cockpit drain hose?

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cockpit drain hose?

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hi all

I am intending renewing all the hoses on my 1980 grp golden hind, has anyone a list of suitable replacement types?
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Re: cockpit drain hose?

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Hi Gary.

You say "all hoses" but your header is cockpit hoses. If you just mean the latter, i.e the two cockpit ones, they are standard 1.5" (38mm) reinforced plastic hose that you can get from any good chandlers. They should cross over to avoid water in the cockpit when she heels. They should be around 1m length each although obviously you should measure them. It is normally the translucent green stuff or can be white or black, wire reinforced or with a plastic spiral. DONT use unreinforced cheap stuff. When you install it is sensible to warm the ends to soften them slightly before you do up the clips (2 at each end), particularly with the plastic reinforced stuff, or the spiral can crack leaving tiny slits in the hose which can cause a near invisible leak (got the T shirt!). You can dip them in a tin of boiling water or use a blow lamp very carefully, ensuring that you don't overheat and start to melt it! I find a smear of washing up liquid on the spigots helps the hose to slide on more easily.
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Re: cockpit drain hose?

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They should cross over to avoid water in the cockpit when she heels.
I assume this is already the case, but I would certainly emphasise this point -- it's critical.

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