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i am a new novice owner of a 28ft 1974 eventide. need to paint and repair her. any advice will be good. she is in reasonable condition but a few places need attention and a complete re-paint is needed. what do i do where the deck covering is loose with rotting it is only about 1ft sq
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Hello Kes,
Welcome to the Forum.

Be pleased to know the name of the boat and maybe you might fill in the registration form on the home page so we have more details of you and your new craft. Could it be 'Kaifas'?? she was one of just 2 28ft versions I have heard of, most are 24 or 26, or are you counting the bowsprit as well?

You don't have to register, it just helps us... for the future.

Re rot in decks, do make sure you cut back at least 6" beyond any soft bits, then DO NOT try and join on a beam, instead cut back further, till half way between two deck beams.

Then make up a ply plate to go under the deck, spanning the joint by at least 4" either side. Beter still with decks, is to make the butt plate as it is called, the full width between the two adjacent beams. That way you will have trouble ever seeing the join in the deck from down below and it will make a very strong repair.

Glue only with epoxy, make sure all cleaned back to good clean wood for glue, best to copper rivet, but you can get away with small screws. The glue is what is going to hold it.

I and many others have been there and done it, so if you need any advice, do not hesitate to ask.

As for deck coverings, there are many.

If the deck has been covered in glass cloth and resin, cut it back where damaged, with a sharp knife, sand it and coat with epoxy and glass cloth.

If painted, go to the chandlers and get a free book from the manufacturer of the paint your man sells. stick to one brand! Same for the hull! Don't try to put 2 pot paint over enamel, stick to enamel.

I have cork non slip 'Treadmaster' glued on my decks, many use simple panels of paint, with fine sand sifted over them, another coat of paint on top and you have a simple but effective non slip. You can get the fine sand from the same place as the paint!

hope all this helps, do not hesitate to contact us for more help.

John Williams
Proud owner and builder of 'Fiddler's Green'
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