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Issue Eleven Autumn/Winter  2008. 



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Walton BBQ



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Walton BBQ


Saturday 13th September saw just 2 Eventides setting off from the Blackwater north towards the Walton Backwaters.   After weeks of very poor weather the clouds parted and we had wall to wall sunshine for two days, even the winds were gentle, and for the most part favourable.


Here Otteau meets a traditional Essex smack off the Colne, we were only just jogging along, and had to have motors on gently to keep up the speed.

My crew Phil is getting a suntan!  Must find him a hat!  And Otteau is behind us for a change!  We must have been under power as well!

 The wind played games with us all day, look at the glassy surface of the water!

Late in the afternoon we made the Pye End buoy, the safe water mark and entrance marker for the Backwaters. We sailed before a dying breeze into the Backwaters.  We soon saw our host boat 'Right E Oh' waiting at anchor for us off the beach.  Fenders and lines were waved and we were invited to drop alongside.

By the time we were secure the breeze had died and the sun was low. Apart from Nigel and Heidi's two dogs, no one else had any great inclination to get sand in our food and Mavis volunteered to cook all on her monster of a stove.  We pooled food and popped it into the oven to then sit back and relax on Right E Oh!  Very convivial.

Nigel took this of course, whist he and Heidi walked the dogs!  We were almost the only boats there.  Our friends with the two WW's, who normally join us were this time unable, shame, the weather was brilliant.

The next morning, after a quiet night still rafted up, we left before dawn and motored out into a slight headwind, with the last of the ebb.  The sun rose above the horizon as we neared the Pye End.  About 0530 I recall.

Nigel took this beautiful picture a little while later.  I would love to say it was FG in the pic, but no.  The boat was not visible in the strong sunlight and only when the pic was viewed on screen!  You have to see it full size to appreciate it, so hope you are clicking on all the pics.

 Nigel also shot this moody silhouette of FG as the sun crept up.  It was a full sail breeze all the way home

We are now whizzing along past the Essex coast and fast approaching the Blackwater.  Although the sun  was bright, it was still chill, as the oilskins show.

Just before we parted ways, Otteau heading to the north and us to the south bank of the Blackwater for our respective home ports.  We could only just keep up with Otteau, the extra large genoa gives her a distinct advantage!

We look forward to many more sails in company, in 2009!





An afternoon out on the River

We had a few more sails in 2008, but one of the nicest was just Darian and myself for an afternoon in mid October.  We had the river almost to ourselves, and the sun shone, the breeze was gentle and the boss smiled.

      I think Darian was laughing at my haircut!