unique 3 tonner?

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unique 3 tonner?

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Hello all!! :lol: ,
I have recently bought a YM 3 tonner, " Zanzibar" and I belive her hull form may be one of a kind? I am aware that all wooden boats are unique, with a soul of ther own (having sailed on many as a child, most notably the crossfields built moercambe bay prawner "Rose") and as the designs dealt with by "eventiders" were intended for home build, then each vessel will be as individual as her builder. However, I am slipping a bit.... My lovely little vessel has been "stretched" during build, not by extension of her hull fom amidships but by continuation of her lines aft to make a graceful counter stern. Is anyone aware of other 3 tonners that have been built in such a way? I am intending to post some photos as I work through a restoration(how do I do that by the way?) but if anyone is able to shed some light on my vessel, you may be able to still see the sales photo's on boatshed wales.com? (if they havent been removed by now) I only paid £900 for her and she is absolutely solid and with a good inventory!! Result!!!!
Many Thanks, Mike
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