Mounting cleats

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Mounting cleats

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If you're about to mount cleats for the first time, make sure to angle them about 15° or so away from the incoming line. Such an alignment allows you to put the first complete turn on the cleat without having it jam over the standing part under the leading horn.

And if it is actually a jam cleat (say, like this one) [image] that you're mounting, then in addition to angling the cleat, if you make sure that it's the jamming horn that's pointing towards the incoming line you'll be able to surge the line round the cleat as you cast it off. (This allows you to transfer the load from the cleat gradually. instead of with the snatch that can result in unforeseen occurrences....)


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Oh How I agree with you Mike, the number of times I have been on boats where the cleats are arranged to look pretty, but do not work. Well said.

Can I just add that it is so important that winches are mounted, not bolt upright, but leaning back to the line of pull. This ensures the sheets arive at the bottom of the winch and you do not get a riding turn. Too often this is overlooked.

Cleats and winches take a fearfull load, be sure yours are well bolted to very strong structures!

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Dead right, John. A litle tapered wooden mounting base is all it needs.

By the way, talking as I was on transferring loads g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y, there's an excellent reason not to use those wretched plastic cam-cleats -- when releasing a line, instead of taking up only part of the strain while the cleat holds the rest, you have to take up more than the full load yourself before the jaws will let the line go. You might almost as well have stood there hanging on to the d**ned thing yourself the whole time....

(By the way, I didn't put those da mned asterisks there, the da mned Board did. :) )

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