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Issue 15 Winter  2010/11.



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 Buchanan's Found


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Not just one Buchanan, but a fleet of them!


  We were approached by Silvia a little while back to see if we could recognise her and here uncle's boat.

They looked at our designs and had thought maybe Maurice Griffiths.  Certainly looking at this picture you might think so.

However she also sent this picture.......


With barely a breath I instantly replied Alan Buchanan!  the lines and even the shape of the rudder were, to me, trade mark.  I mailed her back and she then searched in her country, Switzerland and came up with this!


She and her uncle were delighted.  She then told me they had sixteen  of them!  A whole fleet of wooden Buchanan's that regularly sail against one another on a huge lake in Switzerland!  More pictures followed.




Hello John,


Thank you very much for your answer! This is what I found in an old magazine 1964 and 1974. They say it’s drawn by Alan Buchanan, but when I looked in your very nice website, I couldn’t find a Buchanan drawing, except the wild duck with these lines. So I am not very sure if the magazine says the truth. But what I know it's built by Stäheli at Altnau, Switzerland on Lake Constance between 1960 to about 1972. It's built in 12mm Plywood.  There are still about 16-ten boats this type on the lake.

Kaspar + Sylvia

The power of the Internet! And of our site!  So good to be able to add these boats to the fleet.  I am hoping a complete list of names of these boats and some photographs will follow.