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This is a wonderful set of photos.  Sent in by Peter Mason, the builder, it shows

quite clearly the different stages one has to go through from setting up the building frame, fitting the bulkheads and frames, stringers etc, to planking  and fitting out.





  Note  the switch to glorious Technicolor!  


  Here Peter poses for the camera!  





  This must have been a happy day!  

  Note the change of name now
    With her new owner in later years, looking good.  

Mr. Norman Garnett, Jean, an E. 24 on launching Day April 2002. Douglas Boatyard R. Ribble.


  We aught to put a photo of 'Jean' in here, as after she was broken up, her fittings went on to sail again in Norman Garnetts new boat.  I will have a rummage. ( Found it!)