painting below the waterline

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painting below the waterline

Postby crishawk » Wed March 14th, 2007, 8:12 pm

I purchased Cris Hawk two years ago and it's time to freshen things up. Most of the visible hull is varnished, so I am sanding back and applying Deks Olg #1. Once that soaks in I will varnish with Deks #2.

However, below this is a "waterline" band of green paint. This is chipped in places. If I sand it off what whould I use for undercoat.

Also, I have power-hosed off the shellfish and muck, and I am now rubbing down the old anti-foul. In some places there are gaps in whatever was under this - with some wood showing. Again, what is the best "undercoat" to protect my hull.

All advice appreciated. (except please don't advise me that I have to take the whole of the underside back to bare wood....I don't think I am up to the job this time round).


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Painting under the Waterline!

Postby Eventide Owners Group » Fri March 16th, 2007, 5:49 pm

The best advice I can offer is to pop along to your nearest Chandler and pick a paint manufacturer. Then get his guide book to painting and follow that....

I think you will be able to get away without stripping all off, but at some stage that might have to be done. if you do then it might be time to consider epoxy......

I guess you will have to find a compatable underwater primer and undercoat to treat the bare wood.

We have a deal with Marclear antifoulings. They sell a sealing coat/primer to paint onto old antifoul, before using Marclear. At £35 for 2.5 litres it is not the cheapest, but their antifouling, at £50 per 2.5 litres, works. And that is what you want. Distance and carriage is a problem with my Marclear, unless you were having 4 cans...

Suspect a local chandlery might be able to suggest similar antifouling products.

Important part is to get the wood covered with as many coats of primer and under coat as you can, to protect it.....

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Postby crishawk » Sat March 17th, 2007, 8:01 pm

Thanks John.

I'l go local, I can't see sense in trying to ship (approx) 2.5ltrs of product all the way to Waterford, Ireland.

p.s. Have a very happy St. Patricks Day.

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