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Responses to notices on the Members only Pages

Posted: Thu March 11th, 2021, 4:10 pm
by Eventide Owners Group
The 'Members Only' pages are now being viewed by more members, but it is taking a while for owners to get involved on the general part of this Forum, let alone the special pages.

To see the 'Members Only' pages you must be a 'Full voting member' that is, you own one of our designs. If you are a full member, contact us for the special password to access these pages if you have not already got it. We will of course check to ensure you are an owner and enrolled!

The way the page works at the moment, members cannot leave responses in the 'Members Only' section. We are asking Andrew the webmaster if there is a way that could be done, but in the interim, if any member, having read the Annual Meeting reports, wishes to make a public comment, maybe this page could be the place for it.

Of course anyone wishing to comment privately can always mail us at our normal address,

Website coordinator.