3 Tonner 

We were very lucky with weather. All the forecasts said it would rain on Monday - it didn't, In fact the weather was just right, not hot and not too cold.

Three of our boats hove into view, Bonita and Dougaljo (Waterwitches) and Fiddlers Green (Eventide). Unfortunately, Bonita and Dougaljo were rather far away, but, as you can see, FG was in the thick of it. Still waiting for film from 'proper' camera with long lens wielded but my wife Christine.



Closest I could get!

This is what she really looks like


'Fiddlers Green' and 'Bonita' 'Fiddlers Green' and 'Bonita' with eoa recognisance Nimrod overhead.

Dougaljo was hiding, this is what she looks like.

'Fiddlers Green'


'Dougaljo', 'Bonita' and 'Fiddlers Green' off up the Thames to St Katharine's Dock (I believe)

'Fiddlers Green'



It's behind you!!

Just for fun!

Is Fiddlers Green contravening Collision Regulation Rule 9b 'Narrow Channels' (they are in a narrow channel)?

The clues are in the picture.

For the answer click here


Do you know what this is and the connection to M.G.?  60 years on........Look on the news page for the answer.......

On the left is Barry the Webmaster at the Helm of the S.B. Hydrogen.  Barry brought her down from Tilbury to Southend, with a load of friends, to watch the air show.

We are indebted to him for the design and maintenance of this site.

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