Another Book added to the Book Review Page

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Another Book added to the Book Review Page

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by Maurice Griffiths, G.M., A.I.N.A.
Fully illustrated with line drawings, plans and photographs.


for more details see the bottom of our Book's by MG page
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Good to see a new edition out of this book. Mine is a very dog eared version but with great quality photographs. Does the Shellback Library have good repoductions of the photo's?

I ordered three Shellback books recently, I think I mentioned one was "Swin, Swale & Swatchway", 1892, by H Lewis Jones, and mentioned by MG as an influence on his own MOTS's. I also got FB Cooke's "In Tidal Waters", although I had an original, and another about a boat called Seabird by the editor of the Rudder. Whilst it's good these books are available again, they are done a little bit cheaply (reproduction of illustrations, binding) but still good to have.

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Old Books reprinted..

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I have been loaned a copy of 'In tidal waters', and am reading it now, very much of a different era, but can see how it must have influenced MG!

Great that these books are being reprinted, pictures as well!

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