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    Tony Showell's beautiful little 'Shelduck' out on the River Blackwater.  

  We like the 'Naval' touch.  All ships boats had badges like this, even the humble Montague whalers sported them, normally with the parent 'ship's' coat of arms and motto. Nice.


    Tony tells us the reason for the sails in the garden it to make sure the new sails are OK!  It's not a way of moving the trailer.  

  Nice shot of the cockpit.





  It's OK Tony We all do it, a friendly pat as we leave!  

  'Shelduck' safe on her mooing off Heybridge basin.





  1999 and the new sails are pulling well.  

  I have not compressed this one, so it will take a moment or two to open, but it's worth it.  you can plainly see the rigging on this, a gunter rigged Senior, complete with wire and 'span shackle'.