Water passing up rudder tube on an eventide 27

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Water passing up rudder tube on an eventide 27

Postby johnwatt » Sun April 26th, 2009, 9:38 am

Hi again, after rebuilding my yanmar 1gm10 and replacing a burnt exhaust valve and corroded exhaust elbow i have gained about another 800 srpm and about 3 knots taking me to around 6 knots flat out...however the problem is with my new found speed i seem to be passing water up the rudder tube when flat out. as the boat has only just been craned back in and not due out until october i cant think of what to do. Would fitting a grease nipple to the top of the tube and filling the tube with a water proof grease do the trick? also there is a little bit of lateral play at the top end of the rudder shaft.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated?

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Rudder tube leaks!

Postby Fiddler's Green » Mon April 27th, 2009, 1:00 pm

Hello John, common problem with inboard rudders!

Seen fountains on the stern deck!

Yes a grease nipple and waterproof grease is one way, but that assumes you have a bearing in there to grease!?!?

Most do not.

If you can remove the tiller fitting on the top and gain acess to the top of the tube you may be able to insert a plastic pipe as a spacer. The best sort is the yellow tube used by telephone engineers! However suspect the rudder stock and the tube may not be 100% rust free, so that may be difficult.

If you can pack anything round the shaft, suitably greased it will help, until you haul out. Stern tube packing??

When you next haul out I would very strongly recommend the transom hung rudder as on the Owners Hints and Tips page.

Failing that remove the existing stock/rudder and if clean enough to do it, make a bearing up out of tuphnol or poly plastic.

Bet once you strip it out you will be more likely to replace the lot and fit it on the transom!

I have done two now.

The first was 15 years old and when I stripped it I realised the tube was rusted thinner than a finger nail, I was pleased I had looked! Daft place for a steel tube really, on the waterline with salt and air all round it and then hidden from view!

Good luck with it , let us know what you find and how you get on.

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