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"I found my pulse beating with suppressed excitement as I threw the mooring buoy overboard. It seemed as if that simple action had severed my connection with the life on shore; that I had thereby cut adrift the ties of convention.

The unrealities and illusions of cities and crowds; that I was free now, free to go where I chose, to do and to live and to conquer as I liked, to play the game wherein a man's qualities count for more than his appearance."

Maurice Griffiths, The Magic of the Swatchways.

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***** Photos, Photos and more Photos *****

Go to the Gallery for pages of pictures of all our designs.

Plus the Searover and Springtide!

Separate Pages now for the Golden Hinds, Barbicans etc.!

We now have 3,100! pictures of 689! different boats, and that's just on these photo gallery pages and the pages linked to it, the Builders page and the Featured boats section.   We are very pleased that so many of you are coming forward and sharing your pictures and articles with everyone.  This site has now become the biggest archive of Maurice Griffiths and other Y.M. designs, in the world, thanks to you.

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We have a whole raft of CD's, of all our boats drawings,

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We had many back editions to view here, your logs, (in one of our designs please!), and articles are still wanted. 

Please take the time to read the pages explaining why we formed, the 'introduction'  pages.  We are owners and friends, supporting owners! 

See the advice page or the hints and tips!  We offer, real practical help to all those  owners of the Y.M. sponsored designs, and to the owners of other craft by the same designers.  We have a team of experts who have built their own boats, and are able to answer most questions regarding the problems one might encounter at any stage of building or sailing.  We are printing many hints and tips, from owners, some new, some you may have seen before, but all relevant. 

The Eventide Owner's Group  has a bright burgee to fly!....   See the Burgee page

See also the donations page for the state of our finances and how to keep this page going.


Above, John, the website coordinator seen with Marjorie and Maurice on the occasion of M.G.'s 90th birthday party, that he organised..  The sail past was on local TV!


The CD as above, left contains well over 1,500 photos of Y.M. design boats, extracted from the site,  no other boats, just OUR boats, 650Mb of them, now just £5.00. UK, or download them for free off the site!

The DVD on the right is the story of the building of an Eventide, on film, from lofting to launch, £7.50 UK.  Contact us for a copies of either. All proceeds to the EOG.  Plays on most DVD players or on a PC in Windows Media.

See 'Our Boat Designs' page for details of our boats and how to get hold of the drawings...



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On the left we have added a new button to take you to a copy of a flyer designed by a member of the Steering Group, with this you can print out copies to pass to other owners in your area... or to leave in a plastic bag in their cockpit....


            Till 2019 the Webmaster was Peter Webster, a Seagull contact of John's.

Andrew Laing in Bermuda, another Seagull contact of mine, has stepped up to be the new Webmaster.

He works in cyber security and also races Seagulls!

He has already updated the forums and tidied up a few pages for us... Many thanks...


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Site dedicated to the memory of Barry Sturrock

This page and its predecessors by Barry and John were one of the first ever websites back in 1992.

Before almost anyone else had internet or e-mail, sounds impossible today.

Helping our fellow boat owners for over 25 years, bringing pleasure to many and enjoying doing it!