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Golden Hind 31 Keel Bolts

Posted: Mon April 15th, 2013, 8:42 pm
by Chris Clement
Well, we've started! Took a deep breath and a selection of hammers and drifts and now have 4 bolts out! No idea whether they have been out before. 3 are in pretty good condition and the 4th is in 2 parts. Imshallah is a 1968 Hartwells built GH31, sheathed ply. We are pleased to see that they are made as we'd hoped - 5/8 bar, nut threaded on and peened over as a head and threaded at top ends. Allthough the 3 are in amazing nick the heads are showing some wasting. As we've got to do one we may as well replace all 4 - and we want to look at the one immediately next to the damaged one. 16mm bar with M16 nuts will be the order of the day. What we would really like some advice on are things like the hole diameters in wood and keel - they seem quite tight and what sealants to use. The bolts seem to have a form of non-setting mastic through the wood and maybe waterproof grease through the cast iron keel. The end plugs are a bit of a mixture - some pitch like substance, some wooden plugs. This is the only area we will contemplate Sikaflex! We propose to use mild steel bar and have the assembled bolts galvanised. Any idea where we can get very long (800mm) drills to clear the holes? Any comments and suggestions would be most gratefully received. It's got to happen so we'll report back when we've done!
Best regards
Chris Clement

Re: Golden Hind 31 Keel Bolts

Posted: Tue April 23rd, 2013, 10:13 pm
by Chris Clement
Right, trying to self help! Surely we can't be the first to have a go at this. 2+ tons of cast iron dropping off your boat would be a tad embarrassing! Anyway, welted 4 bolts out - 1 was very tough to start with, gave it a turning tweak with some fairly small stilsons and the bottom bit dropped off, banging the rest down was fairly stress free. Have got some 16mm bar and M16 die - tip - beware thread clearing dies - get a button die, with the right size holder and cut some clean threads. Will do the 4 we've got out and will prepare a 5th to do once the others have gone back in. We are going to have them galvanised. Have found some non-setting mastic from Trade Sealants Ltd, that certainly looks the part - I'm guessing the final fitting bit is going to be a fairly dirty old business! Watch this space. As a total aside we've also bought some - and I quote - 'Capt Tolley creeping crack sealant' for other unrelated bits around herself.