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GH 26 Yankee

Posted: Mon September 12th, 2016, 10:31 pm
by JFJ
Hi all

New member, John Jennings here - (very) proud owner of a GH 26 (number 9) Iris of Glenarm.

Its near the end of the season (for the Northerners anyway), and I was wondering I could ask, if anyone has a GH 26 (or probably an eventide around the same size) with a cutter rig, if I could trouble you for the dimensions of your yankee?

Iris has a 3ft bowsprit, and from the pictures in the log, the foresail seems a bit small. Unfortunately, the previous owner has passed away, (so I can't ask) - he was an elderly single hander, and I think he might have picked up a working jib.

Pictures from the log below.

If you notice the top of the sail on the second link, you can just see the top of the furling system about 3-4 feet from the top of the forestay.

the existing yankee is in great nick, and is useful for force 5/6, but i think something bigger might be appropriate in lighter airs? I think the rigging could take (much!) bigger, with its twin backstays?

I don't have measurements here, for mast and whatnot, as I 'rushed to sail' having bought the boat last month, and the boat hasn't been in the water for 2 odd years.

Of course, the sailplan might be fine!

John Finbar Jennings
Iris GH 26 No 9