making a fuel tank yourself

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making a fuel tank yourself

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At first a happy New Year to you all from the Netherlands where the watersurface now is used for speed-skating instead of sailing (although I 've seen some ice-sailing too).

I want to place more fuel (gasoline) capacity in mij steel Vulcan. I have space left under the cockpit floor for a 60 liter tank. But as usual the standard available tanks won't fit. The ones that do fit are only 25 l. or so.

So I consider making one myself. Of course I can find someone to weld me one of stainless steel, but that won't be cheap. I have read something about wood-epoxy but that does not seem the proper material to me. Polyester might be but how to build a proper close tank whit that. Of course polypropyleen but I can't work with that myself.

I've also read that you have to be carefull to meet the installation standards because the insurance can make problems when something happens.

Does anyone have a hint?
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Fuel Tanks

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Hi Eilard,
Not quite as cold as that here!

I had a shaped stainless tank made for my Eventide, 35 litres or 8 gallons in old Imperial measure. It was not too expensive either. Found a small one man firm who made it to my cardboard mock up.

As mine was for a petrol engine at the time, it had to be flame proof.. now I use it for diesel of course and it works well, but really needs another hole in the top for the return diesel, but I get away with using a tee into the large diameter air bleed pipe.

The tank was pressure tested by the chap who made it, to ensure no leaks...

Mine is also bottom, gravity feed, most normal diesel tanks wil only have a sludge drain at the bottom and a top suction pipe as a feed.

My filler pipe also extends low into the tank, to stop foaming.
Over 40 litres and you should have a baffle inside too, to stop it slopping around. Easy to do if you plan it in.

I would not advise wood epoxy, for insurance worries... Over here they are not allowed on any boat built to the regulatons governing boats on our canals and these rules are the ones I built mine to, the safest way.

The Plastic tanks are OK, but need to be well padded. Our lads motorboat has a 120 litre Vetus tank, from your part of the world, surprised you cannot find a suitable sized one there!

Happy new Year,
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Post by chris s »

I built a polyester diesel tank for my senior, but petrol I would be a bit worried about the safety aspect :(
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