Wooden Whisker pole

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Wooden Whisker pole

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Hi all

OK my GH 26 "Iris" is coming along nicely.

I replaced the jib with one from Arun/Rockall. I got it there because the original sail was made there - however, It is not the best - they had no record of the original, and it was not the angles I asked for... However, they acknowleged the mistake, and heavily disconted the price without complaint- so I would recommend - but be precise what you ask for!

I have replaced the ply under the teak deck (in the cockpit) with strips of Iroko - the ply was rotten, and was causing rot to spread into the cross member under the step and the starboard cockpit ply exterior bulkhead. most of the bulkhead was replaced with WBP (all I could get at 6 MM), scarfed to the original with an Iroko lath backing.
A little rot in the coachroof where a winch had been installed without any epoxy round the bolt holes. This I replaced about 1 M^2 with 2 pieces 3 MM ply X2 laminated together to get the curve - scarfed, to the stronger stuff.
Both were coated in 80 gm glass cloth (that coviscar is a waste of time) and faired in.
The oak (I think) crossmember had the rot routed out and sealed - with iroko 1X2 inch plank bolted and epoxied to the sound wood. A good job, I think (though not entirly happy with the filling between the teak which I put down - a winter job to redo, I think!

Had a few criuses IOM and Carlingford and round Strangford lough- good sailing and learning the new job - good sailing but its getting towards the end of the season now.

Plans for winter projects.
Plan to restore the rest of the teak decking - some of it has been sanded (by previous owners) to the extent that some of the plugs are rising out. This is an obvious damp/rot risk. Needs addressed. The complexity of the curve and the teak strips are such that I dont want to lift the deck if I dont have to. I will if I must though. Wet would rot even teak if left long enough.

The other project is more interesting. I have been working with making hollow tubes in wood. I have tried 2 piece (centre routed out) and 8 piece birds mouth type. I am making a hollow leg for a table (which is missing, but has a bracket). I think I have most of the hang of it now. Question though!
What length should a Whisker pole be? I was going to make one - I can get some Douglas Fir in 8 foot lengths. I think a pole around 2.75 or 3 inches diameter would be sufficient (I doubt i will try to taper it - but not sure yet!). Could anyone advise?

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