gh 31 boom track for ketch rig and weatherhelm

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gh 31 boom track for ketch rig and weatherhelm

Postby via-venti » Wed May 16th, 2012, 12:02 pm

hi all
i am finally getting to grips with restoring my 1980 grp gh31 ketch "via-venti"
I have two queries which i hope someone can help with

1 the original owner had fitted a doghouse over the entrance hatch which i now am in the process of removing. The trouble is that the track from the end of the boom is fitted to the top of the doghouse and will be removed with the structure.The replacement track would have to either span the hatch opening or be placed forward of the hatch ?does anyone have a picture or better still one of morris' original drawings of how this is dealt with

2 the boat yard where she is stored was having some work done and in the process a jcb bent the pulpit. They are being decent about it and will have a replacement made ,
My query is in regard to weather helm. The standard sloop has this issue but does this also apply to the ketch rig and therefore should i be taking the opportunity to extend the pulpit with a bowplank type bowsprit? If so again anyone got a detail of this?

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Re: gh 31 boom track for ketch rig and weatherhelm

Postby Eventide Owners Group » Sat June 16th, 2012, 1:24 pm

Hello Gary,

Sadly no sail plan available here, other than the ones on the site, but looking at a picture of the GH 31 La Corbeau, it appears that the main sheet is anchored to the mizen mast about head height, when sat in the cockpit!

Re the Weather helm, I cannot say for sure, but I would suspect the Ketch may not hav the same probles, however it could be advantageous to exend the bowsprit, I mean you could always shorten it if it was no required, easier than lengthening it! If you are having to repair damage and remove it anyway that is....

Hope this helps.

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