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'Shellicky Bookey'


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Hello John,

Thanks for the welcoming. I have recalled a little more about my boat. She was originally named the Maru Kai which, like her present name, never appeared anywhere on the boat herself.

'Shellicky Bookey' is a name my young (at the time) daughter of 10 found delightful. Your hunch is correct - it purportedly comes from Irish folklore and means snail. Specifically it comes from a Tommy Machem / Clancey Brothers song.

I have quite a few pictures to choose from but enclose a scan of an 1980's photo on my wall.


Under my hand she has been frequently exposed to revision as my whimsy wanders and remains healthy & functional to date. (The same cannot be said of me. I have contemplated, for the last few years, selling or giving her away.)

She has been and is a wonderful boat that has sailed from Montreal to the Bahamas and back in the 1970's, trailered to British Columbia in 1979, and sailed throughout the many islands of Vancouver Island during the 1980's. She then was trailered to her new home in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory where a couple of defeated attempts were made to sail her in Alaskan waters. In 2001 she returned to B.C. where she occasionally retraces voyages of yesteryear.

Here's another photo from recent years exhibiting a few changes from the original design.


I can't help but notice that very few Eventides are content with original features. Interesting attempts at re-powering, outboard rudders,

bowsprits and in my case 2 different attempts at keel configurations.

Thanks again for your welcome & hope you enjoyed this.

Doug Herridge