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New owner of YM senior boat in need of help!

Posted: Wed July 22nd, 2020, 10:46 pm
by Joao
Hello everyone,

I have just bought the YM Senior named Mikros you can see on the photo gallery of Eventides. I am so excited with this boat! I am fascinated by DIY and boat building and last week whilst looking for a club to join and learn to sail with my mirror dinghy - my first boat and the boat I had finished refurbishing - I found Mikros, fell in love and... well you know the rest!

Now my hurdle is that I do not have experience in sailing and much less experience in owning a boat. up to the moment I just kept a mirror in my garden that I cared for, learned to rig and would rig on the weekends for practice - at this point I should say I am 40, not 15 hehe


I have a friend that has been sailing from early age, has experience with many small boats and for the last few years has been sailing in the UK (south bank Sailing club in London). He is very happy to be part of this adventure and teach me how to sail.

What I really am struggling at the moment is with understanding what I need to be able to have the boat in the water:
- I intend to have it on the river Medway and Im contacting mooring locations in Gillingham (Does anyone know anyone?)
- I have also contacted CraftInsure and got a quote from them (86GBP)
- do I need a BSS certificate?
- I will need to register the boat with the Environment Agency boat registration is this correct?
- any other issues I need to tackle that I am not understanding?

Also, does anyone have a boat around this area and can share some wisdom?

Thank you all for your time and patience to read this email,
Kind regards,

Re: New owner of YM senior boat in need of help!

Posted: Tue July 28th, 2020, 10:33 am
by Joao
Just to let people know all is being sorted.

I am now part of the Medway Cruising Club and the club members are being most helpful and patient with me :)
Hope to get on the water soon with my new friends.

Kind regards,

Re: New owner of YM senior boat in need of help!

Posted: Sat August 15th, 2020, 12:12 pm
by Eventide Owners Group
Glad to hear you are getting there Joao.

On the Medway you may need a Medway ports Authority licence, You should ask at the club. No other licence should be needed, unless you fit a VHF radio and that one is free, but you will need an opperators ticket, so have to go on a course for that. Again the club members will assist.

not sure what a BSS certificate is?? Generally not much red tape before you can go afloat... more than there was granted!

Good sailing

Re: New owner of YM senior boat in need of help!

Posted: Sat September 5th, 2020, 11:12 pm
by chris s
'Back in the day' (1970s) the Irish sea coastguard did not worry about either ships or personal radio license as they considered that offshore you were safer with a VHF ship/shore radio than without, + it was not exactly their problem whether you were licensed or not.

but hey ho that was 'back in the day' & times change