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Issue Eight, Summer 2007.


Page No 4

Foreign Affair


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The tale of ‘Foreign Affair’

She was sold to me in 2005 for a small fee due to the sad injury of her previous Captain. I was in love at first sight. But there was work to be done and at times it seemed that all of west Mersea helped!


Fortunately, my school sailing club also thought "fish and chips and a little light work" sounded fun – they only volunteered once!

Finally, after much sanding, scraping, rubbing, washing, painting, polishing, hammering, gluing, paying, lifting, pushing, pulling, tying, thinking (!) and praying she was ready for launching…..

And after that of course, came a delightful summer of sailing. What a beautiful boat – perfect for the enchanting location.


Sadly, job prospects at altitude (a school in Switzerland) left ‘Foreign Affair’ on dry land for 16 months. However, plans are underway to have her floating in the clean waters of Lake Geneva by May 2007……..just the usual Swiss bureaucracy to surmount!

Incidentally, how appt her name has become!

The current Captain would very much like to thank John and all the subscribers to for much valuable advice and friendly support (most of it unwittingly through posts and comments online). It is reassuring to know that there are others out there who are equally as enthused by such beautiful floating bits of wood.

Bon vent!

James Ray

‘Foreign Affair’


  Post Script. foreign Affair is now for sale.  The cost of shipping and the minor repairs needed have caused James to have a change of  mind and offer her for sale.
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For sale:

Eventide 26 ‘Foreign Affair’


Move abroad forces reluctant sale of beloved boat.  However, significant deck repair is needed, hence the low price.  Oak, mahogany construction.  Recent re-wiring, 12v battery, interior lighting, Raymarine depth sound and speed log, Compass, gas 2 hob oven cooker, sink, WC, Sleeps 4 in the usual fwd cabin & saloon berth. Sound rigging, sails, sail covers, anchor. Current owner would be sailing her now if he still lived in UK!

Ashore: West Mersea. £1,500   Contact:  jar at