Bowsprits on WW's

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Bowsprits on WW's

Postby Steve downunder » Sat November 11th, 2006, 2:26 am

Until recently I thought I had the only WW in creation (but then I do live at the bottom of the world). Then I discovered the EOG - WOW! what a revelation, there are hundreds of you out there. So good to finally be in touch with others who share a passion for this delightful boat. I've got loads of questions but for now will start with this.
I've noticed from the Gallery pages that many of the WW's have a bowsprit. Mine doesn't - (see her photo just added to the gallery page at the bottom). What is the general vibe out there in WW world - do we need to be thinking about adding a bowsprit - any and all advice or thoughts greatly appreciated.
Cheers... Steve
Steve downunder

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Postby Eventide Owners Group » Thu November 16th, 2006, 9:56 am

Hello Steve,

I know I have answered privately, but If I put a comment on here,
(now I have managed to get back on!!!) I thought others might benefit.

If when sailing you have to wrench the tiller up to windward hard, all the time, you have Weatherhelm. The boat designs by MG sometimes did have excessive weatherhelm and over the years the addition of a bow sprit was found to be an easy way to reduce it.

See the Hints and Tips page for an extensive article about Weatherhelm.

I have a bowsprit on my Eventide. It cures the weatherhelm, but it is a wide plank and also cures the anchor stowage and, with rollers about a foot out from the stem each side, keeps mooring chains and ropes away from the topsides.

I do not need bowsprit shrouds either side of the bow, as being a plank it will not bend sideways, and it also serves as a gang plank when bow on.. OK so you have to climb over the pulpit, but there are plenty of hand holds!

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