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back and forward

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Even though this has got nothing to do with the eventides ...there may be those experts around who know everything on old engines and so

The problem with my Swelleflecht perkins 45 hp diesel of 45 years old : it is not the engine but the what do you call it in english, back and forward gear?
The forward gear plates busted twice now in five years (all four) and the experts here can find no reason for that. The first time it occurred was shortly (three weeks) after someone accidentally put the engine in the backgear while going forward. The second time - in the meantime I have got much more experience- I would not know the reason. Both times it occurred when I had been hitting it a bit more than usual in a two-hours run home and against the wind even though not at all full speed.

The hydraulic gear is working very well. The mounting of the engine is giving a very good impression.

Could it be the props? May be too big so that there is a friction when going back and forward?

greetings Jenze
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Gearbox problems

Post by Fiddler's Green »

Hello Jenze,

sounds as if there is a heavy load on the gearbox to do this... Maybe the prop is too large.

Can you get the revs on the motor up to the full revs listed or does the prop limit it?

A few hundred revs lower is normaly OK, but if it is say a thousand revs under I would think you might need a finer pitch on the prop.

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