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Have finally got round to dropping you a line regarding "Sequence"

I bought her back in 1996 after seeing her advertised in PBO, she was in a yard next to the canal outside Oxford. I started to have her restored at the end of 1997 and was completed in 2004!!!



In January this year, 2013, the owner of Sequence, Richard Oliver joined us and sent us a write up of the restoration he had undertaken of this beautiful craft,  Designed and first  owned by Maurice Griffiths. He also unearthed documents and early pictures of her build and these I reproduce below for all to see.




Under construction, in 1956 at Seacraft Ltd, Leigh on Sea, Essex for MG.

She was measured on the plans as LOA 34ft, LWL 25ft, Beam 9ft and draft 4ft.

She was to be fitted with a 2 cylinder 10hp Petter.


Photos of her during construction and when owned by MG plus a couple of letters from him to previous owners, one mentioning a sister ship "Sequel" .  This ship was sunk and lost according to the last owner, who happens to live here in Emsworth.

(Trying to get these other letters converted so I can publish them!)


Maybe from the days MG owned her....?

She was registered at Lloyds  May 24th 1956.  Registered Number 187384.

MG sold her 30th October 1959. (MG told me he would rather sell at the end of the season and buy a fitted out boat the next year, he did not care too much for laying up and fitting out!  This is a prime example.  John)


John Dudley Boswell bought her from MG and owned her till  April 1963 when she was sold to William Barry.

April 1970 she changed hands again, to Cyril Pomeroy.  In July  1978 Barbara Pomeroy is shown as owner, but the same month Roger Le Ferve becomes owner, and it is to him the letter published below,  is to. The last entry on the register is 1986 and ownership passed to  Lynn Roach.


This is a letter from Maurice Griffiths to a previous owner, Mr Le Ferve,   mentioning a sister ship "Sequel" .  This ship was sunk and lost according to the last owner, who happens to live here in Emsworth.

Also in the letter is the explanation of the keel modifications!



Most of the work was carried out at Dolphin Quay Boatyard in Emsworth by Tim Gilmore and various other shipwrights with me doing all the menial tasks and gradually progressing to carrying out some of the easier tasks myself.


Since 2004 she has been kept at Paynes Boatyard at the end of Thorney Channel in Chichester harbour, very few yards like it left unfortunately.

When sailing I just potter about the harbour and Solent waters.
    I hope this is of interest and look forward to hearing from you if require any further information.
Thank you for a marvellous collection of pictures and info.

Regards Richard


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