GH31 self steering

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GH31 self steering

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Dear all, I am contemplating self steering for my GH31. I seem to being pulled towards either the Monitor pendular system or the Hydra trim tab system. Does anybody have any experience of these - good or bad- or any other thoughts about most suitable set up??? Regards- Mike
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Re: GH31 self steering

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Hello Mike,

pleased to see you are on and posting!

hopefully others will notice and reply.

good luck.
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Re: GH31 self steering

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Hale Kai used to have an Aires windvane. It was an early model (the pre-metric kind where getting parts is no longer possible) and by the time it came to me it was seized hard. I can explain how it was mounted. It's big and heavy. If I were putting a new windvane on (as I plan to do but not just now) I would lean towards Yves Gélinas' Cape Horn (

I don't have first-hand experience with trim-tabs. From my reading they were more common before the servo-pendulum systems were invented. I don't think that's because the servo-pendulum systems are intrinsically better, but because boats with inboard rudders became more common and it's inconvenient to mount trim-tabs on those. We don't have that problem so why not?
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