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John was due off on the second part of his 'Fiddling Around' trip this summer,  but due to barnacles in his kidney, he has postponed it for a year!!  Above is a link to the first part, the 2013  log.


These pages will be updated on an almost daily, certainly on a weekly basis, from all the mail and information coming in to us.




EU45 antifouling for Sale.


 I have got the same great deal  on antifouling again, now called EU45, (as it was years back)  identical to the old Marclear, made by the same man... Bill Robinson.  For high strength  navy blue, mid blue, red, black, grey and white  Antifouling.  (Workboat red has become just red!)

For the last 7 years it has been sold to us at £60!! for 2.5 litres, a discount on the normal price.    Add £5.00 carriage on 1 can orders,   Carriage free on orders for 2 or more cans. Ring the free phone number above and quote EOG.  Bill will make a donation to the EOG as a result of owners buying...

Now on the paint is being supplied as 2.5 litres in 3 litre size cans, so it is easier to stir.

For members in Europe cost was 79 Euros, delivered!   2 cans or more.. (except France where carriage is more expensive French price 84 euros.)

Thinners for wiping down, cleaning up or thinning 10% if it is really cold  £9.00  for a litre can.

There is also a primer in 2.5 litre cans, for covering old antifouling that may be flaking, unstable or not copper-based.   £29.

Members if you would like it delivered all you have to do is ring the free-phone number to speak to Bill and quote 'Eventide Owners Group' If you are not enroled join first or we will know and you will not get the discount.

You  pay him direct by card, or bank transfer it will come direct to you within 48 hours!   Min 2 cans for carriage free delivery. (You can order only 1 can but there will be a £5.00 contribution to carriage costs.)


For more details contact me on 01621 778859.

Spring 2017, I now have just a few cans left here in a few colours.   Call me on 01621 778859 to find out what I still have.  I will be accepting payment for these from credit cards on ordering, via my 'SOS' PayPal account.

Contact me via this site  enquiries@eventides.org.uk and I will send details.



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Stoppress pages for 2017!!


Thursday April 27th 2017.

Cold enough for you last night?  For late April it was really cold, several degrees below freezing and a reminder that we can still have late frosts and snow.  The north of the UK had snow in places! So hope those fitted winter covers in good order and the snow did not drive into places where it could damage paintwork etc...

We were out last night at Boreham, boy was it cold, 2 degrees above at 1900 and of course it got colder.  Still the company and the conversation was good and I do not think anyone mentioned boats all night!

Hope you are still using the EOG EBay page, just bought a new water filter cartridge for the galley pump, cheaper than anywhere else I could get it otherwise and delivered to the door!  Remember a donation goes to the webmaster every time we use it to buy and it costs us not a penny, EBay pay!

I'm looking at launching in about 10 days, hope it may have warmed up by then.

Then I have to help a chum move the contents of a barn to another location, anyone like to buy a glider or 12, in bits to reassemble??



Tuesday 25th April 2017.

We hope to be meeting up at Boreham, Essex, at 1900 for a meal tomorrow.  Ring if you would like to join us for a meal.

Woke today to find everything outside white, heavy frost!  Up north is snowed yesterday...  So winter has a nip in it still!  Apart from a few days where it has warmed up to 16 C or over the last couple of weeks were mild enough to make most think summer was on the way.  Think I have already mentioned the Easter I opened the tent to find 2" of snow, an that like this year was a late Easter. We really have to wait for May before it warms up proper... so not launching till then!

Chris in the Netherlands send in a link to a GH 31 on Boatshed.  With wheel steering? Have a look...  


Interesting boat.  Is it yours???

Noticed that adverts are not being cancelled on our pages again, so we are going to have to contact all the sellers yet again to try and make sure the site is up to date.  nothing worse than finding the boat you always wanted, only to find it sold last year and the seller forgot to cancel the adverts... 

Gone very dark outside and the wind is up, could this be one of the  hail storms about to hit!??! Batten hatches....

Make sure those covers are intact and check the mooring lines!





Sunday 23rd April 2017.

Had to be Red on white for today, despite the last entry being red ! Wonder how many heard the story that the Red cross of St. George is actually French!  Supposedly goes back to the times of the  Crusades and the king needing a striking banner...  We did not have one, so his mother suggest using her family flag, she came from France, Aquitaine.... this is heavily disputed and mired in controversy, but it is true the French and English did use the red cross as a distinguishing sign of who was who then... With so many claims made for the Flag it would appear it was just adopted.!  As for the Dragon, well there is another whole story!

I have been working so hard in the woodland project here that I have run out of energy to sort Fiddler's Green to launch this week.  The final planting takes place in the 'Spinney' next Saturday, culminating with a Williams Family gathering here that afternoon.  After that I may have time to catch breath and get F.G. antifouled and back afloat.  So far I have not missed many days where the weather has been that good though, and the forecast for the day I intended to launch dire, wet wild and windy, temperatures next few days  only just into double figures...  Was summer 2017 that Sunday in April where it made 22 degrees!

Hope your fitting out nearing an end, May in a week or so and high time we were afloat.

Foot note re that rare M.G. novel I bought.  Just like busses, wait for ages and another comes along.  Chris in the Netherlands found another copy, on a book list in the USA!  So it would appear they managed to cross the pond even if many did not survive... Wonder why they are coming out of the woodwork now? Chris wondered if there was a way we could scan these rarer tomes and publish them on the site???? Going to make some enquiries regarding the copyrights.

At least my copy has arrived and all the pages are still intact, not sure it will open right up to scan though.....




Thursday 20th April 2017.


A red letter day for me. Thanks to the EOG site..   For over 30 years I have been searching for a book.  The author, Maurice, believed all were destroyed for the war effort. He had never seen one.  I have had book searches working at every antique book dealer I could find, to no avail. I have been seen scouring old book shops nationwide...  so imagine my astonishment last night when I  checked our web pages and  clicked on the EBay page, only to find a copy advertised!  It was not there yesterday and it is not there now!

'Dempster and Son' is the title and it is one of the trio of novels written by MG and published just before WWII.  It is a totally different subject matter to anything else M.G. was known for, it was, or is, a story based around the railways.  Not many realise MG was a great railway enthusiast, his book shelves were crammed with railway books. He was one who attended the model railway exhibitions as well, not for your Hornby or Tri-ang, but to see real working beautiful scale models.

So I am now looking forward to receiving and reading this the last of the MG books missing from my bookshelf. 

Well not strictly true, as there is one other booklet I have been looking for, a WWII aircraft recognition book he had a hand in! Chances of finding one of these is remote to say the least, and he never put his name to it as I understand. So what do you think I did this morning, went back to our page and searched for 'WWII aircraft recognition', yes a long shot and more done in desperation than hope.  BINGO! there is was, or at least one of the 4 volumes and at  the price of a couple of pints!  SOLD. So a double MG day for me! What were the chances!

Now I am thinking it is such a good day, some blighter is going to spoil it!!!

A little sad news today.  A CD of boat plans we sent out November 2014. OVER 2 YEARS AGO!!!!  has just returned as undeliverable! 

So if Brent Garvie of South Africa is still reading these pages and wondering what happened to his CD, I have it here! Not damaged either, after all that time kicking about in the postal system.

No one has come forward so far to verify my thoughts about the ballast on the Atlantic Clipper/Barbican, don't be shy, please if you own one, have a peek in the bilges for us!

Off to antifoul the boat shortly, lots to do if I want her to be afloat by the end of the month! Just hope it gets a little warmer cold breeze for last few days here..

A little reminder, please use our EBay search page, I bought a new filter for the Galley tap last night, which is how I found my latest treasure. Remember every time you buy something EBay put a few coppers in the kitty for our webmaster. just alter the search text to whatever you are looking for.


grinning from ear to ear!


Sunday 16th April 2017.

Easter Sunday.

Hello all. Typical Easter, 10 degrees colder than this time last week and threatening rain, though I have to admit I was wishing for it to pour, if the weekend was to be ruined anyway, to save me watering trees.  So far we have had 9 drips of rain!  We were down the marina this afternoon, it was deserted!  Cold NW F5/6 and not looking much better for Monday.

So an ideal time to type up the minutes of the Annual Meeting.  I have  published the approved accounts. and also the minutes of last years Annual meeting, approved at this years meeting.... see the official pages..

I have also added all the names of those who sent us donations during the past year, it is quite a list!

Welcome to new member Andrew in Florida with the Atlantic Clipper 'Existence'.  He was enquiring about the Keel bolts, did Viktor examine them?  Had to say we did not know and as Viktor has gone back to Russia and is off grid now, so could not tell.  Then I had a thought..  does the Atlantic Clipper actually have them, in the normal, (timber boat) sense of the word.??  Most GRP boats have ballast encapsulated into the hull moulding and to support the weight have studs cast into the ballast that are then secured to frames fitted inside..  Is this the set up in an Atlantic Clipper? Can anyone tell us?

Heard today that there may be a frost or two this week and the temperatures are going to take a while to lift.  I hope to be antifouling, (in between tree watering!)  and loading gear back aboard the boat ready to launch before the end of the month.... (also got 100 Christmas trees to plant!).

Hope your fitting out continuing apace.  Looking at all the empty boats on the hard and the empty berths in the marina today, I figure a few are going to wait till it warms up a tad!

Not much else to report, the number of mails is down, as it is the holiday.  Hope the weather bucks up once the holiday is over... Soddes Law says it should!



Friday 14th April 2107.

Good Friday.

It is 0900 and I am just in after 4 hours of 'Traveller Watch Patrol'  Myself and a few locals, councillors and other ex-police officers, have been on watch locally since well before daybreak.  The good news is no attempted incursions onto the land near us, and the really good news is we may have disrupted a team of gypsies preparing to go 'Hare coursing'.  Three likely lads in an old Transit made off at high speed. (number plate obscured.. on purpose...) Hopefully seeing us out on patrol and one of the other ex police officers with a large shaggy Alsatian, will make them think twice about setting up here!

With the area on high alert after Traveller problems not far away, I have put the boat on hold for a few days.  Hope to resume antifouling operations shortly!

To nicer things.

Welcome to Ray with the Ali Waterwich based cruiser, 'Dark Horse'. She has a novel centreboard conversion!   Apparently sails very well! For those with good memories you may recall us conversing with them 6 years ago, they were in France and heading this way having left Australia, yes the one down under, some years before! Ray is on the move again and hopes to visit the UK, look forward to seeing over this boat!

I have sent a CD of the drawings of the Eventide to John in Ireland.  He has a 26ft GH and is doing some work on her adding a sacrificial iroko timber keel protector..  good move, and he wants to get a larger Genoa  and is looking to improve the light weather sailing with maybe a cruising chute too.  The Eventide 26 and GH26 are near identical in sail plan etc.

I have to add a few MG designed 'Good Hope' and 'Barrier Reef' photos, sent in by Greg in Australia.  I will get on that later today....

For now back to bed for a few hours to catch up. Could do night work no problem 30 years ago, what happened?



Saturday 8th April 2017.

For the past few days we have had warm dry fitting out weather here in Essex.  So much so I was at the boat last evening and have started on the underside!  Removed the wasted anode and started removing loose antifouling....  do hope your fit out proceeding apace.  We have such a short season and work days are precious so do not left them slip past you. 

I am hoping to be back afloat before the end of the month, how about you?

Heard via Chris in the Netherlands that 'Moonshiner' Opps correction... Moondancer!  (Thanks to the eagle eyed Chris in the Netherlands for spotting that Goof!) Is on the move again.  Ed has left the Gambia and is on route for Senegal and the Cape Verde islands.

Good sailing Ed.!

See the Golden Hind Charisma sold on EBay yesterday, raising a paltry £1000!  Do hope the new owner joins us.  He or she must realise what a bargain they have!  Maybe they will make an offer on the wooden one at Tollesbury for the rig and motor??  (Sadly think the hull may be beyond economic restoration....).

Have had a mail in from Andrew the owner of the Kylix 'Peterwit' we have oft admired, she will be advertised on our pages soon.

Greg in Australia has sent several pictures of Barrier Reef or Good Hope designs, he is on the search for one, I will be adding more to the MG page soon.

I heard from Ron with the Levanter for sale this week, he realised the dimensions were not on the advert!  Pays to read what you send us! Al edited Ron!

Chris in the Netherlands sent a picture of his sister's boat in the other day, by pure chance they had moored it exactly where the guys at Kesteloo did that capsize test on one of the first steel boats, see the Eventide page to see three Dutchmen struggling to keep an Eventide on its beam ends.  they had to call for an extra hand!  What's the chances of mooring there!  Shame it was not an Eventide!

Peter the webmaster has amended the enrolment form for us,  to add a note that there is a separate Owners guest forum that you can register on as well.  I have added notes to the Forum page to remind people about enrolling with the group.  We will see if people still get confused!

John Jennings has just contacted us and donated via the PayPal page for a CD of the Eventide.  John actually has a GH26 but it is identical in shape and size to the Eventide!

Have to get that organised for him..

All for now antifouling time!



Monday 3rd April 2017.

We had our 14th Annual Meeting Sunday and though we had many apologies, we also had many absences too.  Is it that you are so happy with what we do that you just wish us to carry on?  Certainly could not blame the weather, but maybe it was the weather, at 20 degrees and with light winds it was a perfect fitting out or sailing day.  Maybe next year we will fill the club....

Had an enquire re the WW and standing headroom.  It is so difficult to answer these. I have known a couple that had 5'9" headroom, but others where I had to crouch at 5'8"!  What some cannot get their heads round is that we build these to suit ourselves and for that reason my Eventide has an easy 5'8" headroom, many struggle to get 5'3"!

I will be spending a little while editing these pages tonight, lots to do.  Was going to do it this afternoon but the newly updated 'Acronis' data saving program was in full swing..  It was saving the contents of this machine to the 2 external drives and that slows things down.  So back later to edit.

I have to lower the price on the GH Serenity and add a load of pics and text to the Senior building page for Mat.

I have had several members inform me that the GH in Scotland, 'Charisma', is up for sale for peanuts on EBay.  We do hope the seller gets a fair price..  at the moment it is a joke at less than £300 for a 31ft GRP boat!

I have to add pics of other boats too. Lots have come in recently.

Our Annual Meeting yesterday confirmed the existing Steering Group and Advisors and we added Three new steering group members. 

Mat Gravener building a new Senior.

Tim Fenner sailing his Waterwitch on the east coast...

And Simon Rose sailing a GH in Spain.

Thanks for stepping up chaps!  Welcome all!

Be back later with more.

Off to water more trees, but I have already got the antifouling cans out ands in the van for later in the week!


P.S. had to come back and sort all the spelling and grammatical mistakes, that's the trouble doing it at midnight....

I have also taken time to update my preparation log, there had been a rather large time gap...




Thursday 30th March 2017.

Annual Meeting Sunday!!!

Apologies for lapse in updates, after the attack in Westminster I thought I'd allow a little space....  Our thoughts have been with the victims and their families.

Yesterday Westminster was again in the news, but on a brighter note as Britain takes the bold step to regain her sovereignty.  A good news story.

Good news in from members too.

Mat one of our new Steering Group members has sent in more pics I will be adding to his page on the building of his boat.  Has a name now, 'Bethem'. click her name to go to her page.

Had a load of pics in from Michael with Everjoy.  If ever a boat was in caring hands this is her.!

Michael has had a great trailer made and has towed her back to Nottingham and is readying her for launch, looking forward to hearing of her adventures...

I have a few pics to add to the pages over the next day or so!

Richard Hare with 'Keppel' has been in contact to lower the asking price slightly...  Will be on that as well.

Just sending a Burgee off to skipper of the GH Winfarthing and have sold another to the Atlantic Clipper owner Simon.  I will have some with me on Sunday at Bradwell if yours is looking tatty!

At the moment running off copies of last years minutes ready for the Annual Meeting at Bradwell Sunday.

Bradwell Marina Bar 1230 for lunch and a security talk and social chat etc. before the 'official' business at about 1400.  Normally only takes 45 minutes.

We have the exclusive use of the dining room, open to EOG members, Associate Members and families.

As always first drink on me, even if its a coffee!

See you there Sunday.








Thursday 23rd March 2017.

Welcome to new member Brendan Mulligan in Preston with the GH31 'Winfarthing'. We have added a new pic to the Gallery...

Had a great mail in from Des re 'Maid of Danta' an Eventide 26 in Ireland, he is restoring her hull, re-planking parts.  Doing a great job on her too.  Sent some pics that will be added to the Eventide page of the Gallery

Good to see proper repairs being done to our boats!

Mail in from John Hopthrow with more pictures of Jeremy's 'Cosmic Wind' ashore at Faversham.  She is normally moored in Oare Creek.

Maybe I will make a trip over to Kent this season to renew acquaintances with that part of the world...

Only a week or so till the Annual Meeting.  do come along, your chance to ask a question of us.  All full owning members get a vote.  We have a private meeting it is only open to full and associate members.  This year we are promised a short security talk by the marine police.

Be good to see as many as can make it, 1230 for lunch and the bar, Sunday 2nd April, Bradwell Marina Bar.  As always, first drink for any member on me.

The weather at the moment here is cold and damp, not good for antifouling as yet, but great for our trees, they are bursting buds already!

Antifouling brushes will have to wait a week or so yet!  There has been snow up in northern England this week....



Monday 20th March 2017.


The first Day of Spring, the Equinox!

Today is the first real day of Spring. and over the weekend in preparation Darian and I assisted by the Fund Manager Brian, with  wife Mo and the Database Manager John, plus 15 others helped us plant the new Bluebell Spinney!  See the pics above.  You can just make out our little cottage in the background of the first pic....

900 hedging plants and 225 trees!    It took us two days, with other friends coming along on the Sunday morning, but by midday Sunday all the trees were in, protected from the rabbits, staked, surrounded in woodchip mulch and watered. A real result...  and it did not rain on us!

There is a soaker hose to water the hedging and a wander hose for the trees.  It has been an amazing effort by so many but now there is a permanent 2/3 of an acre addition to the scant woodland coverage in this part of Essex. Slightly smaller area than a football pitch.  Not a huge wood,  but a lot for this part of the world.

Now I can relax a little and get back to antifouling! I can tell you that planting trees and all that goes with it, is jolly good exercise!  At least they tell me that, we are exhausted! Should be a doddle doing the antifouling!

Hope to spend some relaxing time in front of the P.C. later and be adding a new page to the builders and restorers section shortly.

Reminder 2nd April Bradwell for the Annual Meeting..







Friday 17th March 2017.

Happy St Patrick's day!

Has to be green today!  After our visit to the Emerald Isle last October, we know this green is not bright enough!

Hoping to add a page to the Builders and restorers page later.  Busy doing more green things today!

Tomorrow is the mass planting for the new 'Bluebell Spinney' so I have loads of last minute preparations to sort.  The 1100 plants arrived yesterday and I spend a happy hour unpacking them and anther hour planting 16 native wild fruit trees...

Have about 20 say they are coming to assist tomorrow and hope we can get several teams organised to cut the slot, plant the plants, heel them in, put the cane in and the rabbit guards, if we get out act into gear I predict all the hedge could be done by lunch time, all 120 yards of it!  then the wheelbarrow races begin, carting woodchip to mulch it.  And planting 200 trees in the plot!

Hoping by the end of the weekend it will have been transformed from the bare grass field to the makings of a wood!

Will be a while before we can harvest a few logs to make frames for Eventides though!

Had an enquiry from Nick Pearce re a boat he once had.  He thought it was a Kenneth Gibbs 'Sandpiper' design.

Sadly scant information forthcoming about other Kenneth Gibbs designs so I thought I would publish a couple of pics and see if anyone out there can confirm or otherwise.  Will post them on the Senior page too.


'Venture'  could she have been a Kenneth Gibbs design?

Back in 1963-67 I owned a 21ft marine ply boat, photographs attached, I understood that she was  ďSandpiperĒ designed by Kenneth Gibbs. I do not have any information on the history of the boat before I bought her in 1963, all that I remember was the rather tricky 1934 Stuart Turner engine that we had! We sailed the boat on the Wash and out of South Ferriby on the Humber.

 I bought the boat from a boatyard at Shardlow on the Trent and Mersey canal in 1963, somewhere along the line I understood her to be a Kenneth Gibbs Sandpiper, but I donít remember any paperwork to that effect. The boat was probably built in the 40s or early 50s as it was not in brilliant condition when I bought her. In marine ply, the photograph with the hull blue was taken in the creek at North Ferriby in 1966, the photograph on the trailer was after some restoration, just sold and leaving my drive in Henley on Thames! I cannot remember or find any information on who I sold the boat to!

Probably all a dead end, but if you would like to try my photographs on your website and see if anyone has any knowledge, it would be appreciated.

PS.  I have found some notes of bills paid in 1966 and 1967 and reference to a payment to Davisonsí Marina at Sawley, when Googling Davisons I found that the family had been building boats at Sawley but had sold the business and Marina to British Waterways in the 1980s! Now Iím wondering if they built the boat and to whose design!

Kind regards Nick

It could be this was one of Kenneth Gibbs designs, sadly we have no records... certainly looks similar to the Senior....

Another reminder for the Annual Meeting, see the top of the 'home' page on this site.  Remember I buy the first drink!



Tuesday 14th March 2017.

The weather has been so kind of late I have been busy outside so much I have to admit leaving this page unedited for over a week!  16 degrees forecast today, yesterday was over 17.

Sadly I can predict with some assurance that it will rain at the weekend.  How?  Because this weekend I have arranged the planting of the new wood!  Bound to rain!  I know there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing, but it is rather off putting digging holes in the rain!  So much so that we have extended the planting day from Saturday to the whole weekend, just in case it pours Saturday.

Expecting 1,000 hedging plants and trees to be delivered later this week!  If you saw the pile of wood chip I have here..  I could lose my moggy van in it!  And now we have a small fleet of wheelbarrows to shift it with!  going to be a busy weekend.

And here is me only just beginning to recover from a day helping our Database Manager John with his Eventide 'Glasstide'.  I spent most of the day cramped in his lazarette grinding and sawing at the rudder shaft and tube.  Could hardly move the next day!

At least now we know why the helm was so hard to turn...  Someone in their wisdom has inserted a bare steel inch shaft into a mild steel, un-galvanised inch internal tube!  There was no room for rust, it was an interference fit!  And no room for grease, even if they had of thought of fitting a greaser, which they had not!  I ran out of metal sawing blades for my power saw before I could finally cut the last remaining 4 inches of tube out of the bottom of the hull, very frustrating.. 

However more blades bought via our EBay page, so next time I go down there that offending rudder tube will be out.

The new rudder stock and tube will have a bearing and a greaser!  And I have a longer stronger tiller to fit!!

Whilst we were there we realised the mast was missing!  It had been moved a couple of hundred yards away and left beside the road on a grass verge!!!  Amazed that the rigging screws had not been stolen!

We stripped the mast and brought it back.   I realised it was a 'Bowman' mast, the sort supplied as a kit 40 years ago.  What ever happened to kit masts...  suppose they disappeared along with the 'backyard boat builders'.  Very few have the time, inclination, money, expertise, to build or repair a boat these days, especially it seems a wooden one!   I feel sorry for the owners of 2 Golden Hinds advertised on the 'For Sale' pages, because no matter how rosy the specs are each one of these boats will cost a kings ransom to get afloat again and at the moment there are complete sailing versions that are not selling....

Hello and Welcome to Mat.  Mat was a member years ago with a Senior but sold it, he stayed as a 'Friend' and as a boat restorer and repairer on the Norfolk Broads has made many contributions to these pages.  He has just taken on a part built Senior.  Mat is in need of mast, sails, rigging, and any other Senior bits that may be available.

Mat has also volunteered to join the Steering Group and represent Senior owners.  He joins Tim Fenner and Simon Rose, WW and GH respectively, who have also stepped up. Our thanks to them, they will be voted in on the 2nd April...

Had an enquiry re plans for a 35ft WW??  Not sure where the chap got the idea, unless he saw an advert where a 30ft WW was advertised at 35ft, 'over all'.  The WW is 30ft.  The Hacathian version in steel 31ft.  MG told us we could stretch any of his designs 10% in every dimension safely, including ballast, so in theory a 33ft WW is possible... 

Incidentally Tim the enquirer used to be the owner of the Hacathian 31, 'Kathleen' recently mentioned here.  He kindly send some photos of her under construction and afloat.  To be added to the pages...

Brian the fund manager and myself have been totting up the pennies for the year and sad to say this year we have not sent out nearly as many CD's nor received half as many donations.  We are not broke, far from it, but it does limit the charitable works we can do when the pennies are short.  Reminds me, I have to pick up a donation for a burgee that I left at Bradwell bar for an owner!

That's it for now but a quick reminder, if you know of an owner who has completed a nice bit of seamanship, or you have a log of a trip that could be read here, we have a Seamanship trophy that may be awarded.

2nd April Bradwell 12.30hrs Annual Meeting, after socialising talk and meal!



Monday 6th March 2017.

Welcome to yet another new member, Steve in Carlise.  Steve is interested in the Senior design.

Maybe it was Steve who bought the smart looking Senior we noted, that  sold on EBay over the weekend, if it was not Steve, hope the new owner gets in touch.

Had that many join recently we are probably going to have to update the 1650 membership on the home page!

I will be adding an advert for a GH 31 shortly.  She is in Scotland and needs a new owner.  A project boat in that she needs items like cooker, heads, a boom, sails, rigging and rewiring, but at a very realistic price.  Watch this space...!  Even has a brand new Beta 30!!

The weekend was not one for antifouling, too many sharp showers, but with the help of two of my grandsons I managed to mark out the new wood and the 5 year old planted seven little trees, were it not for the rain shower, he would still be out there now, digging for Britain!

Had a suggestion in from Bede that sections of my wood could be named after various classes, for posterity, or boats, and he suggested a green area could be called 'Fiddler's Green'!!  As it happens we marked out a 40ft circular area for grass and wild flowers in the centre!  But as I said, if I was off to Fiddler's  Green' I would not know if I needed my oilies or my wellies!

Local farmer turned up this morning with 100 assorted 5ft trees, he had offered to get me tiny ones but this was a great bonus.  Instant wood!  Have just about all the trees we need now!  Just got to get planting!  Will be trying to plant 20 or 30 a day, on our own...  when it's not tipping it down!

We had a mail from our friends at Classic Boat over the weekend, with a link to Classic Marine.

If you have a need for any specialist parts for your boat try here, he is very helpful..

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do you just enjoy tinkering?


As the sailing season approaches, donít let last minute delays slow you down, order quality classic boat fixtures and fittings from leading chandlery Classic Marine.


Suppliers of:


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Order online or come and visit our chandlery

at Suffolk Yacht Harbour on the east coast.

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Photography Credit: Emily Harris

The evenings are getting longer and lighter, the fingers itchy for the antifouling brush and roller here.. Roll on summer!

But remember, before the season kicks off we have our Annual Meeting on 2nd April.  Still looking for a new Senior Rep and waiting to confirm a new GH rep... Mail us if you would like to get involved on the Steering Group!



P.S. Mat has just volunteered to be Senior rep!  Great!


Thursday 2nd March 2017.

Welcome to new member Simon Rose.  Simon is the owner of the GH 31 'Felicitas', that I met on my round UK sail in 2013.  Lowestoft was cold and breezy and I envied them as they were heading for the Med!  Well they have been there and on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal, and decided to stay in the med as its warmer.  Simon is hoping to do a 'Trans-Atlantic' soon though and looking for tips and maybe a cruise in company..  Now where is 'Moondancer'???  Ed was thinking the same.... Can I see a meet in future in the Canaries  maybe!!

It has not really warmed up here at all yet, made 10 degrees today, but did not feel like it in the wind.  Not antifouling weather, yet.

Talking Anti fouling, Stuart of Marclear/EU45 called in to see me today and told me that he could make just 20 2.5 cans of a darker red antifouling with some super strong copper additive he has at the moment.  I have the first two cans for F.G. this year....  So if you would like some see the advert and contact him, ask for the super strong, darker red and he will mix it up for you.. first come first served.

I really do not know why more are not using this stuff.  Certainly here on the Blackwater it out performs even the most expensive top name brands.  I have been using it for over 20 years now, ever since I painted one side of the hull with Internationals best  Micron CSC and the other side with EU45.  No contest, the EU45 was a clear winner and every season at haul out my boat is the cleanest in Bradwell.  So why are you not using it?? Or maybe you like the mid season scrub? I still hear of people swearing by a local, very cheap paint, but I see their boats and if they were mine I'd be swearing at it!!..

Bill has sent £80 for the EOG funds, as a thankyou for all the sales last year.  Let's see if we can't double that next, that would keep the website going for a year!

As my first new woodland planting day draws closer, March 18th, I am hoping the snow does not come back, for now it is not just antifouling I am concerned about but planting trees!





Wednesday 1st March 2017.

St. David's Day

and the first Day of Spring!

Still a bit chilly out there and after the rain, hail and sleet of yesterday a bit damp too. But the flowers are out. We have had the snowdrops and now the Daffs are in flower, so won't be too long before the paint brushes are out....

With Antifouling in mind I contacted Bill Robinson yesterday, of Marclear/EU45 fame!  I have renewed the arrangement with him, so we can still get discount.  You have to order direct using the free phone number and just quote Eventide Owners Group.  Bear in mind you have to be a member though...  so if you are not already enrolled, Click Here...

I do have 2 cans each of, black, blue and white here for callers, but other than that call Bill, no carriage charge on orders of 2 cans or more, £5.00 carriage  for 1 can.... (enough for a Senior!).  I use over one and a half 2.5 litre cans to paint my Eventide... so buy 2 every time....

There is a donation on the way to the EOG from Bill for the number of 2.5 litre cans sold last year! 

Heard from one returning customer this spring, he says his antifouling was so good his mates are now buying it!

Added a new tip to the Owners Tips page yesterday, a design for an inboard rudder that may be of interest to some.  From Mat who restores boats up on the Norfolk Broads and is the owner of a Senior.

Got to pat my boats transom yesterday and spoke to the farmer whose barn I am now stored in, he knows about my woodland creation project here so had ordered us some trees at a huge discount!  £30 for 100! What  an nice chap.  Hear he was fitting CCTV now as there have been gang attacks on buildings out here on the Dengie, whole tractors disappearing!  Sadly few police anymore, we have all retired!

I have started using the Sikkens in my garage on a few bits that want freshening up, just about warm enough.

Hope your fitting out will soon start, as the weather warms, see you on the river,




Saturday February 25th 2017.

A select few enjoyed a very pleasant meal together in Boreham Wednesday.  Not sure if anyone talked about boats!

After a few days of warmth, to confuse all the daffodil bulbs coming out, and get the boat owners down to their boats with scrapers and brushes, it's turned chilly and damp again.  Storm Doris was  violent, if short lived and not many areas escaped without damage of some sort.  Here we had some more dead elms come down..  (They have been dead for over 35 years and just waiting for the breeze to topple them!).

Hope your boats have survived OK.  Storms like this are the reason the surveyors and insurance companies only give stainless rigging a 10 year life span and recommend everyone drops their masts over winter.  More fatigue done to rigging in a couple of winter storms than is ever done in 10 years use!  I know it is a pain to lower the masts, but safer for storage.  Was only a few years ago that a brand new boat at Tollesbury, on a purpose made cradle, was blown over by the windage on its raised mast, causing immense damage.  Think it was a £250k write off!

Amazed who reads these pages.  Today had a mail in from a Armed Forces Veterans Charity, who run a rehabilitation centre in Watford.  They had seen the mention of Remembrance Day on our pages  and wondered if we could give them a mention.  Pleased to do so.... 

Click here....  Cassiobury Court 


Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation at Cassiobury Court

The aim of Cassiobury Court is to balance a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere with the dynamic energy of learning and recovery. Cassiobury Court is a residential alcohol and drug rehab clinic that offers anxiety, depression and stress management as well as drug and alcohol detox programmes for addiction. We offer a unique model of treatment for the disease of addiction and other compulsive disorders.

Having seen the effects, on otherwise stable people, of stress, then drugs, this organisation seems to be doing a great job getting these people back.

I have been discussing with our Database Manager, John Stevens, the work to be undertaken on his boat, Glass Tide, over the next year.  A lot to do, but with planing hope to see a rejuvenated Eventide 26 back on the water later this year.

Our boats, especially the ply ones, need constant attention and care to prevent them crumbling before our eyes.  In the case of G.T., she is GRP!  But even so timber parts have had to be removed as rotten, to be replaced later with new and hopefully all the old bare wood left on her will have survived the elements over-winter, so when eventually treated to a long awaited coat or five of Sikkens, it will live on for another few years.  The underwater steel work has suffered badly because they were not re-galvanised after repairs some years back and both bilge keels and the rudder have to be removed and repaired, quite major jobs.  Hopefully though as soon as they are removed and got to the steel engineer they can be repaired and re-galvanised for refitting. 

Looking at the rig someone had added an extra inner forestay, quite un-needed, and to brace it a clumsy internal stiffening rod was fitted. Making forward cabin access difficult. By adhering to the tried and tested cutter rig on the drawings we can remove this wire and awkward internal rod..   Some do have odd ideas when it comes to our boats and it always turns out they were never members so thought they would reinvent the wheel on their own.  M.G.'s drawings work, his wheels roll well, why try to alter them to 9 sided ones!?

We hear of a few boats that are being renovated and always try to get the owners to give photographic ands written updates, sadly owner's enthusiasm to do this seem to wane quickly.  Shame, as it is of interest to others and would give them the incentive to get on and restore theirs.  If you leave these jobs the cumulative effects often become insurmountable, and then we see the boats offered for sale as projects..  and even more sad is that they sometimes do not sell and end their days in ignominy in the corner of a yard somewhere.

More power to the elbows restorers!




Tuesday 21st February 2017.

17 degrees here yesterday!! Amazing for February!

Reminder we will be at the Grange Boreham at 1900hrs, ring if you are coming so we can maybe get a bigger table!!  01621 778859.

Working on clearing the field behind us of dead trees a couple of days back, I  managed to sprain my wrist.  So debilitating.. left hand and though right handed really find it all so difficult!  today tractor is in cutting brambles and grass back....  Me, taking it easy!!

Always was a 'search and poke' typist, but left hand is now 'search and tickle'!  Cannot bash the keys hard enough to make them work!!

Fitting out continues as well, thankfully after the work last year very little to do.... 

Had the first anti fouling enquiries, so Spring must be on the way!

Heard from Shannon with the Hacathian, Kathleen, tried to enrol but mobile phone internet in Portugal not up to it, hope to hear from him later.

Had an enquire re 'Existence' the Atlantic Clipper that crossed the pond.  The enquirer wanted to contact the new owner who he thought was selling..  sadly the new owner in Canada never joined....


P.S.  It is now 1830 and we have had a wonderful day here.  With sister and brother in law Keith with tractor and a friend and crew Phil  to assist, today we have cleared 2/3 of an acre of rough land, all the grass mowed down, all the dead elm trees and brambles removed and burnt and at least 50 seedlings found on the land saved and added to the hedge line.  We are now on track for our mass planting on the 18th of March, so long as it does not snow!  Today we had a picnic in the garden, in February!!



Friday 17th February 2017.

Was asked yesterday if the Eventide's frames need beefing up if you add extra ballast. This is such a logical question I am amazed no one has asked before!  The query came from William who is doubling the weight of the ballast on his Eventide 'Vieve'.

Simple answer is no, the framing on a standard built Eventide is so strong it does not need increasing.  Many Eventides, including my own have increased ballast weights, mine from the original design weight of 1200lb on the early plans to the 2240lb that I have today.  Having sailed thousands of miles in F.G. without keel falling off or pulling the bottom out, we think we have rather proved the point!   A great question though William.  We look forward to seeing the photos.

William is opting for the several layers of mild steel plate epoxy coated and sandwiched between ballast keel and deadwood.  A proven system.

I have added a great project boat to the For Sale pages.  Where else could you buy a 31ft GH for £3,000???   OK there has to be a catch, it has a hole in it!!  This is GH114 that after a long refit was launched, gleaming, into the sea at Tollesbury, only to lose a bilge keel a week later on her mooring and sink.  After being raised, moved ashore, pressure cleaned inside and out, engine salvaged, and spars etc stored the owner was faced with a £5,000 bill for repairing her...

So now offered for sale.  If you have the £3k and another £5k for the repair you have a GH31!  OK will need new upholstery and batteries, lots of other kit too, but a GH for that money??  Got to be worth a look!

Off to go and pat the boats bottom and change the anode!





Tuesday 14th February 2017.

Valentine's Day

Today is a special day for many, but super special for us, for nearly 20 years we have been trying to do something here, (no not that!!!)...  Today Darian and I can reveal the project that has taken up a lot of our waking hours for the last 4 months.

We are going to plant a new wood!

We live in a timber cottage, we built a wooden boat and for years we have grown and planted trees. (mostly for others in the community.. Church School, local councils, roadside verges etc.)  Now we have a plot of land to plant for us.  It is not huge, but we intend to plant over 1,000 hedgerow plants and well over 250 trees in it. 

So though I am not off sailing for months this year, we will be kept occupied tending trees to give them a head start.

The best time to plant a tree??  20 years ago, next best time, tomorrow!

We hope to see these grow in the next few years but of course will never see them to maturity, that is a legacy we leave for others.

I will publish pictures later of the new 'Bluebell Spinney'.

John and Darian

Bluebell Cottage.


Monday 13th February 2017.

My Darian is home and I am number one nurse maid for a bit!  Really I need to be a night club bouncer, just to stop her washing the floor, cleaning the windows and all the other jobs that cannot wait!!

After my comments about the Hacathian, member Lucy came back to us.  She has actually found an advert in an old 'Country Life' magazine from the mid 1960's.  Gives the length as a foot longer...  But to be honest, from 10ft away it's a Waterwitch!

We have another new Member,  Robert from Hinckley in Leicestershire, with the Eventide 24 'Tarka' based in Wells next the Sea.  Tarka is double diagonal Iroko built!  very sturdy!  I will be responding to your enrolment shortly...

Had a mail from Classic Boat recently, listing the top 250 classic yachts.  could not see all the listing but notice MG got his Lone Gull II design in there, at about 180th,the timber version.  Sadly when I went to look up the list further their site was screwed and it took me back to the same page every time.  wonted to see where the Eventide came!

Today, after a few days of sprinklings of snow, the sun is out and the temperature rising...  Is spring on the way, or is it going to keep the real cold spell till later?





Friday 10th February 2017.

Pleased to say when I visited Darian tonight she was so much better. the docs say if she carries on they will let her come home to convalesce Sunday.  So I have to rush round and tidy up tomorrow, then hide the vacuum cleaner! 

Certainly do not think  will be working in the garden tomorrow, as the snow is falling fast here..  told we may get an inch or two overnight, but thankfully it will get washed away as it is then due to rain.

Added lots more pics to the Waterwitch page.  It is not really a WW though, but the sister ship, a Hacathian.  Slightly larger but from the same drawings.  A steel built beauty.  Hoping to welcome Shannon to the group shortly.

Heard from John Stevens yesterday, he has managed to acquire a very nice Iroko plank for me to fashion his new bowsprit from, and for just £50.00  And local to him in Milton Keynes!  Amazing these places are about.  Going to get the full details of this treasure house to publish on the site!

As I watch the snow falling, glad I am nicely tucked up ashore.

Chris in the Netherlands reminded me that one of our number has a golden hind tucked up in the Gambia...  with all the trouble after the disputed election out there I hear Ed is about to organise a trip to Gambia to sail her home, anyone fancy crewing for him!!  I will pass on your details, enquiries@eventides.org.uk

Time to curl up somewhere warm with a cat and read a book!  Snow falling real fast....



Tuesday 7th February 2017.

At last slightly... better news of my Darian.  though they are still struggling to rid her of the infection they are happier about her condition and say there is now nothing 'nasty' lurking there, but they still have to clear up the burst appendix.  they keep telling her this only happens to 20 year olds, she says she is a late developer, but that got lost on the consultant, we think he had a sense of humour deficit!

So back to Eventide matters!

Sent a CD of Waterwitch drawings out to Australia today and also heard back from Shannon with two very nice pictures of his Waterwitch 'Kathleen', now posted on the WW page of the Gallery.

John Stevens has found a hardwood supplier close to him in Milton Keynes and is going to pick up a nice plank for me to make him a bowsprit..  and at a reasonable cost too.  well found. 

I did not go in to see my Darian today, got my chitty signed to be excused as I was off to talk to the combined Burnham-on-Crouch (with hyphens), Ladies Inner Circle and Rotary Club.

I do occasional talks in aid of the Tower Lifeboat, my old patch!  The RNLI took over from me and my lads after I left.  Pleased to say they had a great time and no one nodded off!

So back on the hospital runs again tomorrow, takes 9 hours out of my day... and they are talking about another week of this at least before I get her home to nurse.

However I did manage to sneak off to Fiddler's Green on my way to Burnham, just to pat her transom....

Spring is in the air here, so it is bound to snow now... 

Keep warm, still not time to get out with the scrapers and paint brushes.


Monday 6th February 2017.

Just to say immensely busy here mostly with travelling and visiting the boss in hospital.  Sadly no change, they cannot get the correct antibiotic as yet, to kill the infection.  When they do they will be able to sort her appendix. In the meantime she is in pain and very poorly... off for another scan today and hope to have better news shortly.




Friday 3rd February 2017.

There may be a delay in updating for a week or so as 2 days ago I rushed my wife  Darian off to hospital, she had a burst appendix!  She is now stable, but has infections they have to get under control before they can deal with her surgically, but for now she is having the best possible care in Rayne ward of Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford.  That is the same ward where I was when I had the kidney stone problem last year.   She will be in for another week at least they say!  For both of us it was/is a first hospital spell, not bad for our years! We have been lucky.

So As you can imagine my day to day routine has changed somewhat!  There were never enough hours in the day before, now it is critically short!

Thanks to John Stevens for spotting the typo in the last entry, try as I might I still cannot proof read my own words! I will amend it in red!!

We have a volunteer for the Steering group!

Tim Fenner, a WW owner, has stepped up, thanks Tim!

Now it would be great to have a GH owner as well, or a Senior owner.... Come and help run this group, 14 years old this week!

Great news from Ireland.  The fantastically superbly finished Eventide 24, 'Osprey' has touched the water for the first time!  she was gently lowered into the sea in Dublin to test for water tightness and to check the height of the anti fouling.  As the extra weight was added to the ballast keel as per the amendment to the drawings, she is 2.5 inches low on the antifoul.  A 3 inch stripe to be added and she will be spot on! Milo the builders son has promised pictures.

With 70mph winds in the channel and gales round the Essex coast, hope those covers are secure!  the last couple of days have seen temperatures in double figures here and all our snow drops are out!  Even the crocus in the lawn are showing colour, but I feel they are being a little presumptuous as the forecast next week has snow in it again!

We have another Barbican about to be advertised on the pages, just awaiting the pics.  Will get it posted as soon as I am able.  It is 'Tide Time'.

We had an enquiry from Africa for a CD yesterday, from a member, hope to have a notification from PayPal so I can send a set of WildDuck drawings out to Mike in Uganda...

All for now,





Sunday 29th January 2017.

Seems winter is rushing by and so far without a real chill.  The garden pond still has not fully frozen over, just a little round the edges for a day or two.  Now the temperature has hit 10 degrees and the birds are twittering, they can sense spring in the air. It is 2315hrs and 8 degrees outside, with gentle rain.  Welcome rain too as it has been as dry as dust here for ages.  Did some work in our ditch last week and did not need wellies, too dry..  Should be running with water...  come on rain, the farmers need it!

I hear tell though that there may still be a bite left in the winter before it has done.. 

Sent that CD of Tidewater drawings winging it's way to Australia last week, but noted when i entered the kind donation in the books,  that the number of people requesting drawings had fallen dramatically this last year.

There may however soon be another member asking for a CD if they spot the advert I have just posted on the 'For Sale' pages . The Eventide 24 'Mayna' is for sale. She is in Maldon.  she is definitely a project, but with some decent sails and a new motor....  For someone with time and a barn she could be a nice restoration....  seems an age since I crossed wakes with her on the Blackwater....

Another new addition to the pages is the Senior 'Shelduck'  Well known to us for decades and sailed so well by Tony and latterly his lad. I believe I took a couple of the pics in the advert, on the Blackwater...   She is now up in Woodbridge for sale.

I have recently been searching my garage for a suitable plank to make a new bowsprit for the Eventide 'Glasstide'.  So far I have not found what I wanted, so I may have to laminate something up.  Wonder how many others have had this problem, finding planks of decent hardwood, wide enough or in my case thick enough, is seemingly becoming more difficult..  I will have to get the tape measure out and measure what remains of the rotten, softwood, old sprit, and then add 6 inches or so to make it 3'6" overhang, bet I am going to need a 7ft plank.  Now oddly enough you do not find those round here, growing on trees!

Took another step towards  sorting out the huge project I have on the go here. If and when it comes off I will have less time for creative woodwork, so will be trying to sort out a good lump of 'tree wood' for that sprit, sooner than later! 

Looking for a 9inch wide, 2 inch thick by 7ft long 'free' bit of hardwood....  can do swaps..

Reminder that our Annual Meeting is to be held on Sunday 2nd April at Bradwell Marina Bar, in the dining room, where we have exclusive use of the room from 12.30.  Kitchen open for lunches and of course the bar open.

Any member owning a Golden Hind or a Waterwitch that would like to join the 'Steering Group' to help decide the course of the Eventide Owners Group, could they please get in touch enquiries@eventides.org.uk.  It's your owners group come and help run it.  It is really not onerous.

The first drink for all members attending the Annual Meeting is on me!  Also if anyone wants any blue, white or black Marclear, I still have some here.  I will not be supplying antifouling from here after that as it would cost more than you buying it direct!

We will have another go at meeting up in Essex before that, in February, Wednesday the 22nd, being the last Wednesday in the month.

Reminder to get logs in for the chance to win a prize and suggestions for the 'Seamanship Trophy' also please.

Just a final note to say the website domain name has been renewed for another 2 years and we look forward to helping owners in the future same as we have done for the past 14 years.




Wednesday 25th January 2017

Burns Night!


Tonight's meal in Boreham was cancelled this afternoon because of the fog.....  sadly of course the fog lifted later....  another time.



Monday January 23rd 2017.

Should be typing this in black!  Today I made the decision not to set off on the rest of my round UK trip this year.

I have a huge project in the pipeline and it is taking up all my finances and a lot of my time.  If it comes to fruition maybe at a later date I will set off and complete the circle, but for now I am reverting to being a Blackwater ditch crawler.

Fitting out will resume when the fog lifts!!

Been quite horrible here for a bit, freezing fog, but still our pond is not frozen over fully!

So today welcoming yet another new member, Norman in Queensland, Australia, with the Tidewater 'Alice E'.  Norman has requested a CD of Tidewater drawings  and soon, I suspect, one will be winging his way.  'Alice E' is another boat we have never heard of before!

Bede spotted an Eventide looking boat on the Bay, he was right, it was/is an Eventide, Neptune's Nereid.  Though not steel as the advertiser suggests!  Have no idea what condition she is in though.  She is just listed as a 'sailing boat' and at the moment bids are only at £122!! She is in Southampton.

Quick reminder, Wednesday at Boreham, 1900, join us, but please ring so I can book a large enough table.





Sunday 22nd January 2017.

At last we have had a few colder nights and the ice is slowly creeping across my pond.  (pond is a 16ft open boat. Turned inside out so full of water and goldfish!!).  It is 1300 and the frost is still on the ground so suspect it will be there all day.  Hope you emptied those water tanks and put antifreeze in the motors!

Welcome to new member John Wheaten with a Cockler.  Just burnt a CD of drawings for him.  In the post Monday John. John is restoring her down at Emsworth, hope to get pics as she progresses.

Heard from a member worried about the suspension on his trailer, wondering if it was man enough.

So to compare I sent a few pics of the suspension units on my trailer, sat fully loaded....  I know I should jack the trailer up and take the weight off them, but they have never complained, so far...

As you can see my suspension arms trail at a 20 to 30 degree down, fully loaded they would be horizontal.  The owner of the other trailer reports his are past the horizontal, odd!

I have got to go a little work on my trailer this year, the cables on the braking system need replacing..  just have to locate the right year Ford Transit hand brake cables!  Been given a roll of flexible wire to replace the rest of the connections too, to keep all running smooth.  A 6 wheel trailer,  to take the extra weight of our slightly beefed up Eventide,  but only front and back axle have brakes....

Next Wednesday we meet at 'The Grange', Boreham, just off the A12, north of Chelmsford.  About 1900.  If you would like to join us, please call me on 01621 778859 and I will book a place or two at the table...

I have also booked the Annual Meeting date at the normal Venue, Bradwell Marina Bar.

We have exclusive use of the dining room, so for enroled, full or associate members, please come and have your say.  Meet members of the Steering Group.

Sunday 2nd April 12.30 for lunch, followed by the meeting.  We are normally all done by 1500.

Burgees will be on sale and I have a few cans of Marclear antifouling I can bring along.

We would also like suggestions/nominations, for the Seamanship trophy, please mail us at enquiries@eventides.org.uk

We have had communication with the Harrison Butler Association regarding the idea of sponsoring an apprentices tools at one of the timber boat building colleges.  We discussed this briefly last Annual Meeting.  At the moment we support the principle but it would depend heavily on the state of our finances at the time.  We were hoping that other wooden boat groups may get involved, but at the moment they seem reluctant to step forward.  Anyone have any groups they could suggest??

We have had an enquiry from Australia regarding the drawings of the Tidewater, waiting on the owner enrolling with us before sending details of how to get them.  This boat was apparently built in Australia.  We have no further information as yet.

Visited our boat a few times recently and realise just how good the two 20watt solar panels are, even though we are in a barn and the sunshine is only coming through a large skylight... (very large!).  The three banks of batteries, approx 500Amp hrs, are all fully charged with batteries reading over 14.6 volts.  Great solution to the weighty problem of lifting batteries off every winter!

OK we have had some stunningly sunny days of late, and if anything like last year, they will not need any further attention before launch day!

Don't forget the get together. Wednesday in Boreham! Contact me....




Saturday 14th January 2017.

The snow was short lived, a day and it went, from here anyway, we only had 1/4 inch!  A few miles up the road they had a basin full though, and many parts of the UK have had nasty conditions not least the residents of many east coast areas that have been under threat of flooding because of a tidal surge...  Thankfully there were no local floods, but some parts of the east coast have suffered.

It has been cold here,  just about minus 1, but amazingly, still, our pond has not yet frozen.... How much longer can we go without a real winter?

Heard from a couple of members worried for us here, which was nice, but we are atop a 20m high hill here so OK, the webmaster however, is 3 m below HW level and in a flood risk area!  Fortunately no flood.  I did mail him when the warnings started but have not heard back as yet so he may well have been away from base anyway!

Now you will not see any difference to these pages, but yesterday, Friday 13th... Good day for it... we went super fast Broadband here, or what in this country passes for it.  The bonus is the upload speed to get this page on the net has increased  from 1Mbps to 27Mbps, so no going to put the kettle on for coffee, whilst waiting for pages to load now!

Makes me smile, I now get over 30Mbps download speed and BT are quite proud of this.. What's the basic speed in Japan?  250Mbps!!!  Certainly a different world.  Seems you only need these high speeds to do online gaming, no, not my scene!  Being able to quicker download a movie on my Sky will be the extent of my use!

Amazing when you think only 30 years ago we went to sea and the most sophisticated bit of kit aboard was an echo sounder!  Now virtually every boat has a smart phone with WiFi connection to the internet and all the facilities it offers!

What will it be like in the future?  One thing that looks likely is that the creeks will be as deserted as they were in M.G.'s time.  Why?  Because the creek moorings are being removed slowly as there are fewer boats wanting to use them..  Today the lesser number of cruising boats all tend to be more  in marina moorings... 

Having seen the numbers of old wooden boats  put to the torch in boatyards here in Essex, and more lately GRP boats abandoned in yards crushed by the JCB and skipped, I can see  that there are a lot fewer smaller boats about, those that may have been in creek moorings.

I maintain and keep a mooring in Tollesbury, Woodrolfe Creek.  I do not use it often these days, but often lend it to visitors.  When I do use it, I find very few boats left on the moorings there, most are empty.  I am now considering giving up this mooring as I am safely berthed elsewhere, and have been for over 20 years... (but as it only costs £55.00 a year....)   how long before Woodrolfe creek is empty?

10 years ago Lawling Creek was full of moorings, three abreast. Been there lately?  I counted 6 moored boats on 6 buoys last season, where there had been several hundred....

No wonder then that I heard from Clive that he had to 'give away' his Golden Hind  eventually, on EBay.  No one wanted to step forward to buy her at the knockdown, and we considered, very realistic price she was advertised at, on our site...  Seems the story is similar with all boats, not just wooden ones.  A contact of mine just sold a 31ft UFO with all the kit and gear and eventually took a £13k loss on her!

We were accused of being dinosaurs by the officers of the old eoa, but ask any kid what sort of animals they like and bet Tyrannosaurus Rex will come up!  Maybe we are just all big kids!

Long may us dinosaurs sail the seas around here!  (But with WiFi of course!!).




Wednesday 11th January 2017.

Snow in the forecast!  Taken a time for there to be a real chance of white stuff down here in the east of Essex.  So no coincidence that I spent several hours today re arranging the stored boat kit in my garage, now the dinghy has sold, so I could get my Morris Van into the dry and warm.  My van has been out in the elements for three years but the winters we have had recently have been so mild it mattered not.

Now we have had warnings of snow for the next couple of days, so time to check those covers, nothing worse than driving snow for getting the white stuff into places it ought not be, then a cold night and the subsequent freezing can do damage.

As I type this it is 1630 and still daylight, just, a week or two back it had been dark for 30 minutes...  Roll on summer.

I have also sorted out loads more boat bits to sell, so going to be busy as an EBay seller!  (Most of the kit has been offered on the site and not sold..)

Welcome to new member Bill Cowan, he has sent in a pic of his boat, at anchor in the Med! Jealous!  A Barbican.

Feel warmer just looking at this!

Just removed the GH 'Libertine' from the pages. Sold, but not through our pages sadly.

We had a mail in from Conrad Griffiths, (He hastened to add, no relation!) His father and latterly he had been the owner of 'Alchemy ' a Tidewater.  Built for his father he was so pleased to find her on our pages and we have (hopefully) put him in touch with the owner David.  Always nice to be able to do that.

Hope your fitting out going to plan and the plans for the seasons cruises taking shape.

Do not forget those logs for the site please.

Keep warm,





Wednesday 4th January 2017.

Looking round the site I see quite a few places I need to edit 2016 out!  I will get to them, but if in February you see one I have missed please let me know!

Heard from Brent, a Senior owner and builder in South Africa yesterday. His boat, 'Nu-Nu  is finished but  sadly circumstanced have forced him to sell the Senior and other boats he has and we hear she will be  moving to a new cruising area....  'to sail on the Vaal dam ( big water ) and maybe head to Cape Town later. All far better suited to a great little boat than the small water we have here'.  Hopefully the new owner will keep in touch. 

I will be adding more pics to the Senior page shortly.

Also heard from Ed with the GH 'Moondancer'.  She is in West Africa still, but shortly to start sailing again, but not sure which direction....  Coming back upwind may be hard work so a trade wind sail to the west is a possibility!  Another GH to cross the pond!??

One of the boats I sold left yesterday, Guy, the 8 year old new skipper was as pleased as punch!

The 16ft boat leaves shortly.  Will be sad to see her go. But bigger projects on the horizon!

All for now and no mention of that ridiculous event in London either!





Happy 2017 to all our 1650 members and friends!




Sunday January 1st, 2017.

A very happy new year to all our Members and Friends.  May you dreams become reality and all your sailing be balmy and with free winds and lee going tides!

If like me you have sailing plans, hope they come to fruition and don't forget to write up the log so we can read about it later!

Heard from one member, a 'Friend' now, as they have sold up, but they are already afloat and crossing the Atlantic, albeit on the QM2!!!  They send best wishes to all, from Jo and Andrew, (of Mistress II).

Though the rain is tipping it down here at the moment, and it is quite a time since it did, I am planning moving boats tomorrow, as I have sold both of the boats I advertised last year.  I am also selling off loads of boat kit no longer required, to finance a little project I am working on, more on which, later.

I have not made a resolution, as yet, this year, it has taken me 11 months to attain the one I set myself last new years day!  (To become an EBay seller!).

Through the post yesterday cam a book.  I have no idea who sent it as there was no accompanying paperwork or letter...???  If it was you please let me know.

It was a copy of Percy Blandford's autobiography.  'A Life Full of Hobbies'.

Percy of course designed the ubiquitous 'Lysander', that plucky little 17ft boat that so many of us sailed..  Like MG's Eventides most were home built and got people afloat quicker and even cheaper than building an Eventide...  Though maybe more restricted in sailing areas!  

You may also have come across the 'Gremlin' dinghy and the 'Nomad' pocket cruisers...  My crew and brother in law built one of his canoes way back when, and in the 60's paddled it many miles on the upper Thames at the same time as I was doing the same in the police cadets... small world.  (We went on to do the London to Brighton cycle ride when we were 40 and then that sail through Scotland at 65!).

I shall read it with interest. Will report back!

Now the old year has closed it is time to start looking forward to sunnier days. 

Time was that I and all my chums would now be looking to go to the London Boat Show, but sadly since it moved location, it holds little interest for the normal sailor, unless you want to go and gawp at the huge plastic creations draped in scantily clad ladies!. 

When I spoke to dealers there some years back, they all admitted they were just trying to get some of the young rich money market boys to invest their bonus's so they could send more boats out to Greece and Turkey!

They were not the sort of boats I have come across sailing round the UK....

To all of you out there in the real world, hope your ideas are coming together and the fit out plans taking shape.

See you on the river in 2017.