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Issue Twelve Spring/Summer 09




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Repairs to a wooden mast.





Cris Hawk is a beautifully varnished Eventide 24 hailing from Waterford, Ireland.

Here Liam describes some of the the repairs he has made to that wooden mast.....



Here is Cris Hawk on the drive hitched up and ready to roll.








The mast was built of strips of timber with joints staggered. gives a really strong light mast.











Here a long timber is glued into a cut away section, then roughly sawn to shape.





Careful chiselling  brings the timber down to shape.




Then out comes the plane, Liam only uses hand tools....




Finally the spar returns to shape!














Tricky bits to pare away, but the finished job is smooth.




Liam shows that our wooden boats are readily repairable, and that you do not need to be a shipwright to be able to successfully tackle even highly stressed areas like the mast.  Anyone with a little patience and common sense, aided by modern glues, can make a good strong job of it!


Well done Liam.