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Issue 15 Winter  2010/11.




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'Osprey' a very special new Eventide 24.



07th November 2010

 Hello John,

 Here are two pictures of our Ballast Keel being cut from steel at a marine engineering company and three pictures of our ballast keel installation.  It came in three parts. 75mm HR Mild Steel. 561Kgs / 1239lbs total.

 This was a big step for us, as it’s a tight space to operate in.

Glad to have that behind us now.  Still can't say when we'll hit the water yet though....

 Will send more photos in time.


This amount of ballast will make her sail well.  The plan weight is a few pounds less at 1020lb, but we say this is a minimum.

We hope now Tony has the bilge plates made so they are just 1 or 2 inches less in depth and she will be just right!


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Click here to see more pictures of Osprey.


'Line of Light' remembered.









I thought you might be interested, or amused by the following. 

I bought "Line of Light", an original Eventide 24 back in about 1978, and kept her in Portsmouth Harbour, for some 5 years, before selling her to someone (name forgotten) who took her back to the East coast. ( I still feel guilty about not emptying the Porta-Potti before handing her over!)  

I did the usual Cherbourg and Channel Islands cruising, and the West Country, and have very fond memories of my time in her ownership. In particular the surprising turn of speed with the wind free. I have since owned a Halcyon 27, and now a Halmatic 30, but for sheer fun, the Eventide stands out. 

I was the one who rechristened her LOL, as after repainting her black, I couldn't face writing the full name back on,.... so one sheet of Fablon and a pair of scissors later, she became "LOL".  

If you would consider putting me in contact with the present owner, I could share my experiences with him (?her?), and have a few photographs which may be of interest.

Hopefully, if I can remember how to do it, I am attaching a couple of Photos of LOL.  (E345) All pictures taken in 1982.

 I had just completed a 12 month refurbishment in my spare time. (I was working full time back then). She had two new sections of topsides replaced, new sails, new standing and running rigging, new keel bolts, new windows, and was in really nice condition when I re-launched her in April of that year.

 I sold her to a Mr Miller in October 1982, who took her to the East Coast somewhere.

 One day, I would like to construct a scale model of LOL. 1cm. to 1 ft scale (I have already made one of my first boat, a Silhouette, to the same scale. I don't suppose you have access to a set of rough drawings that I could borrow so that I can get the lines about right. (I can assure you that at 73 years of age there is no way that I would construct a full sized Eventide!!)

 If you think the CD of the plans would be appropriate, from which to make my model, I would be happy to purchase a copy.

Best wishes to your group,


        Brian R. Hygate.  (Sometimes nicknamed "Sid" !)   

We joined Brian up and he bought a CD, hopefully he will get that model built of his boat.

Where is she now we wonder.....




'Alchemy' Tidewater 30

Tidewater 'Alchemy', owned for last 10 years by member Dave Johnson,  kept at Wareham, his local cruising area being Poole Harbour/Solent. 

She was built not far from here at Priors boatyard, Burnham on Crouch.  David tells us that with a previous owner, she has only had 3, she was featured in the 'Boatman' magazine Nov/Dec 1995.



Hi John,

 Thanks for putting Alchemy on the web site.  Please find attached more pictures of her, which I took in October.  They were taken in South Deep in Poole Harbour, where Alchemy’s shallow draft is so useful.




Have to say she is one of the prettiest boat I have seen in a long time and has a great feeling of the 'Magician' about her!