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Posted: Thu August 27th, 2020, 9:45 am
by JFJ
Hi guys

OK I have Golden Hind 26 (very similar to an Eventide).

This year I started using some of the other sails that came with the boat. There are 2 Genoas (instead of the Yankee). One is about 110%, and one Monster of about 130.... I have to take Genoa in a bit to tack round the baby stay - but thats fine.

All were Arun sails. The large Genoa is completely fresh - I dont think it was used before, the previous owners used the Yankees most of the time.
I do seem to have an issue. The spreaders on this golden hind are wider than the width of the boat - by about 2-3 inches.

This causes 3 issues.
1 I ripped off the spreaders of a Kings class 28 foot which was rafted against me on a dock. The Kings class pulled away - and 'twang' - the spreaders got caught and snapped his under power. Mine were fine.

2 I had a sleepless night against a harbour wall on a falling tide as I was afraid that the spreader would hit it when the tide fell. it didnt, but had a fining boat gone past, it would have been very close (I doubled the fenders to 'punt' me out a bit...

3 The 130 (and to a lesser extent the 110, but its there) cant be sheeted in without the central shroud touching, which obviously means poor pointing.

There are extra shrouds on a GH - 2 aft, 2 forward and 3 side shrouds each. port and stbd doubles reach to the base of the shrouds.

Is this a tension issue (IE not enough) - or is it safe to take a couple of inches out of the spreaders this winter?


Re: Spreaders....

Posted: Tue September 29th, 2020, 6:07 pm
by Eventide Owners Group

I did think someone might have come to your rescue earlier on this one, but siffice to say you are quite safe to shorten those spreaders a few inches.

On my Eventide (Stretched to 27' 3" in the building), the spreaders are a couple of inches in from the overall beam. OK you still have to be aware of other boats spreaders when berthing etc. as it only takes 3 crew on the side deck for the spreaders to be hanging out over the water!

Same when berthing against a wall, you have to ensur the boat leans away very slightly. Normally, unless you are on a man made 'campshed' the ground tends to slope away from walls.

Be sure you have enough free play in the rigging screws to be able to ad a couple o f turns at least to each side next year!

If you are worried about the math, the rigging wires must meet the mast head at a angler greater than 7 degrees to be safe. Ours are well over 7 degrees! Same for lower shroudes etc...

Hope this helps.

Re: Spreaders....

Posted: Fri October 23rd, 2020, 12:28 am
by JFJ
Cheers John - appreciated. Mast is coming off this week. See the general board for the Iris Refit...