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Crystal Voyager


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Crystal Voyager.

John Hopthrow's son Tim and his friend have recently purchased Crystal Voyager and sailed her round from Bembridge on the Isle of Wight, to the Medway.  They have a mooring at Upnor from where they have been sailing a lot of the winter.

I make no excuses for showing these pictures, I like her looks!

Crystal is a 38ft ferro Barrier Reef.  Designed by MG as the Ferro version of his Good Hope class.  We are fortunate enough to have most of the drawings for this boat, and the timber version, available on CD.

Designed with blue water in mind, she would be happy on a long ocean trip, but with a moderate draft, is not too unsuitable for most of the rivers and creeks on the east coast.  She draws about 5'6".

Sister ships of the Good hope designs have sailed every ocean.

However I know of another that languishes up an Essex creek now a house boat. I was offered her some years back and was sorely tempted, but the additional draft, over the 1 metre of my Eventide made me re think it, that and the fact that she had been sunk and therefore, although cleaned out inside and all the hull repaired, and all the interior teak,  she still needed re wiring, re engining, new rig and all the gear.  Too much.  So now she has comfy armchairs and a TV set and is a chaps house boat... Maybe one day she will sail again and look as good as Crystal Voyager here.








Sailing on the Medway January 2009!