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We now have the Waterwitch drawings  scanned and on CD

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We are pleased to announce that Luke and Walter have both sent 

the extra sheets for steel construction in to us and they have been scanned

and added to the CD,   as PDF files as well.



They are available here to down load as jpg files....

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This advert from a  1963 YM came to me January 2010.  Prices have changed a bit!  So have engine sizes!





  'Wedjit'  Peter North's boat.  Peter has just written to say he hopes to join us afloat next year.  2004,  He is blowing the cobwebs off her this winter after a couple of enforced seasons ashore due to his wife Jennie's illness.  Sadly Jennie has now passed away. We look forward to seeing more of Peter and  'Wedjit'.

2011.  Though 'Wedjit' looks a little jaded now, 20 years on,  she is still as solid as a rock and the 2 pot poly paint still sound.  She does need a  little bit of TLC to her varnish work, but she has been maintained with sikkens so it will be an easy job to revive. a coat of paint on the rather faded topsides, (2 pack) or even a polish, will bring her right back.  sadly Peter now feels he is too old to enjoy her and has to sell, hopefully we have an enthusiast to take her on.  she is one of the best built boats IO have ever seen, and fitted out with no thought of expense, but over 19 years of building! with steel leeboard, shaped for performance, and also double hinged for ease of short tacking, special wire winches and all other refinements, she is a great example of the Leeboard Waterwitch.

Sadly Peter decided to swallow the anchor and approached the EOG to help find a new and careful owner for her.  I believe I have done just that and was on hand to witness the handshake as Peter handed over to Tim.  below a few pics of Peter and Wedjit at the handover. She is a well built and cleverly organised Waterwitch.

  On the left new owner of Wedjit, Tim.  He has sailed around the Blackwater for a season or so, we have met up with him a few times, but has rounded off the 2012 season with a sail up the coast to the Humber, where Wedjit is now to be based.
  Here is Wedjit sailing on the Blackwater in June 2012, one of Tim's first outings. All sails set and sailing well.  Leeboard down!  (hope the other one was up!)


  Here Wedjit on the Humber, becalmed!  Looks like she is about to berth in her new home.
  Safely berthed at the Humber Yawl Club, about 6 miles west of the Humber bridge.
  August  2013, back afloat after refit!

Below a link to a film clip on U Tube.




Wedjit under full sail, River Blackwater summer 2017. photo by Sandy Miller

pics by John, Blackwater Sept 2017.



The Classic boat article on Wedjit!




Witch of Brent



  Many thanks to Dave Hunter for idenitifying 'Pintail' 'Pintail'  Norman and Betty Stenning's WW being lifted out from it's building site.  A few years ago now!!  Last I heard they were in the Med on extended cruising.  Lucky them.   Boat returned to the UK some years back and sold. Afloat in the river Blackwater autumn 2013.  Boat sold and sailed away only to be a RNLI casually 3 times before leaving the Thames estuary, due to mechanical failures, duff motor!  New owner not happy as he sadly did not have it surveyed and now has to do major work not only on the engine but also to the hull and decks...  buyer beware...




'Windsong'  Information just in from Diane via the Forum. The third or fourth waterwitch (red) called "Windsong" in the gallery was renamed "JoJo" and sailed over 40,000 miles across the Tasman and circumnavigated Australia. Took 50 knt gales and sailed well. We have now sold it (with regret) but it is still in Manly boat harbour in Brisbane. The photo was taken in the Hawkesbury River in Sydney. The boat is hand laid fibreglass, only significant modification was 5 foot added to the main mast.  Many thanks for the update. J.W. August 2005, the current owner Tim Gibson has just registered with us, welcome Tim, look forward to seeing more photos of 'Jo Jo'.   More pictures of her near the bottom of this page, dated Jan 2014. new owner David Alcock

  Dougaljo, owned built and sailed by Doug and Jo Hoadley.  'Dougaljo.'

Owned by Doug and Jo Hoadley, built by Doug and Alan Lonton.


First Frames


First Plank


Full Hull


Ready for launch


Keel Pattern


Patio Furniture!


Transporting (note the serious trailer)




In the English Channel

  Doug relaxing aboard 'Dougaljo'
  Jo by her galley
  'Dougaljo' the Galley, note hot water too!
  A very laid back Doug on the port settee!
  'Dougaljo' On the hard in France, and very hard it looks too!  would not want to do that in a GRP boat would you, ours, safe as houses!
  At the grand old age of 83 Doug is celebrating his birthday with us at the Annual meeting in 2014. He has just 'swallowed the anchor' and passed the boat over to a new owner. Reg.


Reg has understandably renamed her 'Blackwater Witch' and as he sails from Tollesbury just across the Blackwater, I suspect we will see her out and about.  Reg has joined the group of course.
  Doug visited Reg at Tollesbury, to see the repairs and changes Reg had made and sent in these pics.

The varnished cabin sides have gone in favour of paint, but the deck repairs were all done and Reg seemed happy with all the work done.  Reg was about to set off for the Netherlands for the rest of the summer, hope we hear more about his adventures in 'Blackwater Witch'.


  Inside the cabin Reg had bought the Sailor Radio from the website here, (must say I was tempted, we had these on out patrol boats and were rugged to say the least.)  Take up a bit of room in the navigation area but just the sort of Radio Reg would have used in his commercial days afloat!



    Sadly we have heard that Reg never sailed her and instead sold her on.  At least after he put all the effort into the repair she will sail for many years to come, but as yet 2016, we still have not heard from the new owner??  Sad.

Update July 2016. I found 'Blackwater Witch' tucked down behind the Tollesbury Cruising Club in amongst the boats stored there. A chap working on a boat confirmed my thoughts, when I saw the TV ariel on her, someone had bought it just to live on!


  'Jomtiem'  ( Jan 2004 info from Dick Chew, this boat is steel and has just been sold from Dickies yard in Bangor.)

  'High Nimbus' (Seen here at Maldon 2003?) We have just heard she has moved away from Maldon after being lifted ashore at The Fullbridge, Maldon.
  'High Nimbus'  2004 a year later and a colour change. Pictured here just before she left the Blackwater.  where is she now?


Member Luke Hawkins was looking around locally for moorings and took a look in Peter Leonard Marine on Denton Island, Newhaven. (Mud berths) To his surprise he found High Nimbus laid up there.  Told she's been out for over a year.  She is for sale but needs a bit of TLC!


Update September 2012, up for sale on the Bay for  4350.   needs a little TLC!  now shown as Brighton... though we hear she is still at Newhaven and the owner, Frank is looking for a sympathetic buyer to restore and sail her.





  'Mintaka'. Built in Rhodesia in the 1960s, now for sale in UK., (found on the web.) (Jan 2004 from Dick chew again, just sold from Totnes, in beautiful order.)
  October 2008, the new owner Ian has contacted us with a few more pics of this great looking WW.
  She is now berthed in Gosport
          The quality of the build and fittings can plainly be seen.
        A comfortable cruiser if there was ever one!

  'Rosy'  Seen ashore at Bradwell.  The  last owner, a Mr. Leaper, was  another of the old eoa vice presidents, he has  just sold her.    The new owner, Cristiano is berthing her  in Bradwell Marina and  we hope to meet him soon! He has just become the 244th registrant.

The square hole is a drain, the cockpit floor being sealed. The interior of this boat is very spartan in build and equipment,  however, not a lot in it at all, especially when compared with others on this page, thus it's light displacement.

  'Rosy'  I do not think the last owner realised why his boat went as well as it did.  If you read my words on weatherhelm you will see this modification described.   The aft edge of the bilge keel is vertical, adds a lot of area aft.  There is a little more to it on this boat though.  You will also note the height of the waterline, considerably lower than many WWs.  The boat is much lighter built it seems. She has only half the frames specified fitted or so I recall. Goes well in light airs, I can vouch for that!
  'Rosy' The WW here has been modified to include a usable side deck.  Very sensible modification to the plan.  It also reduces top hamper and windage, adding to performance, not that you would be looking for that if you chose a WW, more the safe comfortable solid cruising boat that this design has come to represent. J.W.
    Above are a few interior shots of 'Rosy' The suspended cubby hole lockers are a useful addition as is the clever gravity toggle idea to keep the draws shut, simple but effective.

'Rosy' being made ready for transporting.

  Christiano  now has no time left to enjoy the delights of the Blackwater, but instead is readying 'Rosy' for an overland trip to Tuscany, where he lives, and yes that is one of my Seagulls alongside her, ready to be shipped with her.  Maybe I'll  go and do the winter servicing on it next year, in warmer climes!
  'Rosy'  seen here a few years later in Italian waters and after having a lot of loving care and attention paid to her!  Like the new sail covers!

Tiller cover a must for the Mediterranean!   And fender covers.

  Inside 'Rosy' is now cosy and inviting but 10 years on, 2016,  and Cristiano is parting with her, Andrea is the new owner and she is moving to the Italian coast near the island of Elba. hope to hear from Andrea soon.
  Andrea, the new owner has joined us and says the boat is now moored on the Italian coast opposite the island of Elba
  Here is Andrea
  I recall swimming in those seas 60 years ago!  warm and clear!  John

   'Bonita'Owned and built by Alan and Margaret Lonton, in conjunction with Doug and Jo Hoadley and their boat. She and 'Dougaljo'  were built together at Collier Row.  The two builders then tossing a coin to decide whose boat was whose when it got to the stage of different layouts and interiors!  You can tell Alan is a professional!  She was moored at Canvey Island but moved up to Walton in 2011.
  The Chart table area.
  The cockpit, just look at that wood work!
  The Forepeak, varnish and beautifully shaped timbers everywhere.
  The Galley, all gleaming and varnished.  Alan wanted me to point out that he did not turn up the post, but whoever did had to go some to match Alan's workmanship.  The two boats when seen together, make the idea of our boats being extinct dinosaurs a real joke.  They are works of art.
  The Saloon, look at the luxury cushions too!  Nothing has been missed on board this boat, if you wish to see this boat,  or speak to the builder, see the Advisors page.  Alan is a modest man, but I'm sure he will talk about his boat with you, as will any of the Advisors!
  'Bonita' on her home mooring at Canvey.  she now lives in the Walton Backwaters during the summer.

   'Content' Shona and Martin Lindley's  Waterwitch on her mooring, in Nelson, New Zealand!  What a great backdrop! This is a ketch rigged version, looks good.

  Thanks to Alan Lonton for this gem! The 'Daily Telegraph' are to be thanked for this pic, titled: 'The 1962 Boat Show!'  However elementary detective work leads us to find this is in fact the 10th boat show in 1964.  How?  Well the WW was not designed till 1963, so the first boats built would have been 1963/4.  Bet that is a Hartwell's boat. (Stop Press!  Confirmed as 'Meldrum', recently sold at Ridge Wharf, Wareham!, again info thanks to Dick Chew!)   Can you spot the WW?  What about the moulded timber boat alongside her?  I bet Barry Sturrock can tell you what that one is....

Yep! it's an Atalanta 26' built by Fairey Marine. Must be a 26' as the 31' had an aft cabin. Built using hot moulded Agba (Mahogany) What about the one nearest the camera - Fairey Swordsman??

Barry (What a find!)



  'Kitani'  - (based around Devon, info from Dick Chew again, for sale at Totnes, Jan 2004.) Sold to Paul Conroy of Totnes.  We are waiting for his pics to bring us up to date!
  'Kitani'  Was in need of a bit of TLC we are told, a nice boat.  Paul thinks so too. Below are a selection of the pics taken from the website where she was advertised.  We await updated pics, she looks a great boat!

  'Xanthe' A distinctive Steel WW built and sailed by Mr. H. Hatley, of Emsworth.  She looks so different with the break in the sheer, rather like an Eventide.  For more pictures of her, click here.

  'Girl Morgan'  Ross Irvine and family sailed to the UK from Australia in 1980.  Here seen on the River Blackwater!  they then sailed back again!  Where is she now?
  'Girl Morgan'

As a result of her exploits and experience the designer was persuaded to offer the option of building in extra hull freeboard, and it works, supplying headroom without losing sailing ability.  This has been added to the drawings we offer on CD.



'Witchcraft'    Was for sale and has been bought by John and Kersti.  They have registered with us. 

Dave Hunter believes she may be running without her mizzen in this pic, probably when on the Humber in the ownership of Tony Mossop. 

Further research finds three boats of the same name, so which is she?  We think either she has just changed hands again, Jan 06, or we have an  owner for one of the other 'Witchcraft's' we have heard about. as we have a Julia recently registering with us.

More confusing still is Julia has the same surname as another WW owner further down the page with 'Dawn', ex Bewitched' ex 'Dawn'!  Seems they were married nearly 20 years ago!  Now I am getting confused....  So we have several 'Witchcraft's and one of them knows the owner of 'Bewitched', now 'Dawn'.  thing is which Witchcraft is which!!  More pics and info please! Anyone got the sail numbers to help here!!!   Well done Paul, his WW is sail no 68 and is 'Dawn', ex 'Bewitched',  so I can separate him out, now we have to figure out the 3 Witchcraft's!    All I need is a caldron!!!  (Feb 06, have filtered out another one, she is the same boat as was sold to Julia.)

The lower pic is of Witchcraft in an Essex creek, as now  owned by Julia and Pete.  Sadly they have had to put her up for sale as they have no time to use her.  See the 'For Sale' page, August 06.


   'Petina', formally 'Sheld' This Leeboard ketch has covered some miles!  Has she circumnavigated? I seem to recall reading about her years ago.  Presently offered for sale on the sales page.


Unfortunately, the only information on this WW is in a strange language (Possibly Serb/Croat)

  Temida  Have just heard, Sept 07, from the builder, yes in Serbia! awaiting more..

http://web.vip.hr/wturnsek.vip/temida2.htm  Here is a link to Walters web page showing the same pic as we have here, it is all in Croat, so you will need the 'Babel fish' to translate it!


  'Nuits St. George' captured here by John whilst on the Norfolk Broads for a week! Moored near Norwich.  Last we heard she was being broken up.....   sadly.

  'Unknown Waterwitch seen in Ipswich'. 

You have a picture of an unknown Waterwitch in Ipswich.

I think the picture was taken in the year 2000. She has been out of the water for the last 1 & 1/2 years.  I purchased her in September 2005, and will proudly be placing her back in the water next spring. See attachment for picture taken in 2003.  Her name is 'Bewitched'. 

Many Thanks,

Paul Meecham.  See below for update!

  'Bewitched' Paul Meecham's smart WW now! Thanks for the pic Paul!


February 06, Paul has decided to rename her with the name she was first given by the famous author Frank Carr CBE.  So we will see her out next season as 'Dawn'  Isn't that nice!  Well done.  Sail number 68, as you can see in the pics below!


     Paul sent these three pics of 'Dawn in, October 2006, note colour change from Yellow to Orange!  Very visible!



     'Dawn'... The late  Jack Coote, yes he of 'East Coast Rivers'  fame, wrote this for YM in  1962.   'Dawn' took just 7 months from the laying of the keel to launching.   She was fitted with a 8.5 hp Lister, as were so many of that era! 

Paul sent in a copy of the 1962 article from Y.M where the builder, Mr Ling of Rochford described the building of 'Dawn' and time taken, 2,230 man hours total!  Built of 5/8th ply on 12" centred frames, she is strong!

2012 and we have heard from Phil who is a member of a Rock band, 'Dog Salad'  another member of the band owns 'Dawn' now and she appears in the back ground of one of their videos! 



  'Penny'  Here and below are a few pics of this delightful looking WW.  She looks to have the wide side decks and be extensively fitted out.  Launched less than 10 years ago, the owner, Brian Wood had her for sale, now sold.



'Penny'  What a nice shot!  Thank you To David Wood for sending in the pics of his father's boat.  Hope the new owner steps forward to enrol.

  Up step John Le Guen.  Here is the new owner of Penny sailing her on her first trip, to Liverpool her new home!
      John and Crew enroute.
   Now there is a familiar skyline! 

    'Wendy' A WW is just to be seen tucked up the inside of the boat in the foreground.  Picture taken in Scarborough, November 04.

  This excellent picture of  'Tanui' has been sent in by Linda and Helmut of Tasmania.  She is moored normally at Oyster Cove in Kettering.  Apparently a superb cruising area, all year! Lucky them!  She is steel built, with aft cabin and centre cockpit, I like the wheel shelter! She is 33ft long and built in 1971 in Tasmania.  She is also the 200th boat on the site! Like to see a log, with pics, of their cruising grounds!

  'Temujin'  This 8 Ton wishbone Ketch based on a WW hull, was featured in PBO in Dec 1967!  I found it whilst sorting a pile of old PBO's out to sell!  It has home made Ali masts, 34ft and 24ft. Owner M.G. Webb.  I wonder where she is now?

  Steel WW U/K for sale on the net.  Anyone know which one she is?  In Dartmouth.

  'Jenny B'  Seen for sale on the web.....  April 05  she can also be seen further down the page, now berthed in Lossiemouth, Scotland

  'Sai-lon'  Ex 'Lucky Duck'  Gary has just sent these pics in, from West Yorkshire.  She is a MkII with leeboards, undergoing renovation at Falwood Marina, Bramley.  Last we heard, she has gone  from Falwood and we know not where, 2016. 
       Left are various shots of 'Sai-lon'

Greetings, John,
I had emailed you some time ago about our Waterwitch, "Tikiti", and the story of my having sailed in a Waterwitch in Dartmouth, Devon in 1968 (I was 15 years old and on a tour with the "Vancouver Kitsilano Boys' Band).  I do have a photo somewhere with me at the tiller, but it is buried in storage and I promise to send it when I find it.
"Tikiti" was built by my father, Tom Walker (with plenty of help from Mother, my three younger brothers, and me),and launched on Armistice Day, 1978. Dad is now 80 and has "swallowed his anchor", leaving "Tikiti" in the care of his four sons. We have had our hands full with the usual upkeep and minor repairs, but I thought I would pass along some recent photos of her out for anti-fouling and hull painting.  The photos were taken mid June in Ladner, British Columbia, where we have moorage. Ladner is a small fishing/ farming community on the South arm of the Fraser River, just south of Vancouver. 
Mother and Dad have had many years of sailing "Tikiti" up and down the west coast of B.C. and my brothers and I intend to continue the tradition. I will send some pictures of her under sail in the near future.
By the way, the name "Tikiti" does not refer to some south seas island, but came about through one of my Dad's expressions.  When he was building the boat, he would take great delight in having some aspects of his work ending up just as he had envisioned it. He would pronounce that the work was "tickety-boo", and hence the contraction (or perhaps misspelling) "Tikiti".  Many's the time that we have threatened to paint "Boo" on the transom of "Tikiti's" tender.
We really enjoy the "Eventides" website.  Keep up the great work.
Kind regards,
Tom Walker (Jr.)

Thanks Tom, Great to have the stories behind the names as well! J.W.

March 2013, Tom has mailed us to say he is converting to electric propulsion!  will be interested to see that in action!


Waterwitch Tikiti  sailing in the British Columbia Gulf Islands on Canada Day, 2008.


Some shots of brother Bruce and myself sailing "Tikiti"
Tom Walker
  September 2015, Tom has sent in these two pics of her nearing the end of a major refit! 
  Looking very clean and ship shape!  Tom has opted to keep the original Volvo going for a while yet!

I have now completed the rebuild with the assistance of Dave Sharp, owner of Sharp Marine restoration and Joinery (http://www.woodenboatsvancouver.com) and other than the spars, all has been repainted, including all new mahogany cockpit combing, mainmast tabernacle, and rubrails. I am currently replacing the fuel line, and will try and get more service from the Volvo. Expect to have her back in the water in the next few months.

 On another note, I found a journal from my trip to Dartmouth in 1968 that I had mentioned in a previous post. In it, I discovered that the Waterwitch I had sailed on was named "Julia". She was owned by a Mr. John Price and the builder was a Mr. John Booth. Auxiliary power was from a 6 HP Lister diesel, and the sail number was YMW1. Yes, you read that right. I still haven't found the photo with me at the tiller, but I will forward it when I do.






   U/K WW was for sale via Tollesbury, thought to be in St. Osyth.



      More pics of the same boat....

Aha! January 06, Julia has just registered with us, welcome!   The WW is 'Witchcraft', moored in the Colne and fitting out ready for, hopefully a trip through the French Canals.  Speak to Doug the WW advisor, he did just that some years ago! 



  This is  'Ragnar'  Seen here in Scarborough harbour, in the 1960's.  where is she now?  Pic by Warren Stevenson.

  'Waterwitch of Filey'

Another from Warren.  He says he thinks this was built by a team of house builders!  (turns out to be School teacher and colleagues!) She is seen here of Filey, having just raised anchor.  Note the lack of any rails and the sailing attire!   1960's again!  Where is she now?   Sail no 87.

November 2008.  I have had a great letter in and have to print it:-

Came across your website by chance and even though I'm not a sailor  myself.  I can maybe add a bit of information to one of the photographs in the gallery. This would relate to sail number 87 which is pictured off Filey. 

 I am familiar with this particular boat at the around the time that it is pictured. During the period 1967 to 1972 this boat was certainly owned by the resident woodwork teacher Bob Hall at Filey school. It spent the winter months residing on a trailer outside the metal work shop and at the beginning of each season would be launched over the beach at Filey before making its way round to its summer mooring in Scarborough harbour.

 The boats name at the time was 'Waterwitch of Filey' hence the long name board on the stern.   I believe the teacher in question is the chap standing on the cabin roof facing aft.  I  also believe that Mr Hall may have been the boats builder although I can't confirm that for certain but it certainly fits in with his profession at that time.

Unfortunately I don't know how long after this period he owned this particular boat as I left the school in 1972 to pursue my own path in life. Hope this is some interest,


Dave Brigham.

We are very grateful to Dave for offering this information, another boat on the Gallery named!

May 2012, by chance  a Stephen Eblet was working, as a plumber in a house in Filey and noticed the name board, 'Waterwitch of Filey' in the kitchen.  His customer was non other than the builder Bob Hall.  Stephen was one of his students years ago when Bob taught carpentry in Filey.  He Googled the net and found us!  Stephen got in touch to tell us that he thought Wendy seen in Scarborough in 2004 by me, was the same boat and he has put Bob in touch with the EOG.  Bob has offered to send some information to add to this page. Now we just have to find the boat now!


  This is Bob Hall the Builder with grandson!  Bob built WW of Filey in the Filey school he taught at.  Bob has sent in some photo and slides that I have now scanned to these pages.
  Here she is at the frames stage, with the children in the foreground!  Bob taught woodwork from 1937 to 1975 here, (with a short break for WWII).
   1967 and the end in sight! She was planked with mahogany marine ply, but with oak frames every foot instead of the recommended 2 foot.  Really solid!  Motor a Volvo MD2. Tan sails with the wrong sail number, should be 97, but got 87!
  1967 and leaving the School at last.
    Anyone who knows Filey will recognise the steep decent through the ravine to the beach!
                 Here she is entering Scarborough and sailing in Cayton Bay
  Here Bob is in Danish waters in 1976.  In 1967 when launched  he had sailed her to Paris! and almost annually to the Netherlands! He tells us that the little Danish island she is moored to has the graves of those sailors, from both sides, found here after the battle of Jutland.
  She sailed on the Sweden! in 1976..
  In 1990 she sails again to the Netherlands as she had done every year except  the times she went further afield!  and the log of that trip won runner up in the eoa log competition!
  Her name board now adorns Bob's kitchen wall, though the boat sails on, sold  to Chris Pybus, who renamed her 'Jenny Wren'. In 2007, she was apparently put on a lorry to France, though we are not sure if she is still there, as an identical boat, called 'Wendy' has been seen in Scarborough?  Bob's boat?  Still waiting confirmation of this!


Bob at the age of 97, he says he cannot tell how many family and friends, colleagues and ex pupils, have sailed with him over the years at least 34 have made North Sea crossings aboard!  Sounds as if WW of Filey gave a great deal of joy to a lot of people, well done to Bob and all who helped build and sailed her. 

Long may she continue to sail!


Bob adds a post script, over the years he has met up with other WW's 'Kayem', built by Ken Robinson in W. Yorkshire  sailed through the canal to Goole and down the Humber to the sea, then on to Whitby, stretched 2 ft.

'Merry Jane' met in the Netherlands in Veere.

'Mekong'    belonged to colleague Arthur Godfrey, who was the 3rd  owner and the one to give her the name, he was into diving and bought the wreck of the same name a WWI ship, see his book 'Wrecks of the Yorkshire Coast'. She was berthed in Scarborough for some years.


Where are these boats now?


  This WW number 408 was not on any of my lists!  Another one!  Found for sale on the web by J.S., again, I have written to the boatyard asking for more details... 
          We even have pics of how it was built, and one of the owner!  We hope we hear from him......

  'Billentot' A fine centre cockpit ketch with bilge keels. Seen here on her mooring in Whitby Harbour about 2001!  The picture taken by me whilst visiting friends nearby.  We did get to say hello, but not much more than that, I wonder if the owner is on line?

  'Tamaha' for sale on our pages, see the for Sale Page.


The owner is now interested in a partnership. Nov 06

    'Tamaha'  On the hard somewhere on the south coast! 
  Photographed in Eastbourne.  March 2013 now sold and new owner, Jerry, has joined.

  'Carenda II'  Alongside the wall at Mylor, Cornwall, another pic from the archives of Warren Stevenson!

    'Swelleflecht'  Which is Dutch for 'Swallows Flight'!  What a smashing name for a boat!


Our latest Registrant sent this in from the Netherlands.  She is a steel WW, but with a slight look of the Eventide about her!

     'Swelleflecht' We do like the little aft cabin too...  These are great pictures of a very nice looking vessel.  She was built by Willems Yard at Beneden-Leeuwen.  She cruises the Ijsselmeer and Friesland.



   'Witchaway'  We like the solid spray screen, good idea!

   U/K WW for sale in Cornwall, anyone recognise the dancing dolphin on her bow??



  'Pintail' Ashore in Sussex, pics from Luke.  2006 had been ashore for a while? Owner one Mr. Stenning.  This boat spent a long time in the Med till recently. 2011 now moored on the Blackwater and never seen to move in years... and then for sale.... September 2013, sold, we understand. Sadly the new owner had to be rescued by the RNLI and he has alleged he was sold a pup!   He alleges that not only was there rot in the boat but major engineering faults that caused him to have to call the emergency services out.   Buyer Beware!! The boat is now ashore in Southampton undergoing extensive repairs and refit and is no longer called 'Pintail'. Needless to say the new owner got nowhere trying to claim against the former owner, one of the ex vice presidents of the failed eoa!

  'Water witch' This vessel was named 'Flamingo' and was salvaged by Steve and Sandra in Australia from a corner of their local boat yard, where she had lain for 10 years!  She is 32 ft long with deeper keels, I actually think she is a 'Hacathian'
  Here you can see the depth of the keels, nearly twice the depth of the traditional WW.  The Hacathian was the WW that was commercially built in the UK for a short time.  With M.G.s approval the design was altered to give the better sailing performance, very much what happened to the Eventide turning into the G.H.
  The stern cabin was common on the Hacathian WW's and the centre cockpit, ketch rig set up was much approved of by owners.  A real 'go anywhere' cruising boat.  Built in the 1980s they believe, but was that too late for Hacathian?  We know little about the company, apart from the name being derived from the boat builders names...  Has anyone anymore  they can add to positively identify this design.?
    Just heard again from Steve and Sandra, she is not a Hacathian...  They know where she was built now, and by whom.  A local man in Australia.  She is  a slightly stretched WW then!  Still a very nicely made ship!



  'Cinola' Steel built. At present, Nov 06, for sale in the West Country, see link on the For Sale page.

         'Witchaway'  Meg and Dale have sent in these pics of their WW 'Witchaway'  She is based in Australia.  She is rigged for warm weather including the air conditioner on board for marina use!
    Greetings from down under !!
  Just a few Pics of
"Witchaway" From Dale & Meg .
We both live onboard and love sailing the great barrier reef area, so we are set up with air conditioning and all the requirements for the tropics. At present we are planning a circumnavigation of Australia in the new year.

Green with envy here!  Good sailing and we want to read/publish the log!


    'RedWitch' seen here in the Medway I believe, I wonder if she is still in the same ownership...?  Has not been seen about for a while.

  This good looking WW is for sale on the web, March 07.  Was sailed back to the UK from South Africa and built in Rhodesia before the changes out there....  Anyone know her name?



  'Phoenix' seems she is based on a WW and  found for sale on the net by john Stevens.
  'Phoenix' certainly has a well fitted out wheel house and is definitely a motor sailer!

  'Curlew'. built by the late Jim Stanton in Canada and here seen in his shed, pic by Mr. Graeme George, the owner of the 'Sea Fury' 20 ft Dutch boat on the left of the picture.  Graeme went on to commission Jim to build him a Riptide, see the Riptide pages.  Jim built 2 WW's side by side.


He went on to sail Curlew the length of America!  Wish we knew more about his travels....


  'Dark horse'  This exiting WW was built in ali, and yes you are not seeing things, she has a drop keel!  the owners Ray and Brenda are at present on a major trip, leaving Australia and heading for the UK

Hi John

Thank you for your email dated 23 July 07. You asked a few questions which I will try to answer. The plan that I purchased in 1981 is the timber shallow draught version, with Lee boards along with the extra supplement of the steel version. After mulling over the plans for some time I decided to use only the timber drawings, and commenced building in Jan 81.

I did keep the steel drawings but as you know we are currently sailing around the Med and I am unable to put my hands on them as they are locked away in a tea chest in my garage in Perth WA. We are now sailing along the east coast of Sardinia , now in Cannigione. Towards the end of August will sail over to Fiumecino near Rome for at least 6 weeks. Friends are visiting who wish to sight see Rome. I would like to purchase from your group-a burgee. While there we would have an address to send it to. (Would you be able to give me information on method of payment?) A little about how and why. My friend built a timber WW Which I helped sail from Sydney around to Melbourne. It was a pleasant trip, I felt very comfortable in her and was easy to handle. Although we encountered bad weather (the worst Ive been in then) from Wilson Prom to Western port bay. The decision was made then to build one. Not being a woodworker I decided to build in steel. Another friend who worked in the ali industry convinced me that ali was the way to go. Aluminium is a beautiful material to work with and quite easy to weld
with the correct equipment

Building commenced. After much pain, suffering, screaming and shouting (you know the usual) SHE was launched on 27th August 1987. At that time we had a centre board instead of the Lee boards, quite a heavy mast and galvanize rigging. You may have guessed SHE sailed like a DOG!!  Improvements had to be made. I managed to sell the mast and rigging and replaced it with a smaller diameter mast and used SS rigging. Then built a lifting keel which contains the one ton of lead.

Changed the motor from a 20hp Kelvin P4 weight 360kg to a   30hp Yanmar weight 130kg. Now SHE sails very well and feels very safe. There is very little in the way of cruising grounds around Perth so I decide to join in on the racing to improve my boat handling skills. Usually Id wait until everyone went through the start line then I would follow them around the course finishing of an hour after the last boat. After much blood sweat and beers we were crossing the start line when the gun went and finishing a healthy NOT LAST. I do actually have a fastest time pennant !!! Only because all four boats in front of me were disqualified for sailing the wrong course

Over the years other improvements have made here and there. One is a lifting rudder blade with bearings to take the trim tab of the wind steering gear. A very substantial pushpit which carries a wind generator ,a solar panel  110w and removable davits to carry the inflatable dinghy along with the wind steering gear.

While sailing up the East coast we met an English couple sailing a yacht with a Junk rig. He related to us the pros and cons of the rig. So now Ive taken an interest in these rigs. My question to you if I may is there anyone in your group who may have a Junk rig. If so may I be able to contact them.

We are not exactly sure when we will sail into British waters but would love to catch up with the group when we do

Kind regards
Ray and Brenda of Dark Horse



  No prizes for their  latest destination! Yes they are in Italy.
  The cake looks good!  all the comforts of home, indeed it is their home!  we look forward to welcoming them to the UK!



  'Meldrum', Alex Gee is restoring this WW.

The work I've done so far is as follows.
1 Complete strip out of all fittings interior and deck hardware.
2 Removal of all electrical wiring and accessories(For rewiring)
3 removal of all cockpit woodwork.
4 removal of all deck and bilge paint back to bare wood.
5. removal of all soft /rotten plywood
6 removal of toerails to enable sealing of deck hull join with woodseal/epoxy
7 Removal of all engine/gearbox ancilary parts and reconditioned . engiine block and head, stripped back to bare metal and painted with hammerite.
8 removal of hull and deck from aft stbd quarter as photos and replaced with new ply and new frame sections doubled where neccessary, resheathed with epoxy /glass mat.
9 removal of keelbolts.
jobs to do
1.replace cut out ply sections.
2. reinstall toe rails
3 reinstall engine /gearbox
4 paint bilges
5 rewire with larger battery bank and alternator charge monitor
6 install new cockpit lockers,sole frames etc.
7.paint decks
8 reinstall new and reconditioned interior and deck hardware.
9.removal of any brass screws and replacement with bronze
10 finish crack repairs to coachroof
replace keel and keelbolts.
11 reinstall portholes
12 painting and varnishing.
13 antifouling

  Great pains have been taken to remove any suspect ply
  The beams all cleaned off ready for new planking...
  When all done she will be good for years again.
  We look forward to the finished boat pictures soon.



  'My Morning Star'.  Her keel was laid in 1971 and launched in 1973.

Australian registered name 'My Morning Star'
Buillt by N H Cornford
Keel laid April 2nd 1971
Launched Sydney March 19th 1973
Registered Tonnage 10.60
Australian registered

I have tried to trace the builder but to no avail but I have managed to trace the materials used Western Red Cedar for the main construction and Meranti for the fit out.


  She is quite at home sitting on the beach as she is in the water,  well suited to the North Eastern coast of Australia.
  The construction I believe is true to the design you have on this site even down to interior plan.
  She has not been altered in anyway & I have no intention of doing so (having sailed to Norfolk Island and extensive visits to the Whitsunday's) the previous owners lived on board for 6 years and were served well.



  'Shamwari'   This WW was built in the old Rhodesia and towed south to the sea, before sailing away.  I found the write up on her travels in an old YM and have made a page for the log.  Dorothy was in touch not so long ago, sadly Pat is no longer with us, I wonder where 'Shamwari' is now?  It makes good reading, Click here to go to her page.

  'Richmond Witch' This Waterwitch is one of a kind, literally!  Built by Mr Blyth,  she was launched in 1974 having been built in GRP from a mould that was destroyed in the process!
  She is comfortably fitted out and has little of the 'tupperware' boat about her interior.
   A very cosy cabin.
  Now resplendent in a new of paint she has had the old Coventry Victor replaced, years a go, with a Volvo Penta 25hp, that suits her well.
  Moored now on the Bristol Channel after Doug thoroughly overhauled her.



  'Patience' Chris Palland's WW no 84.  Plans bought in the early 80's we believe...  She is now, after nearly 30 years, ready for launching
  At the moment she is still in a field in Somerset, August 2009.  But Gareth Jones MBE is sending pics in shortly of her launch....

   'Sapphire of Ramsholt' This is John Curtis's Hacathian.  Ready to go back after a 2 year refit.
  This is as she was 2 years back!
  Quite an improvement I think you would say, well done John.


           John sent these pics of Sapphire on the maiden voyage on down the coast to Amerimar on the Costa de Sol, crossing the Bay of Vera.  On one occasion he reports 8 knots, says he must have been going down hill!  Looks a very comfortable and practical boat John!

  'Cicerone II'  a leeboard Waterwitch.  Ashore at Walton on Naze.  She is in need of major work we suspect, having spent years without having a lot done at all.  The owner had joined us but has not been in touch further.  We think he was disappointed when he found the condition of her maybe.  We understand she is going up for sale. Hopefully someone will give her the TLC she needs at last. She was owned by the president of the failed eoa and unloved for decades!



            The WW Xanthe was for sale. These are a couple of pictures from S. Thomas.  She was later scrapped we understand. 



  We also had a donation in from Peter in Brazil with his Waterwitch 'Bruxa du Mar'. (Portuguese for 'Sea witch')  Peter told us the history of his boat, it had been built mainly in the Netherlands, but when he changed jobs, it came with him as deck cargo and he tells us it crossed the Atlantic 4 times before it was launched, that has to be a record!  He has sent this picture in for the WW Gallery.  Thanks Peter.

  'Lavela' Whilst out sailing with Doug on 'Dougaljo' in September 2011, I spotted the familiar out line of a WW in the distance.
  We had seen this boat on a mooring at Heybridge this year and were told it belonged to the 'cruising captain' of the Blackwater Sailing club. 
  Will the owner step forward and take a bow.!  We would like to know about all the cabin top modifications too!

Certainly a novel way of displaying the boat's name!

  December 2014 and John the owner has been in touch and joined.
  The Waterwitch was formally known as  'Millstream' and known to me.  After several years of ownership john has her shot blasted and re-sprayed at Tollesbury, quite a transformation.
  Looks like Tollesbury marina?
  Back on her mooring off the Blackwater Sailing club. R. Blackwater
  And here is the skipper and his wife sailing in the Blackwater!

July 24th 2016, we  were motoring up to Maldon when we crossed wakes on the Blackwater.  Lovely day for it! We did as they did and had a genoa run back down river later.

  This Boat was certainly based on a WW but extended and extended.!  Built in Steel in the UK.  She seems to have already sailed half way round the world and the new owner will doubtless sail her further.  She is now in Australia

  'Teela Brown' This Waterwitch is owned by Anthony Howarth and his wife who have sailed all over the place in it transatlantics etc, 50,000 miles in 15 years.  Tony has written numerous books and many are about this boat and crew, entitled 'boat people and me' I will be adding an advert on the books page shortly! In the meantime visit his web site to find out more,  http://www.anthonyhowarth.com/

At present the boat is in France where they live now and maybe not as pristine as she appears here!

December 2014 and we hear that Teela Brown is being cared for at last.  But she is no longer to be a sailing Waterwitch.  instead after 50,000 miles sailing she has been cut in two and is being extended by 5 metres, yes 15ft and made into an inland waterways barge.   Not what I would recommend, but at least she will be used again, as Tony and his wife intend to live aboard and cruise the inland waters of Europe.  We will watch progress.


September 2015.  I have had a message from one of my Seagull customers, who knows Tony and has passed on some news.  And some photos!

'Teela Brown' their WW has been saved.  she was languishing in a yard, unloved. Tony and his wife have decided to convert 'boat' as they called her. to 'long boat'!!  They have literally cut the WW in two and added a 6 m approx section to the centre.  They are doing away with the rig and possibly the ballast and converting her to more like a canal barge.  They intend to retire to her and wander the inland waters of France and Europe.  A fitting use for 'Teela Brown'!


What an amazing conversion!  more power to the builders elbow!







  'Shanty Sails'  Based in Cornwall and owned by new member  (March 2013)  Francesca, hopefully more pictures soon.  She has a removable Wheel house!
               More pictures as promised and she is also on our 'For Sale' page
             All Details were on the 'For Sale' page March 2013.
  April 2016 We have a new owner and a new name. 'Havoc'. Henk from Wales is promising to renovate and move 'Havoc' to her new home to sail the Bristol channel soon.

  WW 'Eowyn May'.  Not sure where these pictures came from, if the owner recognises them please get in touch.
  Looking at the pictures I can see that this WW is different to any other I have seen, can you see it?

(there is an inboard rudder fitted!??)  Makes me wonder if this is indeed a WW or a hybrid? anyone know?


   Found this WW in Lossiemouth on my trip round the UK this year, 2013. she was up for sale but no name on her?  She is the 'Jenny B'  Owner, Andrew Mason has joined us January 2014!  Sadly December 2015 she is up for sale. Andrew looking for an Eventide

  'Jo Jo',  This Eventide in Queensland Australia was once owner by Tim Gibson who was our webmaster for several years.

Now, 2014, owned by David Alcock

  Sailing in  Moreton bay Qld
  and sailing well too!


Thanks for the pictures David, smart looking Waterwitch.




  WW 'Moonshiner'. Would like to know more about this WW, where she is, who owns her and is she being restored...? September 2015.

  'Kathleen'  pictures sent in by owner Shannon.

Not sure where this is... yet.  Shannon has come back, it was in my back yard on the Blackwater in Essex, during 2016!

  'Kathleen' again, sailing very gently in a following breeze.  Shannon explained he found her in a bit of a bad way in Southampton, motored her to Essex and Maldon where she was renovated.  Then sailed down to the West country at the end of 2016.

I have now looked her up and traced her, she is STEEL and a Hacathian!

A real solid vessel!  a foot longer than a WW but from 10ft away you could never tell!

  As she was before Shannon got to work.
  Looking sad but solid!

Now look at her, smart and shiny as well as seaworthy, well done Shannon!

  The Hacathian advert found by Lucy.. Well researched!
  As is the way with this website, no sooner than we post a new boat than former owners come forward!

Tim was the first owner of 'Kathleen' and we are very pleased he has taken time to send these in.

  Finished and afloat!
  Sailing Goose winged with Tim, the first owner aboard!
  January 2019, Shannon is ashore in Portugal and found rust, so is being very thorough and has cut out large sections.
  Awaiting a professional welder to finish the work! 

Feel free to post any photos, I'll send a prettier one to offset the ugly ones. Yes the rust is pretty much all from the inside, the exterior was hot zinc sprayed and is pretty much rust free. One of the more serious problems is the centre keel, which is full of concrete and scrap iron, has been wet and degrading for years, I saw some over-plating on the keel when I bought her. All dodgy over-plating is being cut out and replaced with inserts. Some of the concrete, which has reduced to rubble, has been taken out, I've filled it with high resin cement. If there is anyone who has worked with a similar problem, I would love to hear opinions and advice. There was a little rusty water seeping from the top of the keel into the bilges, which alerted me to the problem. The rust through in the bilges I found with a hammer test (if I can whack a screwdriver through it, replace it). There were several penny sized points of through rust, so I cut out panels. The first welder was a local fisherman, but the work was of very bad standard and I had to cut it out. I have found a professional, but he's booked up for weeks. 

I'd be happy to receive any advice. 

Regards. Shannon

Contact us on enquiries@eventides.org.uk if you can give any advice to Shannon.

  In an anchorage on her way south!
  View from the cockpit, love that wheel!



  'Lurcher'  Spotted and photographed by John Hopthrow in Faversham.  March 2017.  The owner told John she is a WW but under rigged...  He has had her for years.  First time we appear to have seen her, well found John.

  'Zareba'  Steel 30ft Waterwitch under restoration by new member Robin in Plymouth.  March 2021.  There is no mast at the moment so very much a motor boat., however Robin hopes to re rig her once he has finished rebuilding her...  More power to the elbow Robin!
         Robin is removing much of the aft end, as it was very poorly constructed. 

  The WW 'Sugar' as found by David.  She was looking a little sorry for herself.  David has cleaned her up, repaired and renovated her. 
  W W  'Sugar'  alongside the town jetty, Dartmouth. Looking resplendent in that marvelous harbour!  (One of my favourite landfalls....)

David is looking for any history on her, sadly no former names nor any sail number.  The previous owner's name he thinks was
'windebank' or something similar.  Anyone know her??