Mystery MG design

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Mystery MG design

Postby Trev » Mon June 26th, 2006, 7:04 am

I am in the process of buying a Maurice Griffiths cruising yacht (subject to survey and sea trial), at least it is claimed to be an MG design by the broker. He can't name the design though and I haven't come across an MG with these specs: Length on deck 32', beam 10', draft 3'4". It has a round bilge hull (fibreglass), bilge keels, cutter rig and the deck house is traditional looking with wide side decks, not raised.

Does any one have any ides?


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Postby Eventide Owners Group » Wed June 28th, 2006, 10:07 am

Hello Trev,

we have seen a boat claimed to be a MG desgn to that spec. we questioned it too. the broker said the info was from a previous owner. we somehow doubt it! It has slight reverse sheer too. Not an MG trait.

No buy it for what it is trev, for I cannot believe it is an MG.

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Another mystery MG design...

Postby Orang Laut » Thu September 7th, 2006, 4:39 am

I am in the same position as Trev last June, in the process of buying a MG cruising yacht, yet the design was not named. Although I am getting her for what she is, MG or not, it would be a great help if I could pinpoint her design as there are some time consuming, though not back breaking, work to be done on her.

There is a photo of her in this Eventides website, she is listed right under "ayuthya" in the "Other MG Designs" page. I have also emailed a photo of her out of the water to your address, crossing all fingers and toes that drawing of what she was meant to be exists in your library.

She is built of East African Mahhogany frames with bambacofi plank of 1 1/4 hull-wise and 1 1/2 deckwise. Her deck planking as since been replaced with a Thai timber known as "takien tong", and (badly)fibreglassed over but for the cockpit.

Her length overall is claimed to be 41' 5", beam of 11' 2", a draft of 6' 4" (I am not very well versed with European/ British designs, though I do feel that a draft of almost 2 m is a bit much for a vessel this small). There is evidence of running backstays, though she is currently rigged with a single fixed backstay... this alone is causing some unsightly damage as her transom is slowly but surely being ripped out by the strain.

Any advise/ information/ help is greatly appreciated as information regarding this in these parts of the world is scarce.

Best regards,
orang laut

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