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Postby genifa » Thu May 3rd, 2012, 11:20 pm

We are restoring a 26 ft eventide called Genifa she is plywood build.
We do not really know what to do with the hull.

The bottom is covered in a material we think is cascover.
The cascover? seems to be in good condition but how do we treat it as to taking off old anti-fouling and applying new.
There seems to be a blue layer on it that get slightly sticky when heated lightly.
We are thinking of applying epoxy and woven roving to the hull above waterline but how do we attach the epoxy to the cascover?

hope somebody can give some advice

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Re: cascover

Postby Eventide Owners Group » Sat June 16th, 2012, 1:35 pm

Hello Rob,

sorry for delay responding, I have just noticed the post. (A mail direct to always gets us right away, for next time!)

Cascover is a nylon cloth covering gued with recourcinol glue, it is excellent. Any damage can easily be repaired by sanding to a clean surface, coating with epoxy and then applying either Nylon woven cloth if you can find any, or galss cloth and 3 coats of epoxy, sand it down afterwards and you will not see the join and it will last ages.

Same goes for any additional epoxy work above the waterline, the boat must be belt sanded back to clean new wood, or cascover, epoxied, with one coat, apply cloth to the dry epoxy, (hold in place with masking tape), then over coat with another 3 coats, the last ones with filler to fill the weave... for the topsides just 3 coats of epoxy rolled on. An orbital sander will give a baby bum smooth finish! for best results recommend 'West', the original and still the best epoxy in my view..

My own Eventide has 3 coats of epoxy ,on all the hull from keel to cabin top, sanded smooth and painted with 2 pot poly paint, most think she is GRP!

hope this helps.

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