsail with Mainmate and lazy jacks, roller genoa and staysail, by Jeckells, all virtually as new. Staysail on self tacking boom and with sail cover (new 2016). Old, but unused storm trysail by Crusader sails. Sprayhood new 2015. Stainless steel and Iroko, wrap-around boom gallows, new 2016. Jackstays.

Enkes, stainless steel two-speed, self-tailing winches, 2x 22ASC genoa, 2x20ST on coachroof, either side of main hatch. One two-speed Enkes 18 on mast.

High spec electrical installation. 110/240v shore power with ZincSaver II galvanic isolator protection, providing internal 240 V mains sockets to saloon and forecabin, immersion heater and battery charger. Bespoke electrical panel by Taplin International including RCD and system/polarity check features. 3x110 AH sealed marine batteries, one reserved for engine start with 2X domestic batteries switchable to engine in emergency. 40A, Sterling Marine Pro-Charge D, switch mode battery charger. Very low power LED bulbs to all domestic lighting. Rutland 913 wind generator.

35lb CQR anchor with 120m 5/16" chain and 25lb CQR type anchor with chain/rope rode, stowed on bowsprit to split chain locker below. Chain pawl and SL Anchorman chain winch for 35lb anchor. 10 kg Bruce kedge anchor. Grapnel dinghy anchor with rode.

Gas system designed, verified and tested by Abbas Gas, marine qualified engineer. Two bottle, butane gas locker in stern locker, accessible from deck and vented overboard. Bespoke locker installation by Gaslow Ltd., with independent bottle shut-off and switching, stainless steel marine regulator and Gaslow full-system leak detector. Twin sensor gas detector in galley area.

RFD SeasavaPlus R four man liferaft in canister on teak stern-deck rack. 2.30m inflatable floor dinghy, new 2016 (used twice). Removable stainless steel stern-deck davits. Tohatsu 3.5 outboard, virtually unused. Two manual bilge pumps plus one auto/electric. Bilge water level alarm.

Transom mounted stainless steel boarding ladder.  Stern deck fresh water, after-swim shower.

Sold with ample warps, fenders, lifebuoys with lights, compasses, clocks, barometers, crockery & cutlery, fire and CO alarms, and a huge range of spares such as engine filters, belts, anodes, fuses, bulbs, etc., etc.

I hope this gives a fair indication of the quality of the craft. If you are seriously interested, please contact me for further details at: markurry2003(at)

Sold VAT paid and SSR registered, with all relevant documentation.  CE category A registered with builder’s Certificate of Conformity, all equipment handbooks and Owner’s Manual. Lying Pontrieux, Brittany.

Now under new ownership, will the lucky owners please step forward and enroll!

Its  Steve Roberts!  Welcome aboard Steve.


  'Windtree' in California, January 2020.  A GH 31. Just sold as a project for $1000 or maybe less!  A bargain for the enthusiast with time and effort and deep pockets!

  Launch party for the GH Crazy Jane, about 1971.  Photo courtesy Stewart Dickinson of the Eventide 26  'Tranona'.
  GH 'Crazy Jane'  Where is she now?  again photo from Stewart Dickinson.

                 GH 31 'EmGee' As she was when Andrew bought her.
            Starting renovation...
   The interior, including newly installed coal stove!
          All the hard work pays off!  well done Andrew.

EmGee now sports a new mast and was launched on the 8th of September 2023, I have been busy with sea trials and at last getting to know her.

So far I've logged 176 miles and am very pleased with her performance both in light winds and strong, she balances well and responds to sail trim with good effect.


  GH 26  'Clementine', arriving in North Essex for new owner James.  James has written up a short article on his work restoring her.   See Owners tips