Heard on a builder's meet

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Heard on a builder's meet

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After seeing the coverage of the return of the round the world teenage sailor, I was reminded of the following.

Some years back, my son and I went to what I think was one of the last EOA builders meets. We drove up a mountain in North Wales, through the snowline and arrived at a pub. In the building next door was a nearly completed Eventide 26 (I think). The thing I remember most was that it was fitted out with a great emphasis on the catering side of things and I think one side of the boat had an almost industrial sized galley.

In chatting to the builder, of course we talked about our Wild Duck, and the builder had a story about being moored somewhere in Europe on a previous boat when a Wild Duck moored alongside. A young girl was the only occupant and her story was that she had built the boat in Canada with her father and sailed solo across the Atlantic.

I've often wondered if this was true. It certainly sounds like something that should be buried in the archives somewhere.

I think the Eventide builder's plan was to sail to the Med. Coincidentally, I was setting up a portable television many months later and by chance hit on a Welsh transmitter. They were running a story about a yacht being built up a mountain beside a pub and being moved to water. I wonder how the galley worked in practice and where it is now.
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