epoxy on old timber

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epoxy on old timber

Postby exsumper » Fri August 22nd, 2008, 7:54 pm

I am currently restoring meldrum a 44 year old waterwitch,Launching next year(see photos from 1964 boatshow onthis site) I removed all the paint from the decks last year to dry it out, and have just removed the toerails (what a *&^%$££"£ Job) I intend to rebed the toerails using epoxy, but am uncertain what is best for coating the deck, Bearing in mind the moisture content of the wood epoxy or blakes woodseal, I have been recommended to use blakes woodseal. All ides welcome.

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Postby Wooden Boat Fittings » Wed August 27th, 2008, 3:42 am

I can only help with part of this one. But I would not use epoxy under the toe-rails. As with other deck fittings they may need to come off again at some stage, so you should preferably use a bedding compound rather than an adhesive. (And in any case, there's some doubt about the long-term integrity of epoxy used as an adhesive when exposed to salt water.) See my reply to your scuttles thread for suggestions about bedding compounds.

I'm afraid I don't know Blakes Woodseal so can't comment on it. But deck sheathing was often done using Dynel fabric embedded in epoxy. (Sanderling's deck and cockpit were done this way 35 years ago, and are still lasting okay.) However, that's a reasonably expensive way to go and you might consider it overkill in your case.


Wooden Boat Fittings

Postby Wooden Boat Fittings » Thu August 28th, 2008, 2:51 pm

Exsumper has sent me en email which I quote here, in case it provides further information for other interested parties.

He said, "Thanks for the advice.
One more question if i may. I have removed the aft deck to replace, is there a way to remove old black glue I think it might be cascophen or resorcinol from the top of the deck beams, with out planing."

"Old black glue" might possibly be Cascophen. On the other hand, it sounds to me more like Jeffery's -- http://www.davey.co.uk/pdf/jefferys_glue.pdf.

As I understand it, the earlier resorcinols had a purplish colour, where the later improved ones provided a brown glue-line. Jeffery's (black) softens on heating though, so I'd be inclined to try a heat-gun and scraper on your deck beams before anything else. If that doesn't work, maybe a belt-sander, or finally, a planer.

Good luck, and please let us know how you get on.


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