stern gland

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stern gland

Postby jasonlambert » Thu July 24th, 2008, 4:47 pm

i have been restoring "ermintrude" an eventide 26 and am just after a little advice about the stern gland and packing. on my stern gland there is no grease nipple or any way to grease inside (without taking off the end cap) and i have have two sets of advice one is that i should drill and tap the gland and put a grease nipple on with a greasing system. the other advice is no dont do that the water should naturally go through and my bilge pump will take care of it.
now i am not sure what to do the boat is 35 years old and has lasted this long without any form of greasing apart from the obvious striping down and greasing and replacing of the packing.
thanks jason
oh by the way replacing the whole unit is not an option without a major refit ta

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Postby jasonlambert » Wed August 13th, 2008, 12:04 am

just a small note had no replies but back in water and after three days maybe a half litre of water at most has seaped through. didnt put a greaser in after all. will keep you informed though

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stern gland

Postby Eventide Owners Group » Thu August 14th, 2008, 2:33 pm

Hello Jason, as you are afloat now I am a bit late maybe..

Keep an eye on it. the packing nut should be tightened so the water drips in one drip every 30 second to a minute, no more. When the motor not running it should be dry, no drips.

Most unusual not to have a greaser if there is a white metal bearing there, as it will otherwise run hot and wear. however if it is a tuphnol or plastic bearing (special plastic) no greaser required.

I also wonder what sort of shaft support or bearing there is at the aft end. It is normal these days to have a fluted rubber 'cutless' bearing and ahead of the bearing, there would be two ears poking out the side of the housing to scoop water and flush it through the flutes of the bearing.

Older craft might have a white metal bearing with another stuffing box on the outside, unusual these days, or a tuphnol (I have one of these) or plastic bearing, water lubricated. Mine has no forced flow of water past is and is now 18 seasons old and in good order, no play.

Because of all the drip problems and the friction caused when tightening the stuffing box up tight enough to prevent drips, I and many others have discarded the rope seal stuffing box and gone over to a patent seal.

I use the Halyard 'Deep Sea Seal' sold now by Norriss's of Isleworth. I am on my second one now, I took the first one off after 10 years as it was almost worn out. New one has been on 4 years and is as good as new. The old one is kept on board as a spare!
They are supposed to have a seven year life.

However these either need the forward end of the tube to have a greased bearing in it, or they have a water feed from the cooling system to lubricate them. (I have a greased metal bearing.)

There are other makes on the market, all seem to be safe and simple to fit and use and get over the leakage problems.

Hope this helps
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Postby AdrianCox » Wed September 17th, 2008, 2:07 pm

Hi Jason
Echoing Johns reply here may be a useful link which may help you regarding stern glands and stuff boxes:)
Better late than never:lol: ... _box.htm#2

Kind regards

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