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So, where are we all!

Well, our boats are spread far and wide from Australia to the USA and everywhere in between. Obviously, most are concentrated around the British Isles.

This page was under construction, we have found that it had a security problem, so have corrected it and frozen the pages.  it  has a fraction of the 550 plus boats and over 1000 registrants on here, please be patient we are looking to find an answer to the problem, but if we cannot this page will remain frozen with just a few boats listed, as of 2008. Sorry to disappoint.

It has been requested that we show where our members boats are - which is an excellent idea. The problem is, however useful it may be to know that there are similar boats owned by like-minded people just around the corner, we could have a problem with the Data Protection Act.

The plan is therefore, to show where our members boats are approximately, country by country (or for the UK, region by region). There will be no names or identifying information. If a member wishes to know information on a particular boat, they will need to contact us, we will then pass on the enquirers information to the owner who may, or may not contact the enquirer. This way a member's information remains confidential unless they wish it otherwise.

Just click on a yellow country or one of the countries listed in the table below the map.

  EOG boats in Australia EOG boats in Canada EOG boats in Belgium EOG boats in Cyprus EOG boats in France EOG boats in France EOG boats in Greece EOG boats in Hungary EOG boats in Ireland EOG boats in Italy EOG boats in Italy EOG boats in Malta EOG boats in Sweden EOG boats in The Netherlands EOG boats in New Zealand EOG boats in New Zealand EOG boats in South Africa EOG boats in The UK EOG boats in The USA EOG boats in Spain EOG boats in Spain











New Zealand

South Africa



The Netherlands

The UK


 We have listed here EOG Members' boats from our database to June 2007.  As the database is updated the extra members will be added.  Sorry if this takes a little time, but we are being overwhelmed by the interest and it is taking a little while to catch up.

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