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This page will be a collection of snippets and information, gleaned from owners and friends, newspapers, magazines and scurrilous here-say as well no doubt,  hopefully all factual, as far as can be ascertained, and maybe humorous, we all need a giggle some times!  Have you found a snippet we could add?



  Public meeting about the Thames

A public meeting will be held on Monday 21 May to discuss current and future matters related to the tidal Thames. 

Entitled ‘Your tidal Thames - today and tomorrow', the meeting is organised by the Port of London Authority (PLA) and will be chaired by PLA chief executive, Richard Everitt and PLA chief harbour master, David Snelson.

The open meeting will be held on Monday, 21 May 2007 at 6:30pm at the Runnymede Hall, Rear of Council Offices, Kiln Road, South Benfleet, Essex, SS7 1TF.

It is open to anyone interested in the work and activities of the PLA on or by the tidal Thames. There will be a full opportunity to raise any matters of concern; to ask questions; and for general discussion.

Amongst the matters under discussion will be:

  • the role and responsibilities of the Port of London Authority
  • safety on the river
  • cargo shipping and the potential for growth in the Port of London
  • leisure and recreational activities on the Thames

Commenting, PLA chief executive Richard Everitt said:

“This is part of our programme of open meetings along the river. It is an opportunity for us to update interested people on the latest developments on the Thames and to share information about our continuing work to improve safety on the river.”

More information from: Martin Garside, Port of London Authority, Tel: 01474 562366. Email:

Notes to Editors:

    • The Port of London Authority (PLA) is responsible for navigational safety and related matters on 150km (95 miles) of the tidal Thames from the sea to Teddington
    • The PLA provides navigational, pilotage and other services for users of the Thames.
    • London is one of the top three ports in the UK and handles over 50 million tonnes of cargo each year. The Port comprises over 70 independently owned and operated terminals and port facilities at different locations on the Thames. These handle a wide range of cargoes.
    • London also has a busy passenger boat trade for tourists and commuters and is a popular destination for international passenger cruise ships. The tidal Thames is also used widely by those with small recreational craft of many types.


  Click the link below to open a PDF file of a new Traffic Separation Scheme due to start in the Thames Estuary.


sunk tss.pdf



Another Thames story unearthed by John Stevens.


Fire fighting foam froths up Thames
An investigation is underway to determine how a six-foot wall of fire fighting foam escaped into the Thames.

The foam was sighted last night by Thames lock keeper Peter Payne as it travelled through Lechdale weir. Further foam sightings have been made at Buscot, Radcot and Rushney locks.

So far the foam, which can cause irritation to the eyes and skin and should be avoided, has killed fish along a 3km stretch of Dudgrove Brook in Fairford, where the foam spillage was first reported.

The foam then travelled down the River Coln before escaping into the Thames.

Investigating officer Emma Bateman said: "We are keeping a close eye on the progress of the slug of foam down the Thames today, and we expect it to go through Oxford during the course of the day.

"It is not obvious to people while it travels along the main stretches of the water, but it may foam up naturally as it bubbles over the weir, and it can look quite impressive.

"We have received reports that people have suffered from sore throats and itchy eyes if they are near the foam, and if members of the public experience these symptoms they should seek medical advice.

"Fisheries officers are also assessing the impact of the foam on local wildlife and we will continue to do so. We won't know exact figures of fish killed until the site has been cleared up properly. However, it will be some time before we know the full environmental impact of the pollution."

The Environment Agency said it may have found the source of the pollution, but was unwilling to give details while the investigation is underway.

Photo: The foam at St John's weir pool

Motor Boats Monthly, 6 July 2007

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Crew Wanted!

Norman Garnett lives on a remote Scottish island in the inner Hebrides.  He has some of the most splendid cruising grounds in the UK on his doorstep and a recently launched Junk rigged Eventide 24.

He is, he says, a 'Young at heart OAP needing somebody, (preferably female!) not necessarily experienced, but enthusiastic about sailing, to share cruising around these islands.

You can contact Norman on 01852 314166


Found on the net by John Stevens, acknowledgement to PBO.
New River Thames signage by Christmas

Two new River Thames signs: Amber disc means lock keeper unavailable. Plain white board means lock keeper available

The Environment Agency has introduced new signs on the Thames to tell boaters, whether or not a lock keeper is at the lock. The signs will be introduced at all 44 locks on the River Thames by Christmas.

When a lock keeper is available, a white board will be displayed, when a lock keeper is not available an amber disc will be displayed.

Information on lock operation is already available at every lock site and can be found on the operating pedestal, in the lock office window or on the gate beams.

Customers are being informed about the new signs by posters and flyers, which are being sent to marinas, clubs, and key businesses along the river.

Practical Boat Owner, 25 September 2007