Trailering an Eventide 26

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Trailering an Eventide 26

Post by westcoastwanderer »

Hello everyone,

Apologies if this topic has been raised before, I had a look through the subjects but could not find anything at first glance.
I am hoping to purchase an eventide 26 in UK within the next 6 weeks and sail her back to Ireland where I live.
The spanner in the works is I have a 1 year old son and a house build going on, and cant take the ten days off 'life' to get her all the way around to the NW coast and into the bay here at Mullaghmore.
I am mulling over the idea of getting her to Dublin and then trailering her cross country on a flat bed trailer. Is this a done thing? Anyone tried?

I'm wondering a few things..

What is the weight of an E26?
What is the distance from one bilge plate to the other (width) so I can see if she'll even fit on a trailer, widthways.
Can triple keels be trailered on a standard yacht trailer (I might be able to get a loan) or do they need to stand on a flat surface?

The other option is to stage the trip into a few smaller legs but logistically that is probably going to be a nightmare with bus connections etc.

Any help, or ideas would be much appreciated..

Thank you
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