Performance of golden hind without bilge keels ?

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Performance of golden hind without bilge keels ?

Post by TandT »

Giday we're looking at buying a golden hind 31 which has had its bilge keels removed can anyone please tell us how the boat performs without them. We're in New Zealand and are looking at it for offshore cruising.

Cheers Trev and Tam
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Re: Performance of golden hind without bilge keels ?

Post by jim912 »

I am the builder of Eventide "Kittiwake"and although and am not a naval architect,I do know that the bilge keels are there to give the boat lateral grip on the water,for sailing to windward.
You can expect a poor performance to windward without them.
It may be possible for you to get new bilge keels fitted at a later date.
I don't have a boat at present and I really fancy the Golden Hind.I would like to hear how you get on.
Jim Holloway.
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Re: Performance of golden hind without bilge keels ?

Post by frumble »

Hi T&T,
My name is Den. I own an 1970 Golden Hind 31. I removed the bilge keels 5 months ago. The performance difference is BIG!
The boat sails much-much better. You gain 1 knot or more. In lighter winds it means being able to sail or not.
I think the only purpose of the bilge keels is to dry the boat. The original brochure said the bilge keels could be removed for offshore sailing.
Send me a PM if you want further information.
Regards, Den
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Re: Performance of golden hind without bilge keels ?

Post by lukedh »

Hi TandT

About 1980 when I was intending to build a WW I spoke to MG at the London Boat Show. I asked about filling in the gap between the keel and skeg as with the Golden Hind. He said it could be done and the increase in displacement was partially countered by the weight of the wood used, he advised against it however as it would make it much harder to tack especially in a narrow channel. He then volunteered that if I wanted to I could remove the bilge keel plates and she would "really go". So I guess that if it is OK for a WW then it is probably OK for a Golden Hind. The bilge plates on the WW weigh 340lb and so those on the Golden Hind would be heavier. However the weight is central and balanced each side so shouldn't cause a shift in trim but it will reduce the wetted surface area quit considerably, say four sides at 10sq ft a side? There is one WW in the gallery Tikity I think which has omitted to fit them.

Hope the ramble helps.
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Re: Performance of golden hind without bilge keels ?

Post by GHM »

I've just copied & pasted my answer to the same question elsewhere. Excuse the laziness!

I've met several owners who were enthustiastic about removing the bilge keels, especially a couple of Americans (?). Having built 6 GH31s and a GH26 I've occasionally been asked for my opinion re the "improvement" in the performance of the GH31. I have always pointed out that the keels weigh 330kg and asked if they would be happy that the boat performed "better" if they just threw away 1/3 ton of ballast? The usual response is silence and a rather worried look.
In a rather more analytical sense, I did a lot of rework on both the 31 and 26 to get them through the RCD (Recreational Craft Directive). I can confirm that the very significant decrease in stability which results from leaving them off excludes the 31 from Cat A (Ocean) and the 26 from Cat B (offshore) stability ratings. It's really a question of deciding where your priorities lie I guess.

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Re: Performance of golden hind without bilge keels ?

Post by Eventide Owners Group »

Look at the other post re bilge keels They are not just there to assist drying out I can assure you.

If you remove them be prepared to add weight internally at least 500lb and to accept the increased rolling and lessened windward ability.

If you really want to go for speed, remove bilge plates and main keel, deepen it to make her a fin keel boat. but then it may be easier to buy a different sort of boat altogether, me, I'll go with the seakindly qualities that keep the crew safe, had I wanted a racing boat I'd have built one!

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