Boom Gallows

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Boom Gallows

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Somebody hacked off their Boom Gallows (half way down the the stainless fitting) in Brighton marina, and dumped it by the bins - which I rescued. It's from a Ferro Cement idea how old.

My GH31 had gallows originally but were taken off at some point, when I bought it there was no sign of them on the boat but I have seen photos of my boat with them on. The gallows I have rescued seem to fit the width of the boat, it would need a new stainless fitting - would it be a benefit to reinstate them on my boat?

If not is anybody here looking for a teak boom rest? I'm not sure if the stainless is worth rescuing as it has been hacked off but the fittings are there, perhaps it can be saved by a stainless welder.
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