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Issue 15 Winter  2010/11.



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Summer sailing 2010.




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Where to now skipper?

  I feel like James Tiberius Kirk, vague waving a finger and commanding, 'engage', warp factor 4!

Where are we going to point our bowsprits this season?

We have had and still do have all sorts of plans for trips during the season.  We have been to France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Cornwall, Kent Suffolk and all counties in between.

However there is always that other problem, weather.  We have been blown out more times than I care to recall.  Seems to me the wind has increased during summer months on average 2 Beaufort.  What has happened to the long balmy summers of yesteryear.

I am hoping that we will get to The Swale again this year, not in Brian's Catalac but in Fiddler's Green accompanied by a small fleet of Essex based boats.  If the weather, that all important factor, plays the game, the late May Bank holiday could see us venturing south for the Southend Airshow...  come on  after 4 orrid years it must be time for the sun to come out!!!!

If it all works out the intention is to sail over to Kent and into the Swale, maybe a mass invasion of Halstow Creek!

  I know the way.  We could visit Gillingham area and the dockyard, or maybe just Mariners Farm to break Brendan's Wild Duck out!

We have an invite to the Swale Marina!  A day or two in there and then maybe a dash to Ramsgate, followed by a cross estuary trip hope, well we can dream.

A few years back we visited London en-masse.  Those trips could be repeated if there is support.

What would East Coast sailors like to do?  We have lots of time to work a program out, and for the weather to ruin it!

And why just the East Coast????

The Solent?  Well we have 1000 members plus now, loads of boats all over, so why not?  all we need is a location, date and away we go.

Same can be said for the south West, for the North West and North East and maybe the west coast of Scotland.

Time for a few members to step up please.........  Come on I am holding my breeeeaatth..............



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