new boat owner for the vagrant eventide 25.. milford haven

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curt & elle
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new boat owner for the vagrant eventide 25.. milford haven

Postby curt & elle » Fri April 25th, 2008, 2:16 pm

Hi all , just picked up an eventide 25 .named vagrant...( not a good name ) hahaha ... boat in a mess , but fixable , just ! stood in a garden for 3 years at debs , last owner ! now on its way to milford haven in pembrokeshire wales ... anyone around here can help , advise me as never had a boat before ! god help me ! boat came from good old ebay for £200 .. co very cheep , has a penta engine , but in the middle of the main cabbin ??? daft idea ! HELP !

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Eventide Owners Group
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New Owner of Vagrant

Postby Eventide Owners Group » Tue June 10th, 2008, 12:27 am

Sad to hear Debs has had to sell, hope you can find the time and effort needed to get her back afloat.

If the motor is really that far forward it would make a fine base for a table! Normally the motor sits just inside the companionway hatdh and we step onto is to get in....

Send in some pics and if you have not yet filled in the enrolment form on the home page please do so then we can keep in touch.

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